Enterprise Rental Car Servicechipped window

I was getting my car fixed yesterday and needed a rental car when I picked up the car from enterprise with my husband the girl was real busy and rushed us while checking the car and told us nothing under a certain size mattered so as I got in the car noticed a chip in window that was size of pebble but she had said nothing that small matters. Returned car today now she is trying to charge me for the window. Now it was not just me my husband also had seen the chip and what she had said about size he also took it as anything that size didn't matter. My husband has been a police officer in this town for 8 years has won a hero's award and a award for going above and beyond his duty. Now you have some girl who was not doing her job very well calling him and me a liar. i would never use this company again and advise others not to use them either.

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