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[Resolved] Etihad Airlines / double charging!

Egypt Review updated:
I had paid charges of 209.05 a$ (For excess weight) to etihad air lines in cairo air port on 30/12/2007 with my master card. But when checking my bill, I found that they charged me with double the amount. The same payment came in two lines with the same amount of 209.05a$.

Term id : 67799422 auth: x05702
Merchant no: 568297 batch: 000008 invoice: 000026

Date: 30/12/2007. The master card company said that the error should be corrected from the airline company and they cannot do anything about it.

Resolution statement

Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.
Etihad Airways Customer Care's Response, May 24, 2016
Dear Anurud,

Thanks for taking the time to contact us here on our forum. We are shocked to read this and would like to help. Kindly provide us with your case reference number, we will contact our team for you and request an update.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope to hear back from you soon



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  19th of May, 2013
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A unevitable experience which can happen to anyone when you are traveling with Etihad Airways. Bad part is it is at no mistake of passanger. This airlies promisses about good service but when situation comes, ground staff is horrible. Seems they are having disconnect between projecting their image and people executing them at the airpot/fligth.

Below is the situation:
1) I was traveling from Mumbai to New York via Abu Dhabi. My Mumbai to Abu Dhabi flight could not land at Abu dhabi on Mar 16th due to Fog. Totally understable that for safety reasons they landed flight in Muskat but the problem starts here. Flight attendants did not inform us before landing in Muskat what we will be doing in Muskat and how long we will be waiting there. Most of the passangers (including me) had connecting flight which we feared missing. We waited for 1.5 hour in plane then we were deboarded in Muskat. When we got down we were not kept informed what will heppen with our connecting flights. Lunch provided with 50 minutes wait in line. We were flown back to Abu dhabi after 3 hours. When i landed at Abu Dhabi with all the anxity i realized that I missed my New York flight.
2) I was told that I would be helped at airport with all the question/arrangements for next fligth. But what i saw is ground staff is working at very slow pace and handeling each customer care in 15 to 20 minutes. All the passangers were shouting and frusterated as staff was very unorganized and very casual with the sutuation.I had to waited in line for 5 long hours to get boarding pass for my flgith after 18 hours (not to forget it was after noon and I was awake all night).
3) I did not complain much but requested for hotel accomodation to crash and just sleep. No hotel accommodation provided as Abu Dhabi has only 30 to 50 rooms and all were booked. No phone card was provided .
4) I slept on sofa in Launge and some how spent 18 hours. I reached on time but next day again again same story flight got delayed by 3 hours. I feared that my luggage wolld have not been transferred to the flight to New York. I talked to Etihad employees and I was told that my luggage is moved to the plane i was boarding.
5) I reached JFK on Mar 16th just to realize that my luggage was never moved to my New York flight. I was so angry that Etihad Airways gave me false information.
6) I got my luggage after 44 hours from when i landed. On customer service recommendation I sent email to baggageclaims@etihad.ae to get my luggage. I claimed for compensation for not getting my luggage on time but I got a reply from customer service that I will not get compensated because New York was my country of residence and they don’t pay copensation. Seems they make their own set of rules and apply them for their own benefit.
E-ticket number is ETKT 607 2108953178
  23rd of Mar, 2016
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as per my ticket i wanted to change date .Howeever the rate was less.So Etihad said I cannot change to lower ticket rate.I will have to cancel my ticket

I had to pay charge of 400$

I reques if this charge can be waived and returned back to me as i am really in need of money

please help etihad
  24th of May, 2016
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A refund request was made for my ticket on 18.09.2015 and still has not received the refund. I had contacted the customer service, complaint department using phone and web-forms for about 10 times now and still no success. Very unacceptable customer service for such a reputable company!

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