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People who write complaints against Etsy are right. There's absolutely no protection for customers. Sellers behave the way they want.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Arcanum, OH They can't cheat, loot, steal money, send wrong products. I got a damaged item and couldn't contact the seller. Why would he answer when he already got my money? Very convenient.
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Aug 29, 2017
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      Oct 17, 2017

    I AM TIRED of ETSY SELLERS GETTING AWAY WITH THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR AND WANT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The same thing happened to me. I want to get a class action suit going. Are you interested? IF so, contact me at [protected]

    I contacted a seller (REDNECK RAG CREATIONS) who does pouches. She shared she does custom orders. I shared with her that I needed pouches sewn different sizes to fit glass figurines snug. She said no problem and seemed nice and trusting. I gave her my measurements for each pouch numerous times. FYI I have been having custom made pouches manufactured for over twenty years, and I used her for her ability to embroider on them. I was very clear what I needed. She sent me back pouches that were all the same size that she currently sells on her Etsy page which I told her from the start would never work for my gift.

    After going back and forth, with pouches not fitting properly, I wanted a refund. I had to fight for it, but finally got all of it except $65 of it of which Pay Pal finally refunded to me because she was so deceitful and they had enough. Pay Pal told me to keep the product, but I told them I didn't want it and wanted her to have it back, but I would not be paying for shipping. The seller knew this but accused me of lying saying Pay Pal never said that which was not true. With that $65 she didn't have to refund me, I told her I am not spending anymore time and money on this and send me a call tag to get her pouches back. She then accused me of stealing them.

    She has lied to Pay Pal and Etsy about what happened stating I gave her the wrong measurements, but how could that be when she didn't change the size of any of the pouches, leaving them either too big or too small because they were not made to fit these small glass figurines. I contacted Etsy, and they were no help. I was horrified. She is calling me a thief saying she made a police report against me LOL, then stating now she has contacted a collection agency on 'me' for keeping her products which would cost $15.00 to send back, and refuses. They are ugly and the ones I asked for a specific image came out horrendously. I don't want them. I had someone else make me pouches since then and her's are just sitting in a box. She cost me time and money and when I wrote a review on her page, her response was full of lies, and then there was no place on that review to dispute her claim.

    I feel Etsy should not continue to get away with this type of behavior towards their customers and we should be protected like any other company would. If you are interested, contact me and I am looking into a class action suit. This is insane.

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