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Enterprise Car Rental / what a cluster!

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Having taken my credit card as part of the "Standard Procedure" since I will be driving the vehicle... even though the insurance agency will be taking care of it... they proceeded to take $700 out of an account I told the Branch Manager in Longwood, Florida not to take out. Then she proceeded to inform me that she did not either way, I am going to be responsible! NOW, they have taken the money out with no notification and I have overdrafted due to it... They will not help with the overdraft... she states it is not her problem. Wanna bet!? Next step: BBB, Internet, Local Fraud Division & Attorneys... NO DAMN COMPANY is going to be a liar and a cheat... and NO DAMN employee is going to hide behind a company and get away with this deception... welcome to 2007! I will make sure EVERYONE knows about this and alll of your names! There is ALWAYS... MORE I can do and since I am telling the truth... NO WORRIES HERE!

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  • Ja
      5th of May, 2007
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    Just because an insurance company is paying the rental fee it does not mean that they are responsible for the car - YOU ARE! That is what the card is for!

  • Ty
      14th of May, 2007
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    I agree with you... someone rented a vehicle in my name at enterprise car rental in chicago... i have never been to Chicago other than a flight layover... enterprise keeps speaking to me as if i was the actual person who rented the car... i have been on the telephone and internet from 1120am and it is now almost 4pm and i am still haven't been able to speak with anyone that could help me with this. To top it off i was getting married in another state during this incident.

  • Mr
      15th of Jun, 2007
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    I am extremely frustrated with Enterprise as well!! They charged my credit card twice with out notification, My car was at the dealership for service, and the service department contacted Enterprise with the P.O. # the same day to be billed for 10 days of coverage. Enterprise charged my credit card anyway. I had to leave work and go there and explain to them the situation, because noone could understand anything over the phone. And I had to wait 2 days before the money was returned to my account.

    This happened in February 2007. Then, in June 2007, they charged my card again - 4 months later!! I called Enterprise, and they stated that my dealership declined to pay 2 of the 10 days I had the rental car. Why was I not informed of this in February or March, and why did no one call me. They told me someone left a message for me. First of all, I had given Enterprise my contact phone number 3 times during the ten day course, which they never used either time before charging my account. Once again, I had to make several different calls to get that straightened out. And again waiting two days to get my money credited back. When I complained to them in March, they offered to send me free rental car coupons, I have yet to see those, not that I would use them anyway, because surely they would try to charge my credit card somehow even though THEY say the rental is free!

    And how long are they supposed to keep someone's credit card information on file, anyway?? Is there a law against that??

  • Di
      9th of Jul, 2007
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    This is nothing compare to this company charging my credit card without my permission when a third party was to pay for all charges for this rental and then had the nerve to state that I had authorized it and overdrawn my account over a hundreds and now I have to fight these charge's with my bank and this is not the only time. Many years ago there put on my credit report that I had lease a car with them which i never did in my life and I had to dispute it with all credit bureau's and I won because fraud was committed but no charges was filed against them and they got away with ruining my credit and commit a crime and getting away with it. I'm so tired of this company cheating the customer's and committing fraud as well. The only reason why I got the car from them is because the dealership contracted only with them, so I had no choice. So if I ever get work done on my car i will go else where and bill the dealership myself. Enterprise Car Rental HAS NOT HEARD THE LAST FROM ME YET AND IF THERE CAN BE A CLASS ACTION LOSS- SUIT PUT TOGETHER AND THERE IS AND ATTORNEY THAT WANT TO TAKE IT ON.

  • Lm
      4th of Sep, 2007
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    I rented a car from Enterprise. I needed the car for one day. They told me they had to hold 250.00 on my card until I brought the car back and they would refund the balance to my card. My contract quoted $50.99 (tax included) a day plus $20.00 for insurance which would turn out to $70.99 a day. I picked it up on a friday ( Labor day weekend). I used the car Saturday morning. The car was supposed to be back by 1pm . I called to let them know I would be about a half hour late. I got voicemail. I assumed they were closed . I decided to keep the car and return it sunday and just pay for the 2 days. I returned the car sunday afternoon, dropped the key in the drop box and went home. Tuesday morning I called to see what my charges were and when they were going to credit my card for the balance owed to me. The supervisor tells me that because they were closed on Sunday and Monday I am responsible for the car for 2 additional days, and they are charging me $89.00 a day(50.99 for the car, 7% taxes and 5% for security. None of which was ever explained to me during the time of pick up. So I'm being charged for 4 days in total although I only had the car for 2 days. They also tacked on some extra charges. I explained to the supervisor that no one advised me of the charges during closed hours and my contract fees are $50.99(taxes incl.) plus $20. for ins. She tells me the only thing she can do is let me use the car for 2days or take one day off and charge me for three days. I asked her if they charged me for 3 days what would the charges be she said $252.03 . Does this sound like a rip off or what? I am interested in a class action suit lets get it started !!!

  • Su
      21st of May, 2008
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    I do hate class actions suits but based upon principle alone I believe Enterprise Car Rental Agency should be taught a lesson. Please let me add the following complaint I have with the company. I want everyone to learn from my experience.

    Warning: Do not rent from Enterprise car rental agency. There are many other reasonabley priced car rental companies who are honest and not out to commit fraud.

    In November of 2007, I rented a car from Enterprise Car Rental agency at the Pittsburgh airport. The rental period was for two days. As instructed, I returned the car in the Enterprise car lot at the airport and returned the keys in their dropbox and flew home. The car was returned in the same pre-rental condition with no damages.

    One month later, I received a damage report and a request for payment for repairs done to the vehicle. Total cost of repairs $433.20. I responded with a letter stating I was declining payment since I am not responsible and did not damage the car. I received another letter stating Enterprise would automatically charge my credit card they had on file for the damages. I responded again stating once again how I was not responsible for the damages, and Enterprise did not have permission to charge my credit card. I closed my account to prevent the latter. I did not pay them.

    Their claim is that if a car is returned prior to regular business hours then I am responsible for any and all damages done to the vehicle (as outlined in the contract we all sign). Enterprise has turned the case over to a collection agency and they have now marred my credit. They have nothing to lose...I have everything to lose. Please be careful with whom you rent a vehicle from so you don't have to endure the same fraud I have now been privy to.

  • Re
      30th of Jul, 2008
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    Jack yes I agree I am responisble for the car, however if I pay a deposit of 200.00 and authorize that amount only, why do they have the right to deduct an additional 200.00 without my consent?

    Our car's extended warranty covered all but a few dollars of the rental. This additional 200.00 drained out checking account, made us acrew a huge NFS fees. Normally we are not that close, but with several unexpected emergenices it happens. We thought we were O.K. with 200.00 left in checking.

    Our portion of the rental came to 60.00.

    I also believe if Enterprise will be closed on a day the car is due back, they should advise. Last time we rente a car through Budget, we called and asked if we could return it early on a Sunday. All the local locations were closed, however the Airport location was open and we returned it there. They did not ask for a deposit as our insurance paid for the car due to a deer strike. If you know there will be charges due on days they are closed you can arrange to take the car to an open location. You should be given that choice.

  • Ja
      29th of Jan, 2009
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    I had booked a vehicle through the Abbotsford, BC Canada South Fraser Way location on December 20th, 2008. I specifically asked for a full size vehicle since I was traveling in winter like conditions. I was picked up from my home which is approximately 20 minutes from the rental location. When I arrived at the rental location, I was told that there are no full size vehicles available and if I wanted a vehicle I would have to rent what was available which was a compact. I immediately asked to be returned to my home. I noticed a truck in the lot and thought it would be fair if the rental company provided me with the free upgrade since they were the ones that screwed up. The assistant manager said that she did not have the key, providing me with the excuse that one of the employees mistakenly took the keys for the truck home. A couple of hours after returning home I was contacted by the manager at the rental location. The manager explained to me that if he were to give me the truck as a free upgrade he would be fired. I explained to him that I was a corporate client, and that I rented from the location over 60 times in the past. I admit I was a little upset. His response was that he was sorry and that he couldn't help me out. I explained to him that I understood his position, but that it was their fault for initially for saying that they would provide me with a full size vehicle. i explained to him that i would be reporting this behavior to the President of Enterprise. His response was I don't really give a ### Sir.

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