Enterprise Rent-A-Carrude and thief's

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On May 4th I was in my rental car, got out to go into a store and the car started honking and I was locked out. The I kept pushing the panic button and the unlock button, but it would not open. I was 2 1/2 blocks away from Enterprise. I called them, they told me there was a key at the end of the ignition key, they kept telling me just to push the button. There was no button. My phone and purse were locked inside. (A girl from pge let me use her phone to call them). They told me there was no one to pick me up. He put me on hold, I waited 10 minutes and finally hung up. A Pge man used his knife to pry the key out, apparently, the button had been broken off by someone. I reached Eneterprise in less than 5 minutes, walked through the door and there were3 men and 1 women inside, and one outside detailing cars. I was furious. They said we will give you another car, this car was on empty also, I had just put $30.00 in the car that morning. I asked the man to give me my $30.00 back so I could fill the 2nd car. They refused. I called Lito body shop, they not only got my gas money but called Hertz rent a car, and they supplied me with a nicer vechicle at a discount. SHAME ON YOU ENTERPRISE. THEY ARE RUDE AND THEIFS, I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!

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  • An
      Jul 19, 2009

    You know, I spend most my time stating that agents at the counter are not able to offer you discounts, especially when it comes to gas. That is considered stealing from the company. I'm sure these employees only valued their jobs.

    But also, not only was there nothing wrong with the car, as had this been your car, I would assume you would consider this a fluke and wait to see if it happens again, but you yell at the Enterprise employees for not coming to pick you up.

    I hope you realize the agents/carwashers/etc. are typically NOT INSURED for them to not only pick you up, but also drive a company car.

    And you say you get a car from Hertz at a discount. Maybe, but I bet you still paid more. Now that is funny.

    Anyway, if you took the car out at emply, why couldn't you just bring it back at empty for the second car? I don't get that.

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  • Xa
      Aug 09, 2010

    Getting a car from Hertz for a discount? Laughable...

    I agree with the person above. There was nothing wrong with the second vehicle. Also, I'm not sure about the rest, but I'm pretty sure the guys doing the detailing are not certified to be driving Enterprise vehicles around to pick people up. And hey, who knows? Maybe the other three people in the office were actually doing their jobs for other people...

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  • Ra
      Jan 10, 2018

    They are not honest people, (Enterprise) I had this experience with the Enterprise in Chesterton Indiana. My rental vehicle was returned to them with gift cards I left in the driver seat door, 5 to be exact. I was certain they were there, I did not think I left them, I know I left them. The rep that I spoke with was really unprofessional. She argued with me about it. She said she knew that no one in that office would ever take anything. That she knew it for a fact and refused to hear me out. I asked how she could speak for everyone there. She continued to over talk me. Absent of people skills altogether, pretty ghetto.

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