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Slow expedited shipping

Hello everyone. I am here to complain about
These guys took my money for an expedited shipping but didn't deliver it on time. You know, if I chose a standard shipping, I would be sitting and writing this reviews, but I desperately needed this item, that's why I needed to get it fast and that's why I paid extra for it.
So they scheduled the delivery 8 days after I placed my order. Is it fair, you think? Is it fast? Nom of course not. I was scammed.

appalling service

Never thought it would happen to me.
I received larger size shoes. Three sizes larger than mine!! How could this actually happen? I don't understand it.
Someone would say that it's nothing special. But I needed the shoes for the special day and didn't expect they would let me down.
I contacted their service. They said that can't give me an answer right now, so they will call back soon. So guess what? Nobody called me.
Very disappointed. Goodbye, 6pm, I really hope you're feeling ok having my money.

return policy

I purchased running shoes from 6pm. com. This was not my first time. The shoes are highly discounted, brand name running shoes. The shoes did not fit my feet and were...

6pmVery disappointed with 6pm

Ordered a small handbag from website and received an incorrect one. It was not bad but I did not like the color and it did not look good with my coat. So I contacted 6pm customer service and asked for a replacement but they refused and said that they were not able to do that. They said that according to their policies if there was nothing wrong with the product, there were no damages, they were not able to accept any returns. Well, that was not my problem. I ordered a bag and received the incorrect one, that was not my mistake! I wanted to get what I paid for but they said no. Very disappointed with 6pm and I'm not sure if I'll ever buy anything from them again!

  • Zu
    zuleyka13 May 17, 2018

    Don't let the door hit you in your fat [censored]!

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6pmBuyer beware!

Buyer beware and do not order anything from!
I have purchased a pair of shoes from this website and received an incorrect pair. When I contacted them they said that my shoes were no longer in stock so they sent me something else!! How ridiculous is that?
They did not contact me, never said that my order was not available, they just decided to send a different pair.
I demanded my money back and they said they cannot do that because it was against their policy. So then stealing peoples money is not against their policy? Nice business they have there. Fraudsters!!

Never Again!

It was my first time using 6pm and it was suggested by a friend who told me that they were a great and reputable company. So I ordered a pair of sneakers and a pair of sandals. When I received my order I was very disappointed because shoes were too big. So I contacted the company and told that I would like to get an exchange or a refund. They refused both options. I was shocked because my friend told that 6pm is great and it allows free returns and if there is anything wrong they are giving money back. I am so disgusted with this company.

Won't stop sending unsolicited emails

This company began sending daily unsolicited emails to me a few weeks ago. I unsubscribed, but the emails kept coming. I tried again and was told I had already unsubscribed! Yet the emails kept coming. I emailed them to ask them to take me off my list. I received no response, and the emails keep coming daily. I would not recommend buying from a company with such abusive marketing practices.

Wrong order sent and refused to send right item or allow to purchase at same price.

Ordered my wife a pair of the ugg dree riding boots in black. I received the order, wrapped it for my wife. Upon opening, i discovered they were sent in a dark chestnut, not black. I called customer service, they refused to exchange for the color i ordered. As a courtesy, they agreed to send me a shipping label for a return, and refund of money. Then i may order the black pair at a cost of $219, instead of the $110 sale price i purchased them for the first time. $100 more than what i paid the original order, because they sent the wrong color, thats obsurd. After struggling to understand the foreign cust. Svs agent, i asked to speak, with an american speaking, supervisor to further the opportunity for them to make it right. The foreign speaking supervisor was easier to understand, but again refused to send me the boots i ordered, unless i would pay $219 for them, since they are not on sale anymore. I will not order from them again! All i can do is make everyone aware on numerous review sites of their unwillingness to make it right, after them sending me the wrong color. Unnacceptable, unreasonable cust. Svs., and inadequet people accepting orders and processing shipping.

6pm — Poor Service

6pm proved to be just about as incompetent as any online retailer can be. After waiting weeks and never receiving an item that was guaranteed to be be shipped in 4-5 days, I...

Recieved wrong item

I ordered a pair of boots in size 5 ½ and shipped the incorrect size “5 times”! Each time I received the incorrect size (including 7 ½, 8 ½, 9 ½, 7 ½ again, and a 7 ½ a 3rd time), I called customer service, they apologized, and reordered the correct size to be shipped to me.

Eventually, a customer service supervisor refused to replace the shoes with the correct size, since they had no way of guaranteeing I would receive the correct size. No discount or alternative was offered for a different pair of shoes. To add insult to injury, my refund will take 10 business days – it has been a month since my original order.

The worst online shopping experience ever!

  • Th
    thenewcvscustomer Feb 28, 2011

    Subject of Complaint: Summary List - ineffiency
    Topic should read: service/ efficiency provided
    I was unable to edit my mistake.

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  • Zl
    Zlina Mar 02, 2011

    I have ordered a D&G dress from When the package arrived i couldn't believe my eyes, it had a Dolce Gabbana hanger and the plastic bag NO DRESS! It was a very nasty experience, i would understand if they would send me a different dress, but to see a hanger and the plastic but no actual item it was disgusting! Please stay away from this site.!!!

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  • Na
    Napo Jun 10, 2011

    By far the worst online retailer-
    1. outdated online retailing practices, after they send an order confirmation by email. They call you to confirm the order? Hello didn't they just confirm the order by email? and irregardless if you are travelling or out of the country, they insist on a phone call confirmation. This is not service, it's bloody inconvennience. If you don't want my business and money because I can't call you back then I guess there are only a million other better online retailers out there where I can spend my money, and who derserve my business

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  • Ea
    easygoing22 Aug 15, 2011

    I am trying to return shoes to They require a return authorization to be mailed back with the shoes. Their web says they sent the authorization to my email, but I never received it. I sent an email to customer service and received a computer response that it was received and would be answered in 24 to 72 hours. It has been over 3 days and I still haven't received a response or the return authorization. I guess I am stuckm with the shoes that don't fit. I will have to dispute my credit card bill.
    Don't do business with this company.

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  • Is
    IS72 Feb 25, 2012

    I used to order from all the time, because you can find great bargains. Lately, they messed up 3 orders by sending me the wrong size or item. To get in touch with customer service takes forever: 3-4 days by email, and when I called and finally spoke to someone after being on hold for probably 2 hours, I suddenly got disconnected. Unless you want to do "mystery shopping" and be surprised by what actually shows up compared to what you ordered, stay away from them for now. I do hope that they can get these problems solved, because they have amazing deals (up to 90% off on designer clothing and shoes) and used to be very reliable in quality and service, but for now they lost me a customer.

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  • Dg
    dgrace Jul 03, 2012

    I ordered jeans off of their website. When it arrived, it was the wrong size and style. Not at all what I ordered. The only thing correct was the brand name. Ugh! Now I have to return it and hope they refund my money promptly. What a drag!

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Deceptive advertising

This company customer service has much to be desired. They posted an item on sale for one very good price. When i went to purchase this item. The price tripled. I sent an email calling them on this posting and was told "we don't price match" it was their own link! Customer service was absolutely no help. I asked to be provided with a corporate phone number and was told "we are not allowed to give out that information" so people be aware that this american based company will not negotiate in good faith with it's customers or potential customers.

  • Th
    thienle Nov 22, 2013

    This company is the worst of the worst. I don't know if the workers at this company drunk or on drug. I order twice from this website and both times I get wrong order and both times they wanted me to pay for the return shipping and it was their fault.

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  • Bl
    blame the parents here Nov 22, 2013

    It should be on drugs not on drug, see everyone makes mistakes even you. However they should not charge you for shipping for their mistake.

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6pmFalse advertising/bait and switch

I cannot believe how hard it is to buy a shoe! 6pm which is part of your company is doing complete false advertising on a google Ad. To top it off all they do when you email is NOT respond? When you call all you get is apologies with no solution and lies? Apparently their system could not receive the domains @yahoo and @aol?? What is this a joke? All I want is to buy a shoe as a birthday present. Wasted my time today for 40 minutes just to be told I would be called back in 72 hours??! I need to speak to SOMEONE WHO CARES NOW. The link is below clearly showing the price and the link takes me to the site and the prices changes. Is this bait and switch? Or false advertising? I spoke to Holly and Vin today who were no help at all. Why would you put someone on the phone that cannot make a solution in the first place. I would rather give my money to amazon which is a machine because quite frankly having a live rep doesn't help anyways. I need a call explaining this nonsense.

  • Jo
    Joelle S Aug 11, 2013

    I agree. They keep advertising the same pair of pants i want and then it's miraculously sold when i've tried to buy it now- three times. You put in your credit card info before they tell you that. This company is a scam.

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  • Bo
    Boot Queen Sep 27, 2013

    BAIT AND SWITCH! I just ordered some Old Gringo Boots online for my birthday.
    Paid over $500 which was a huge investment for me.
    I called to confirm I was getting the pointed toe, the boot that was in the pic, not the ugly rounded toe that
    was shown on their video. They confirmed, the black boots would be the pointed toe.
    I have been like a little kid all week waiting for the boots to arrive. I got them late last night, opened the box and
    not only were they the wrong boots...the rounded toe and they were scuffed up and part of the heel was missing.
    SERIOUSLY...I am devastated. And GUESS WHAT? NO replacement boots exist! SCAM SCAM SCAM!!!
    Not only that, part of the packaging was missing and I have to send boots back and wait 2 weeks to get my money refunded.

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Broken order cancellation process

I ordered a new pair of shoes from last night at 9:45 PM PST/PDT. On reviewing the order, I realized that I had mistakenly purchased the shoes in size 10.5 UK rather than size 10.5 US. I returned to the site to cancel the order. After thoroughly searching the site, I was not able to find a straightforward mechanism for canceling; instead, the FAQ stated that I should contact their Customer Loyalty Team via the site's Contact link.

I sent them a message detailing my mistake and requesting an order cancellation. The message went through at roughly 10:50 PM. In return, I received an email response providing a ticket number and the following slightly-worrying text:

"Due to some unusually high email volume at this time, our response will take longer than normal, but please rest assured that we're doing everything we can to get to your inquiry as soon as possible in the order that it was received."

The following morning (~10 AM), I called to follow up on my request. I was told that the order had already gone to the warehouse for processing, and that a cancellation was now impossible. Surprised, I pressed for details; the customer service representative instead provided decidedly-vague instructions for returning the package once it arrived. Note that the package was still in their warehouse at this point - they just refused not to ship it.

I took to both Twitter and Facebook and outlined my case again, hoping for a more useful response. I was able to engage with them on Twitter, but was told the same thing: they were not able to stop an order once the warehouse had received it. It occurred to me at this point that this was incredibly strange - were they saying that they were unable to communicate with their own warehouse? Again, I pressed for details. They offered to continue the conversation on Facebook, presumably to keep it private. The last message I received from them read as follows:

"Thanks, [name]! We'll be in touch shortly! :)"

That was well over three hours ago. In the interim, I've received an email stating that the package - which I've now tried to cancel via four different means of communication - has been shipped. I cannot remember the last time I had a more frustrating experience with an online retailer. Perhaps never.

In summary, this business clearly has some serious infrastructural issues. Until they streamline their services to address common issues like these, they should not be trusted.


ordered a pair of shoes from them. . I went and tracked the item on their webiste after it DID NOT showup after 9 days. The item showed that it was cancelled. When I checked with Paypal it showed that the money I paid them was never refunded.
I spoke with customer service and was told it was cancelled because it was unavailable at the warehouse. Here's the problem: (1.) I was NEVER informed they were cancelling the order. (2) I was not refunded (3) when I demanded for a refund, I was told it will take 7 to 30 days!!! Really???? It took them 2 mins to collect money from Paypal, cancelled the order without telling me and now I gotta wait 1 month to get my money back?????

  • Wo
    Wondering01 Mar 01, 2013

    Hesitant to order from 6pm site. I would be leery of the positive reviews here, they are such a contrast from the 1 star reviews. The positive reviews must be from 6pm employees.

    How can it be only 1 star reviews and 5 star reviews, no in the middle. Bad sign.

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Customer Service

"Absolutely worse customer service ever! When I called, I felt like I was part of an SNL skit. I realized that it had been quite some time since I ordered my shoes online and queried the order for the tracking information. The best part of this process was that the tracking number was there. Per the UPS site, the shoes could not be delivered due to lack of suite number (which I had provided when I placed the order). I sent an address correction to UPS, and also sent an email to with the same information, advising that they had forgotten to put the suite number on the package and UPS could not deliver it. I received an email that they would refund my money. Since I do not want a refund, I want the shoes, I called customer service. They apologized for "UPS being unable to deliver the package due to the lack of a suite number on the package" they also blamed Paypal (even though my address is correct my Paypal account), and told me that they would be happy to refund my money. All I wanted was for them to stop the package in route. All they have to do is contact UPS and confirm. They chose not to. I spoke with a customer service representative. After she could not stop reading her script and hear me for even one momen, I then (very calmly) asked for a supervisor. He was no different, and I doubt that they even have supervisors. Both contacts, when I asked "So, what you are saying is that you can not arrange for me to receive the the shoes I ordered" skirted the question and quoted their process, the result of which was: I could have the shoes after they are received back at their mysterious warehouse, go through their complex refund process, are posted back into inventory, are placed back online for purchase, and if I happen to be watching online when this happens and am lucky enough to be able to purchase this one and only pair of shoes in this size/style, I can have them. Actually, I do have a suggestion to fire all of your customer service people. You do not need them. You have trained them to be robots; to interrupt the customer with their script, explaining your poor return process that has nothing to do with the customer and takes no responsibility for the process, and continually repeats this script regardless of what the customer says. You can do this equally poorly with actual robots, or via an automated phone message that just tells callers that takes no responsibility for their product or service once the box leaves your warehouse. I have no faith in 6pm. The only way I'll get my shoes is by the mercy of UPS. Other than that, fingers crossed that I get a refund without having to call the robotrons."

  • Wa
    walts Dec 13, 2014

    Much like everyone else, my complaint is terrible customer service, no reply to emails, incorrect items sent, and the customer pays to return the incorrect item. How is this terrible company a part of Zappos? I will absolutely never use this web site again, and for that matter I dont want to use Zappos since they purchased the company a while back and are apparently ok with 6pm being absolutely horrible. I hope this review will keep other consumers from makng the same mistake I did and buying from 6pm. Buy at your own risk. Walt

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I won't order from them again, because they are just too unreliable

I used to order from a lot. Earlier this year they managed to mess up 4 orders in a row. I received the wrong items and wrong sizes. One time someone must have even changed the order, so it looked as if I ordered the wrong size. Since they also stopped e-mailing order confirmations, I didn't have any proof. Customer service takes forever to respond - usually 3 days, and then it looks as if the person responding never even took the time to actually read what I wrote. If you want to call them, you need patience too. One time I was on hold for almost 2 hours, only to be suddenly disconnected when I finally spoke to someone. I hope they will get their act together again, because their prices are amazing. For the time being, I won't order from them again though, because they are just too unreliable.

Thief Company

They sell you product which is out of stock then send you a similar item and expect you dont return it because they will ask you to pay for return shipping. When you dispute a transaction with paypal they will immediately disable your login so that you cannot provide any more proof to paypal and under weird Visa laws you wont get refund until you return the item. So buyer ends up spending time and money to return the item which he/she never bought. Useless company and never do a business with them. Instead spend few bucks more and buy it from genuine website like

  • Gi
    Gibbsale Jan 10, 2013

    I ordered a pair of Micheal Kors espadrille sandals in the luggage color size 8 and received a pair of Badgly Miscka sandals size 7 1/2.
    This was my first, last and only purchase from this company, even after reading all the complaints I did not believe that 6pm would be capable of deceiving its customers by falsely advertising merchandise they did not have in stock. Upon purchasing, according to customer service the Micheal Kors shoe had sold out and their system had not updated, however, when the item I received (Badgly Miscka) was returned their inventory updated to show they had one pair of Micheal Kors available, which lead me to believe they intentionally are deceiving their customers. And to compensate me for their mistake, it is noted on the record or so I am told by the customer service representative, a free upgrade in shipping would be applied to my next order. There will be NO NEXT ORDER!!!

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  • Zu
    zuleyka13 May 17, 2018

    Thieves wanting free stuff and then complaining!

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If this is zappo's sister, then i would hate to meet his mother. doesn't compliment it's subsidiary, zappo's (Which provides a positive customer experience) .
I am not impressed with the service / efficiency provided by 6pm:

1.) 5 - 7 days to receive a reply by e - mail. pledge. . . Thank you for your email! Please do not reply to this message, as this is an automated response. We are committed to answering your email within 24 - 72 hours. Your ticket number is. . .

Result. . . Thank you for contacting customer service! We are very sorry for the delayed response to your e - mail. We have had an unusually high queue of e - mails that are being answered in the order they were received in.
2.) charged me for a canceled item.
Result. . . It looks like the order was indeed canceled, but the refund was not processed. I apologize for that. I will issue the refund of $45. 95 back to your mastercard straight away. Please allow your credit card company or bank anywhere from 2 - 10 business days to reflect that refund on your account.
3.) no acknowledgment of receipt of merchandise within 72 hours. pledge. . . Once your return is received and inspected by our warehouse staff (Usually within 72 hours of receipt) , we will process your refund and automatically apply a credit to your credit card or original method of payment within 7 days. You will be notified by email once your return as been processed. Delivered shepherdsville ky 40165 02 / 22 / 11 today's date: 02 / 27 / 11
4.) credits not reflected on statements efficiently. . . Apply a credit to your credit card or original method of payment within 7 days

  • Th
    thenewcvscustomer Feb 28, 2011

    Topic should read: service/ efficiency provided
    I was unable to edit my mistake.

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Buyers beware! sold me products that were not in stock & it has been over a month with no refund. Reps repeatedly lie.

I purchased $181 worth of products from on 11 / 26 / 10. My three products were supposedly shipped 11 / 27 / 10 and i received a tracking#. The tracking# confirmed the package was never mailed, and there was no tracking information. After calling several times the customer service at 6pm assured me repeatedly that my package was in route. Finally on 12 / 20 / 10, 5 days before christmas i had it. I called the post office and they confirmed that the package was never mailed. After calling 6pm the representative told me the usps had not updated their website they were just telling me that. After spending more than 5 hours on the phone with usps and 6pm, and several lies later blaming the usps, finally admitted my package was lost in their warehouse and was never mailed. lost my package in their warehouse and never notified me, or looked into my order when i repeatedly called. They all assured me it would arrive in plenty of time for christmas. After they finally admitted their mistake, they also notified me all of the products i ordered were sold out. They were offering me a "customer courtesy" to allow me get something else from their site, aside form the original 3 items i ordered. Here it was, 5 days before christmas with no package and no apology for the continuos lies and run around. I refused to buy other items from them and wanted a refund. They said it wold take 2 - 10 business days, which i found ridiculous. When the items were purchased they money was taken from my account instantaneously, but i had to wait until after christmas to recover my money. I just called today 12 / 28 again after my bank notified me nothing was pending and never applied my refund. After talking to the same lying representative, she notified me the refund was already processed. I asked her when and she said last week, but it was up to my bank to process it. I let her know what my bank said and then after being placed on hold for 40 minutes, she came back telling me i was refunded. I again asked her when and she said today. I asked her when today because i had called my bank before i called them and she said while i was on hold. Apparently once again, i will not receive a refund for another 2 - 10 business days. Hopefully they will actually refund it this time. This company has lied to me repeatedly and kept my money for over a month.

  • Va
    Varcsike Aug 21, 2012

    Most people say, they recieved their order in 3days with confirmation number.But in my case is different.My package came in 7days.Also, i have to request for my shipping confirmation email.I still didnt know how the item i ordered turn out, cuz i only recieved email said it will be arrive at certain date.I can not rest until my order arrive in perfect condition.

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  • Zu
    zuleyka13 May 17, 2018

    Bla bla bla. Shut up already!

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Received worn boots

I ordered a pair for Umi boots for my daughter as a Christmas present. I got them today - obviously used with dirty soles and there was a filthy sock in one of them. I called customer service and a guy called Lef explained, that they are a liquidation site so things like this might happen. Helloo?? If you are a thrift store, say so. Very unprofessional attitude, I wanted to talk to his supervisor/manager but he became very rude, pretending that he does not understand me and explaining that the manager is busy with administrative tasks.

Received worn boots
Received worn boots

Bad service

The company doesn't offer a phone number (not a good sign) and they seem very slow (so far) at refunding money. I also received the item that was described and shown on the...