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Enterprise Rent A Car / customer service/broken down van

1 Boynton Beach, FL, United States

I rented a van from enterprise in boynton beach, fl @ master auto body while my van was being worked on @ a body shop. (Great body shop - horrible car rental place) on the day we were to return the van, the rental van broke down. I was 20-25 miles away from my home, had a doctor appointment to make and a closing on my home @ 3pm. I called enterprise @ 11:30 and they told me to call an 800# for service. I did this and was told I had to pay for aaa to come out. I think not! I called and spoke with the local office and after a lot of back and forth and insistence, they authorized the call to be made at their expense. I called back and a tow truck was dispatched in 30-45 minutes. I told them I did not think it was the battery; however, they were sending someone to jump start me. I was clearly not making it to my doctor appointment and would then be responsible for the full payment.
The tow truck comes and of course, it is not the battery. The truck wanted to tow me further north and much further west of where I was when I needed to go south in order to pick-up my van and make it to my house closing. They did not have authority to do this and left after another 40 minutes wasted. We got on the phone and tried to reach various people and supervisors. I finally was so upset and worried I would miss my house closing tht I called my own aaa and got them to tow me back to the auto body shop (Where I rented the van as they have a person there to rent the vehicles from in the mornings) so I could get my van. I now have wasted a lot of time, was responsible for a missed dr appt financially and wasted one of my 3 tows with my aaa plus. This all because enterprise would not help. They could have sent my rental van north and west if they had sent someone to check out the van out to make sure it was in the same condition as when I rented it and then taken me to my van which was south. They refused to help. I have been trying to reach corporate and three different customer service reps have lied. The first took the message and said I would get a call. I did not. The second told me it would be 36 hour. Not - another lie. The final one was very rude and told me 3-4 days. No call. Enterprise has sooo much business they can afford to treat people this way? I will tell everyone and encourage everyone I know to stay far away from them. Horrible service. They do not care. They this world today, that is no way to treat someone.

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