Etsy Worldpay / Rips off and steals from vendors and customers

Brooklyn, NY, United States

Etsy is fast becoming an obsolete [censored]pile of idiot admin that shuts down threads in the forum and deletes accounts if anyone challenges their corrupt behavior against the marketplace vendors and customers.

Recently in July 2016, etsy double billed customers and shop FVF sales through their payment processor, worldpay. It is not the first time but it is the worst time and extendedly so.

Etsy further continued to steal from vendors and their customers in stating they could not see anything on their end of it and said to contact them through email as they do not have a phone number for customer service. They demanded screenshots of bank statements from customers in order to refund them overages at their discretion and shut down anyone who complained publicly. They have deleted threads asking for help and restitution and this has extended from early July well into August.

Etsy kiss ups in the forum have shut down threads and muted sellers and customers so they will not be heard on their site.

Thousands upon thousands of dollars are missing in customer and vendor accounts and etsy will not reveal where that money is, nor have they refunded all cases weeks later.

Etsy promised to remove negative feedback from customers who wrongly blamed individual shop vendors on the etsy site, yet they have not done so for any of the many shops bringing it to the attention of etsy via forums. This drives down the shops rating and seo ranking, thereby tarnishing their business and allowing etsy corp to remain immune to admitting any wrong doing.

Aug 11, 2016

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