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Recent business requirements have meant frequent trips in and out of the Newark Airport, and Enterprise had been the rental car firm of my choice.

When the vehicle in question was checked out, it was at night, and the Enterprise representative noted that the review, less than two minutes in length, was a "mere formality", and that any damage incurred would have to be larger than the size of a quarter to be relevant.

Upon returning the vehicle, another representative spent a good fifteen minutes fine combing the vehicle, and decided that there was now visible damage, multiple small dents the “might have been caused by hail” to the roof of the car. I had difficulty seeing the damage she referenced and disputed her observations. She replied that I would have to take that up with the “damage assessment” group.

There is no damage visible in the photographs sent by Enterprise in response to my complaint, and none would have been visible at the time the vehicle was checked out - particularly given that neither I nor the representative specifically stepped up to examine the roof in the dark with flashlight. While the vehicle was in my possession, it was not exposed to heavy weather. Either there is no damage, or it existed on the vehicle prior to my rental.

Repeated attempts to reach Enterprise by phone, and messages left on voice mail, to discuss this claim and how best to dispute the claim have been unsuccessful. Repeated requests for a copy of the original, signed contract - not a computer generated receipt - have also been unsuccessful.

The claim is fraud, the “customer service” is awful, and the corporate response is boilerplate. Enterprise, and its National and Alamo affiliates, will never see another nickle of my personal funds, or any business from my corporation or its employees.

Jun 19, 2013
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  •   Jun 29, 2013

    Please see our response to your post on
    Social Media
    Enterprise Rent A Car

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  • Me
      Jun 30, 2013

    I will update all the websites where this complaint was posted once the situation has been resolved.

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  • Ku
      Jul 01, 2013

    Enterprise, for the most part, is underhanded and sleazy. Nearly everyone that has ever had any dealings with one of their "neighborhood locations" or "airport rental sites" (where the cars are always located way off-grounds) knows this. And we expect all of this - bare-bottom-basic-stripped-to-the-bones, over-utilized, worn-out, reeking-of-smoke vehicles (my last two "standard-sized" Florida rentals both had; 1) NO airconditioning - 2) Over 35, 000 miles - 3) no power windows or door locks - 4) Filthy cloth interiors - and ... 5, 6 and 7) NO AIRCONDITIONING ...
    But I forget my main point here ... Anyway ... Enterprise Rental - where the slogan should be, "Pay more ... Get less - And then get raped with ### fees that the 20-year-old working the counter pulls out of his/her ### ('We had to vacuum it')")

    You don't get what you pay for.

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  •   Jul 02, 2013

    We’ve taken note of your concern and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to [protected] including the exact rental location information, your contact information, your rental agreement and any further information regarding your experience with us.
    When emailing, please list Reference Number [protected] in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Carol H.
    Social Media
    Enterprise Rent A Car

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  • Me
      Jul 29, 2013

    I did follow up with the social media coordinator, and was eventually able to speak to the regional manager. The problem was resolved, the claim was cancelled, and the money refunded. It should not have required three months and an appeal to social media to get a resolution from Enterprise about the situation, but I am satisfied with the outcome.

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  • Hu
      Aug 12, 2015

    I had extremely bad experience with the Enterprise too. I will never rent a car from them even if it were free.

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  •   Sep 03, 2015

    Hui, is there anything we can help with? Please email us at [protected] with your contact information, the exact branch location, rental agreement/ reservation number and any other details. Please reference #[protected]. -Tatiana

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