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I had a rental car from Enterprise while my car was in the shop. Enterprise had a satillete desk in the auto body shop, and I was able to get my rental car there! However, when my vehicle was ready at the auto body shop, there was no one to check in my rental at the enterprise desk. I was instructed to leave my keys with the front desk at the auto body shop. I inspected the car, and there was no damage done. I was called 2 hrs later from someone at the main branch stating that significant damage was done to the car, and that I was responsible for it until it was checked in (2 hrs later!!). I took Enterprise to small claims court, and won. I'm interested connecting with other folks who had similar issues to talk about legal rights. If you'd like to learn more about taking some legal action, please contact me at [protected]@hotmail.com (not associated with Enterprise, just don't want to give out my personal e-mail). Hope to hear from anyone soon.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car's response · Apr 17, 2018

    Pbst, we’ve noted your comments and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send a detailed email to [email protected] include the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your claims, rental agreement or reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us.
    We look forward to hearing from you. - Carol H.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car's response · Aug 13, 2019

    mommamacchic, we’ve noted your comments and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to [email protected] include the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your claims, rental agreement or reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us.
    We look forward to hearing from you. - Carol H.


  • Ib
    ibezo1 Sep 23, 2009

    i rented a car for 3 days from enterprise. the pre rental cursery walk around for damage was done. the car, a 2009 nissan sentra, was parked with among other vehicles in a lot under a tree. a scratch was noted. nothing else was immediately evident. i drove the car to my destination, parked in an assigned spot, and did not drive again till i returned the vehicle.
    upon return i parked the car in the driveway, in full sunlight, with no other vehicles around. the attendant noted some ripple markes in the lower passenger door saying they were "dents". it looked like a manufacturer defect but was only evident because of the bright sunlight and angle of view. the attendant allowed me to note my impression of the ripples on their form.
    a week later i got a bill for >$1700. i had expected a call from enterprise but that never occured. the bill from them stated "customer dropped off the rental and there is a few dents on the pass. side door did not know how it got there. could have been there." i am not responsible for any damage. i took pictures. even in the pics it is difficult to see any damage unless you know what to look for.
    if it had been my car my insurance company would have requested estimates before any work was done. interesting that enterprise was so quick to act.

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  • Oi
    Oil Slick Sep 30, 2009

    This is very common for Enterprise, they walk around the making it look like they are looking for damage, the customer usually follows along not really looking. Enterprise will knowingly rent a car that was damaged by the previuos renter, they just never caught it on the check in when it was returned, they will then claim it on the next renter (you) if they don't notice the dent when they sign for the car. They also will rent out cars with out of date tags and bald tires and other safety items that need attention. They do not work on commission, but get promoted on the numbers they produce...insurance is a big one, Enterprise is self insured, so every dollar is profit.

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  • Tr
    TruthN Justice for all Oct 02, 2009

    Enterprose rent a car has a $400 Dent Scam that is a National issue...look up all of the reports on Riffoffreport.com...the company stinks...NEVER rent from them, ...they should be closed down...and sued...

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  • Tr
    TruthN Justice for all Oct 02, 2009


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  • Wo
    WogerWamjet May 26, 2011

    Just got caught in this same scam - rented an Enterprise vehicle from a small Enterprise counter at Craig's Collision @ 2078 West Hwy 14, in Grapevine, Texas. There was a huge hailstorm last night, but the rental was parked in my garage - in fact in the over week and a half of waiting for our car to be fixed we drove the car a total of 5 or 6 times, all during non-rain or stormy times. The Enterprise guy, James J. Cox, according to the report, pointed at the roof and said there was hail damage he pointed to a spot on it, and I could not see a thing - the storms that hit were dropping golfball to baseball sized hail on 5/24/11 and if the car had been out in the storm, there would be a tremendous amount of damage.

    When I rented the vehicle, it was brought to me with soaking wet seats and interior - I was told that it had been "just been detailed" - the car had a total of 1040 miles on it at the time. The roof was wet, so if there was a ding, I would never be able to see it anyways - and what this guy pointed at was invisible to me. I told him that I can't see anything, and he replied that he "was trained" in checking for this kind of damage.

    In any event, I will be referring this to my insurance company and informing them that I believe it is a case of insurance fraud by both Craig's Collision and the Enterprise location, and I assure you, I will make it my new hobby to fight this if they try and make a claim against me.

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  • Bi
    Bianca1981 Jul 17, 2019

    @WogerWamjet I had the same thing happen to me in Bensalem PA - he pointed out a dent that I can't see at all and indicated that they were " trained" to notice this damage, the car was given to me dirty on the outside, it had not been washed, even in taking pictures of the car and asking someone else to point out the dent, no one can see only the enterprise guys can see it now they are trying to charge all this money against my credit card. This is a definite SCAM and I hope a class action suit against Enterprise is in the making.

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Aug 12, 2012

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to look into this further. Please email Care[at]Enterprise.com with your full name, the exact rental location and any other details.

    When emailing, please list reference # 120812-000562 the subject line.

    Gillian T.
    Social Monitor Coordiantor

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  • Un
    unfairenterprise Aug 13, 2012


    My issues have already been solved in Small Claims court.

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  • Thank you very much for offering information to former or current Enterprise Rent A Car customers who are interested in pursuing legal action against the company for all the false damage claims frequently made by this rental car's employees at various locations around the country. I will be in touch with you by e-mail soon to learn more.

    As insurance fraud in the matter described below might be a very real possibility, I plan to soon consult with legal counsel and at least the following federal, state and local government agencies and public organizations regarding this matter - filing legal/official complaints with them against Enterprise Rent A Car’s national operations and certain Las Vegas-based employees if appropriate: The FBI (Las Vegas, NV office), The Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection, U.S. Postal Inspection Service Mail Fraud Investigations, The National Insurance Crime Bureau, the State of Nevada Office of the Attorney General Insurance Fraud Unit, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Fraud Detail, and the Southern Nevada Better Business Bureau. I have already contacted my auto insurance carrier's fraud unit. I will also be getting in touch with Mr. Christopher Elliot, an internet author, consumer advocate and journalist about this problem to see if he can help me resolve it satisfactorily. His car rental scam webpage can be found at: http://www.elliott.org/blog/was-i-scammed-by-my-car-rental-company/

    My experience with Enterprise Rent A Car was similar to yours in that I was instructed by phone to drop my car off – without any known damage to it at all - at a car dealer where repair work on my vehicle was being conducted on a Saturday afternoon. Dropping the car off in this manner was evidently deemed necessary by the dealer’s staff because the Enterprise branch located on that same dealer’s lot was closed on the weekends. Interestingly, the Enterprise employee who originally checked the car out to me the previous day had told me to return the car to a different Enterprise branch nearby. For the record, I first complied with his initial instruction but was then, as I said above, told over the phone by a different person to drive the car several blocks up the street to the dealer's lot. I subsequently did so, giving the rented car’s keys to one of the car dealer’s service department workers who told me that everything would be fine as they did this kind of thing all the time.

    However, on Monday morning, I received a call from the manager of the now open Enterprise branch claiming that the car had been returned with damage and that I needed to come down and see it for myself.

    When I arrived at the branch a short time later, the car was actually in a different location quite far away being ‘serviced’ at a franchise-type garage. The Enterprise employee who then accompanied me to this garage COULD NOT point out the alleged problems but instead knew to push on the passenger-side headlight which rocked in its holder a bit and so was ‘damaged.’ I let him know immediately that I was never instructed by the Enterprise employee that signed the car out to me a day earlier – and who was evidently not a regular employee of this branch and who clearly told me only to look for 4+ inch scratches on the car – to push on all of the car’s lights. I therefore concluded to him that Enterprise could not reasonably be expected to hold me responsible for that alleged problem.

    Incredibly, upon returning to that branch office, the Enterprise manager told me that there were now visible scratches on the front of the vehicle that weren’t there before I took the car and that the bumper is presently a different height on one side than it was before. Further discussion involving me stating that this entire matter seemed likely totally false and incredibly unfair to me given: 1) the inspection instructions I received by the employee checking the car out to me and 2) the ambiguous nature of the car’s return to this Enterprise branch where it was out of my direct control for at least a day and a half (Saturday afternoon around 3pm to Monday morning 9am). I also expressed my concern that this type of unbelievably picky and threatening behavior by the Enterprise company could possibly indicate fraudulent activity to law enforcement, investigators, etc.

    In the end, the manager stated to me numerous times that this matter was resolved, she’ll pay for the repairs (which I still maintained were not necessary since there was a complete discrepancy between her claims and mine), I will be charged nothing for any of this, and that the whole incident is totally finished and I’ll never hear about it again. She said she would lose money personally resolving the problem in this way (because, according to her, the car would have to be repaired from the profits the branch took in which would then reduce the percentage of profits she would later be paid). I tried to make it a win-win for all of us by offering her some money to compensate her for any lost profit percentage payments but she refused, saying she’d be fired if they found out she did that kind of thing. We then shook hands and exchanged goodbyes. Everything seemed amicably resolved at that point in time.

    Then, today, a week after the whole matter supposedly was ‘finished, ’ I get a letter from Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit in Texas indicating that a claim has been file against me for unnamed damages involving unnamed amounts of money to the vehicle the car dealer’s General Manager had rented for me to use while my car was being repaired.

    This message and the above actions I have taken or will take constitute my partial response to that mailed letter.

    --A very unhappy doctor in Vegas

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Nov 13, 2012

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to look into this further. Please email Care[at]Brand.com with your full name, the exact rental location and any other details. (Tatiana)

    When emailing, please list reference # 121113-001173 the subject line.


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  • Sc
    Scooter92 Jul 22, 2013

    I had the same thing happen to me! I returned the car at a drop off since they closed at 1:00 and then received a $500 bill for damages. But the estimate they sent was for the WRONG car. Same make and color but the wrong license plate. I call them to let them know of their error and they said, "how do you know what the license plate was? Nobody ever knows what the license plate was." I have a video of the car with the license plate that shows the care has NO damage to the car. I send them the evidence that they have the wrong car and they said they have to investigate it. They have yet to let me know that they made a mistake. I think this is conspiracy to commit fraud. What are the odds that they happen to make a mistake of the wrong license plate associated with the car I rented and it being the same make, model, and color. And if I didn't have the evidence I do, you can guarantee they would be holding me liable for the damage I didn't do.

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Jul 22, 2013

    I would like to discuss this further. Please email me at [email protected] with the complete details, exact renting location, and any rental agreement numbers. I look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you. Chris

    Please reference #130722-003126 in your email.

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  • Se
    Sebastian Velasquez Dec 18, 2013

    I am in the process of seeking legal counsel about a similar issue. I was given a minivan that was really dirty and covered with dirt all around. During the walk around did not notice any problems, mainly due to the car being so dirty. I finally noticed a scratch once I got home and in direct sunlight, called Enterprise and told them that something was missed. They told me it would be fine and not to worry about it. I dropped off the vehicle, then two days later I got a call from them stating that I returned the vehicle with severe damage and that they were going to submit a claim. Apparently the person who did my walkaround happened to be the store manager, and she was completely in defense mode saying that she never saw a thing. A day later they charged my account $583 dollars without even telling me this was happening. I called the location with no help given. I called claims department and talked to an adjuster and the lady who took care of me was more than rude, and essentially told me that I signed a contract, that I was a liar and that I had to pay. Worst service ever with no effort being made to listen to the customer, but instead go after the money. I am definitely calling a lawyer on this matter because this is just plain ridiculous and wrong.

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Dec 19, 2013

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As customer service is of the utmost importance, we would like the opportunity to look into this concern for you. Please contact us at [email protected] with complete details, including the exact rental location, your contact information, rental agreement number, the damage claim number (if you have it) and any further information regarding this incident.

    When emailing, please list Reference Number 131219-001918 in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Social Media Coordinator

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  • Ps
    psbruns Jan 21, 2014

    I had a similar situation where my personal car was rear-ended and so the other person's insurance company had my car in for repair and directed me to Enterprise for a rental during that time. When I picked up the car from Enterprise I pointed out several dings, marks in the paint but was told by their employee that unless they are larger than this plastic card he has, they don't need to make note of it. I was scheduled to fly out of state shortly before my car was expected to be ready, so I dropped off the car at Enterprise (they were closed for the weekend) and put the keys in the drop box. When I returned I had two voice mails from them, one saying there was some damage found but then the second saying they were closing out my contract and to call back if I had any customer satisfaction issues. Several weeks later I received a letter saying they had a claim on the vehicle for damages! I emailed them back where the letter said, explained the car was in the same condition when I returned it as when I rented it. Then today I get a call from them that there were repairs over $1300 and how did I want to pay for them?! I explained again, that the car was in the same condition when I returned it as when I rented it and was told maybe someone damaged it in their parking lot but I was still responsible. I have a call into my insurance agent now for suggestions as to how to handle this but I have a huge issue with paying (either myself personally OR my insurance company) for something that did not occur while in my possession. I am now reading lots of accounts of people who were charged for damages they did not do! I know I for one will refuse to do business with them again, even if the insurance company tells me I need to go to them. I have always found them to be very pushy to purchase their CDW insurance which is outrageously priced anyway when I already carry insurance at a fractiion of the price, maybe that's their 'punishment' for not paying for that but it is certainly unethical.

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  • Up
    Upset at Enterprise Jun 09, 2014

    I rented a car from your company on the recommendation of My Insurance Company and the Body shop that worked on my car after we had a car accident. The shop we went to is in Hamilton Ontario Canada with an address 1124 Rymal Road East, Hamilton. When I picked up the car the agent went over the car with me however he didn’t point out the scratches that were on the bumper on the back of the car and when I pointed out those scratches and some were disturbing he said and I quote “ don’t worry about it as we don’t look at them on if there are big dents in the car” and after he repeated it twice I took the car and few days later we returned the car in the same condition we took it and when another agent came out and inspected the car she accused us of having damaged the car. I explained that those scratches were there when we picked the car she said there is a very small dent on the trunk door of the car. I explained that we didn’t damage the car and that door was like that because it’s exactly where the scratches I originally showed the agent were. I demanded to speak to the agent that rented us the car as he was in the store she refused and said he went to lunch although she took him to the car and they spoke for a bit and then he disappeared. I explained to her that this dent was there from before and I think she knew about it because when she came out first to inspect she pointed that dent out which is not that visible as there is no shipped paint on it also she didn’t see any scratches on the bumper that I pointed out to her because they were there from before. She also never checked the Gas tank mar on the car, she didn’t take the mileage readout, she didn’t check the inside of the car as if her purpose was to point out a dent that at first glimpse you wouldn’t see or think it’s part of the car’s design. When I went to the auto body shop to pick up my car as it was done the owner saw how upset I was and I explained what has happened he said let me speak to her. When he did she was very unreasonable and abrupt with him as she was with us and very uncompromising that he became upset and told me I need to contact head office. I got the regional manager’s number (Steve Sabadin) and I contacted him right away however no one answered and I left a message to be contacted back with urgency however no one called me back I called Steve back 3 times and left messages but to no answer. We are extremely disappointed in the customer service treatment we received and the uncompromising way of the manager’s attitude. She was too concerned of just filling the issue right away and not concerned that we are speaking to her and the way she dismissed us and our end of the story like we don’t exist and don’t matter. I can safely say I will never rent from your company and I will make sure everyone I know will not either. And the body shop will not recommend you now either. Plus your company have charged my credit card when the manager specifically said I have no charges coming to me in terms of rental as the insurance company covered that so she had no authority in doing that. What she did was very underhanded and disgusting. I’m reading about my similar situation with a lot of other people who dealt with your company. I’m going to contact my local TV station to look into this as I’m sure I’m not the only one in my city this had happened to.

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  • Di
    disappointed2313 Jul 03, 2014

    I rented a car from Harrisburg PA Enterprise and had
    it for 3 weeks. My car was being worked on in Maryland body shop, so my
    dad was going to drop it off for me as I was busy the day it was ready
    & he was off as it was summer & he is an educator. The car was
    fine the whole time I had it. He visited the local enterprise to be
    added to the rental, and they gave him numbers of 3 Maryland locations
    to contract to discuss the return. The closest location to the body shop
    instructed him to just leave the keys with the body shop & they
    will pick up later that day. The body shop said that's fine they do it
    all the time. He did a walk around the car because he was there &
    waiting for my car, and nothing noticeable. It is notable that there
    were light scratches all over the car, which were dismissed by the local
    enterprise. Actually when I got the car the local rep had me initial no
    damage before checking it out while inside getting my insurance info.
    This was fine as i
    figured we could change anything if it jumped out. We went outside to
    check it out & there were scratches but they said none were big
    enough to count. Then they took the car to the side of the building to
    wash it with a broom, leading me to believe it had just been returned
    (with 1/8th of a tank) and they prob
    hadn't really checked it from the guy before me. Which is fine, there
    are light scratches over the car, they don't consider that damage,
    that's their policy. But the day after it was returned to Maryland, the
    PA rep calls me and says Maryland branch says there are "deep scratches"
    on the back. Didn't know which side or where exactly they were, but she
    has to write up an incident report. Whatever, let me know. Then 3 days
    later I get claim paperwork wanting my credit card & insurance info.
    My dad is sure it is because he dropped it off at the body shop out of
    state, and it makes us an easy mark because there was no one to certify
    it was not a damaged vehicle. I'm sure it is mis-communication
    from the two branches, having different views on what constitutes a
    scratch they count and a scratch they don't count. I'm sure no
    scratches could turn up in credible picture, and none has been sent to
    me. My dad just thinks they want a blank check in the form of insurance info & credit card info, which they already have but I won't be providing again. They have so much business why do they insist on scamming when its all over the internet that that is how they make their money?

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  • Me
    Merry Rodes Aug 13, 2014

    This is so uplifting because I'm bring scammed by Enterprise for an alleged damage that was impossible to even see or find on the car when I returned it to Centreviille, Va in Aug/2013 . I rented the car in Fairfax, VA and the agent was so persistent that I provide my insurance name and policy number that he made me call my husband in Fl (I didn't have the card on me) but my husband was at a gym and not near the car so just said it was Allstate which the agent noted on the paperwork. I asked him if this was a new policy as I've been renting cars for years from many different companies but lately mostly from Enterprise and have never been asked for this info. Agent said yes which was a lie as I rented from Enterprise two subsequent times and was never asked for that info. They were definitely trying to frame me for some sort of damage to the car that someone else caused at a car wash or by some other mechanical means. Enterprise even contacted my insurance company without my permission or even knowledge to file a claim. Pls help

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  • 20
    2014 Aug 18, 2014

    Rented a car from enterprise last week, at night time, I could not get the SUV promised due to an oil change it needed so I was given the option of choosing another vehicle in their fleet. (3 vehicles). I ended up picking an SUV that appeared as if it had been dropped off few minutes earlier that night, it was still wet from the rainy stormy day. Attendant took a "quick" look, and off I went.. During my trip I made a quick stop and noticed the rear hatch was dented. Upon arrival at the drop-off location I let them know about it. They were surprised that in my rental agreement copy, another vehicle description was noted (the one i was supposed to get but needed service). Attendant failed to do his job and walk around the vehicle and he did not update the agreement with the actual rental information. I was given instructions on how to approach the matter, manager card, etc., and i was told to call in right away and speak to the location where i had picked up the car from. I checked in for my flight, sat outside and reported the incident. I explained everything and to check whoever rented the car before i did to see that the damage had been recorded. I was told they needed to find my contract and they would call me back in a few minutes. I waited a couple of hours and no one called. My wife just informed me that a letter from Enterprise has arrived at my home with a claim number. I have rented hundreds of cars in the past and have never damage a vehicle, not even my personal car snd I take double care when driving others cars. And on top of all the above, I noticed they had charged me twice as much in final bill. This is outrageous. I wont be back to the US for another two weeks and I cant seem to reach them by email. Last time I do business with Enterprise or National.

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  • Wj
    wjperdue Aug 19, 2014

    I am in the process of disputing bogus damage charges from Enterprise right now. I rented a van from Enterprise. As I drove it home I noticed the steering wheel was off centered but figured it just needed an alignment. So we loaded it and started heading towards the beach and a light came on. I immediately called the Enterprise I rented the car from and he stated he had a office full of customers that he would call be right back. Well no call after 15 minutes so I called back again. He ask me to take to nearest Enterprise. I called them they said they didn't have a van go to next Enterprise. To make a long story short, they apologized for my trip interruption, gave me 20% off and reimbursed me for the fuel I spent filling up first van since new van was on empty. We go on vacation and I get back and they say I damaged their van. Said the control arm was bent. I explained to the guy I call and notified them something was wrong with car within two hours on having the car and I had hit anything. He stated I did. I ask him did anyone inspect under the vehicle before renting it to me and he said they didn't do that. I know they didn't because the guy was just vacuuming the van when I arrived. We walked around the van but I didn't think I needed to crawl under van and inspect.

    Well they filed a claim and Progressive is saying I have to pay deductible. I plan on suing them because this type of practice is shameful. I reported the problem not caused the problem and now they are trying to hold me responsible. When they know they didn't check for damage from previous renter. If all I can do is small claims I will but will be speaking to a lawyer as well.

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  • Wy
    wyo Oct 13, 2014

    Had to rent a car from Enterprise while my car was being repaired. First car I rented had low tire pressure after driving 10 miles on it. I returned the next day and got a different car. A week later the replacement car had two low tires. I just did the final return on the car and they are saying that while the car was with me it received hail damage. I have not left town and there have been no hail storms in the area since July. I have let me insurance know what is going on and if there is a claim falsely filed, I will take legal action. I will never rent from Enterprise again.

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Oct 13, 2014

    We'd like to look into these hail damage claims for you. Please email [email protected] with your contact information, reservation and/or rental agreement numbers, claim or "DX" number, the location you rented from, and any other additional details. Please include reference number 141013-002870 in your subject line.

    Social Monitoring Coordinator
    Enterprise Rent A Car

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  • Rf
    rfordscammed Oct 15, 2014

    I rented from Peoria IL. Enterprise Car Rental on Pioneer Pkwy
    AND RETURNED CAR ON 9-24-2014.

    I AM fighting this FRAUDLENT CLAIM.

    The sales rep showed me the car STARTIN AT THE TRUNK he had the trunk lid open when I came
    to car he said how wonderful the clean trunk was, he then shut the trunk
    lid and showed me the dent on the trunk lid. He then took this dollar bill card
    out from his pocket and put it over the dent and he said this dent is larger
    than the center panel and I would not be responsible for it.

    He showed me several more dents, scratches and said these
    are larger and these are to smaller acting like he was marking off
    areas, but he was not marking down anything correctly.

    I didn't know this until I returned the car. When I returned the car another rep took the
    keys and walked out the door and walked directly to the trunk lids top and
    stuck his hand on the first dent the first rep showed me and shook his head he
    doesn't even look at the rest of the car he comes in and accuses me of the
    damage to the trunk lid saying it wasn't there before and he doesn't even
    check any papers before he says that.

    I immediately told him it was there when I picked up the car he
    says let me see your copies he says well there is nothing on this I then look
    at the papers I then made them get the first reps top page from the rental and
    you could see where he had marked light dots on his paper but he didn't
    push hard enough to mark anything on my papers and he didn't even mark the
    truck lid.

    When I complained about him not marking it he smiled and laid saying
    he didn't remember any dent .I could see he clearly remembered he was
    smiling and his body language said he was lying. The manager asked me to sign
    for the damage I refused to sign that I was responsible for the dent.

    The manager said he would turn it over to their claims department.

    Enterprise sent my insurance company a bill FOR $250.00 OF WHICH THEY WILL PAY $150.00


    My email is [email protected] for emails.

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  • Kh
    KHL Feb 01, 2015

    Rented from Enterprise (Tallahassee Regional Airport) just before Christmas to Jan. 2, 2015. No walk around at the beginning to check car. I noticed a chip in the windshield the next day or so--once there was light and no heavy rain. I didn't think much of the chip and so we kept the car and returned it after our agreed rental time (again, no one outside to receive us coming back). Got a phone message asking to call. After a day of traveling, I found the message and called. I was told I would owe for the replacement of the whole windshield (not simply repairing the chip). I asked how much and the person on the phone said it's usually $125 or so. (I wasn't entirely happy with this, but thought to let it go.) Got the bill today for $700. Replacing a whole windshield for a chip? And such a high price? Can't help but feel angry and ripped off. Will not rent from Enterprise again.

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  • Kl
    KLL Alabama Jun 19, 2015

    I called Enterprise to rent a full size car and received a confirmation number, location, and phone number. I went to the location and was told that my confirmation number was for the Airport location even though my confirmation number specifically showed that I was at the right location. I asked if I could still get a full sized car and they told me they didn't have any. I then went to the Airport location and was told by them that the confirmation number I had was for the other location. After being very frustrated at this point I asked if I could just get the car from them. They told me I could but it would be more expensive because of them being at the Airport. Obviously, Enterprise is not a customer service oriented company and I did go somewhere else where I was treated with respect and paid less than I would have at Enterprise. I would recommend that no one do business with a company like Enterprise. I am 45 years old and have never been treated like this in my life.

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Jun 19, 2015

    I would like to discuss this further with you. Please email us at [email protected] with your contact information, the exact branch location, rental/reservation number and any other details. Please reference 150619-002491. -Tatiana

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  • An
    Antp56 Jun 19, 2015

    wow. My first and only experience to date with Enterprise in Clearwater was terrific! I mean, they did everything right during my plight. Every sitch and every location can yield different results! All I can say is the 2 in Clearwater Florida are tremendous.

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  • Va
    Vander27 May 03, 2016

    We recently had a Hyundai engine blow on us and it took 3 MONTHS to get out car back. We were given an Enterprise rental during that time. We returned the car in clean condition. When we returned it the Enterprise office was closed and we were instructed to take the keys inside the Hyundai service desk and leave them. NOBODY inspected the vehicle at that time or gave us any parting paperwork.
    Fast forward a week and storms in the Dallas area... we got a letter from Enterprise stating we are responsible for hail damage. No photos, just threats and lies about said damage.

    Where do we go from here?

    Best part is our Hyundai sustained numerous hail dents while it sat idle/uncovered in the Hyundai dealer lot for 3 MONTHS and we are responsible for the deductible and other repairs. WHAT A FARCE!!!

    Suggestions on taking this to small claims are welcomed, thanks.

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car May 04, 2016

    We've noted your comments and we'd like the opportunity to look into this for you. Please email the full details, the exact rental office location, claims, rental agreement or reservation numbers, your contact information and any additional information to [email protected] Please list Reference Number 160503-003406 in the subject line of your email.
    We look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Carol H.
    Social Monitoring Coordinator
    Enterprise Rent A Car

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  • He
    Heidikj123 Jun 23, 2016

    I hit a turkey in my car. Damaged the front of my car. We were told by our insurance company that they would make it easy on us. They had a geico rep, enterprise rep/ office all at the collision repair place. We thought... Sweet how convenient. So we took my car there, met geico rep and enterprise rep at the collision office. The enterprise agent had a desk, business cards, computer, phone all in a lovely cubical. He typed away to "check us in" on his computer. He continued to tell us when our car was ready to return back to that office and pick up my car. We did as we were instructed. Unknown to us, when we picked up my car at 11:30 am on Friday and returned their rental car, no one from enterprise was at their office. I gave the keys to the collision guy. Who walked me to my car, assisted me with moving my stuff from the rental car to my personal car. We walked around my car and the rental car. That night a hail storm came through town. Enterprise did not send a rep to pick up the car till noon the following day. They have now told us we are responsible for the hail damage. The car was not in our possession when the storm came through. Help!!

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  • Sh
    SherryB Aug 29, 2016

    My family and I rented a van from Enterprise in Hamilton for a family vacation to a resort about 3 hours away. We needed the van as there were not enough seats in our own vehicle to accommodate the family members we were taking with us.
    The Saturday we picked up the van - yes I reserved the van 3 weeks prior. The place was so busy it was crazy, our van was brought out from the back of the shop (after being cleaned) and backed into a spot in front of another vehicle. It was so close to the vehicle behind it we could not even get to the back of the vehicle to inspect it. The female that handled the rental walked out to the vehicle and wrote down the mileage, she then said we would take a quick look to make sure there are no dents in the vehicle. Both my husband and myself attempted to point out several scratches on the vehicle at the time to which she answered " oh we don't worry about scratches, just golf ball size dents", I guess that should have brought up a red flag since there were several scratches on the vehicle that she did not write in the report.
    She handed us the keys and walked away right to another customer - yes it was that busy she didn't even answer any questions, like why was the “oil change required” light on!?
    We took the van, headed home, packed it and headed out on vacation - by the way the "oil change required" light was on the entire time, so they obviously don't maintain the vehicles.
    When we returned the vehicle we made sure it was cleaned and gas put in to bring it back ( and more) to the initial gas level.
    I went in to return the keys and my husband stayed in our own vehicle outside. The same female, grabbed the keys from me and asked if we had replaced the gas, I told her yes and even more then when we took it. She grabbed my paperwork and tossed it in some bin behind the counter. She then had a service guy from the back come up and they both went out to the van. She jumped in the vehicle and turned it on to check the mileage and write it down. Now keep in mind my husband was watching all this from our vehicle. The service guy walked IMMEDIATELY to the back of the vehicle and pointed out some scratches under the bumper, like he knew it was there.
    Since we only drove the vehicle on the highway and the cottage driveway there is no way we could have scratched the underside of the back bumper without knowing it.
    They pulled the van in the back and started cleaning it for the next customer as she told me we damaged the vehicle and she was reporting it to their claims department. I told her and my husband also told her (after I got him from our vehicle) there is no way we caused that damage, and we did not even get to inspect that part of the vehicle when picking it up since it was so close to the vehicle behind it, so as far as we were concerned the scratches were already there and I am positive they already knew it but neglected to catch it with the previous customer who actually did the damage so we were elected the customers to blame the scratches on.
    You do recall she said " oh we don't worry about scratches" when we picked up the vehicle?
    We adamantly told her we did not do that damage and we know she knows it, but someone has to pay and I guess it was us.
    She printed out some papers for me to sign to acknowledge the damage, I told her I was not signing anything since I did not cause the damage. She said that's fine she doesn't need my signature to file the claim and walked away.
    The damage was a few scratches under the back bumper, so you would have had to scrape a parking lot pylon of some sort to get those scratches. We were never in a parking lot or anything high enough to damage the underside of the vehicle.
    I was so outraged along with my husband I think I was in shock and had no idea what to do next, I could not believe they would try to pin these scratches on us, again we were not able to inspect the back of the vehicle upon pickup and who would think to look under the bumper? You would need to be sitting down at eye level with the bumper to see the scratches under it. Which makes me realize they knew it was there since the service guy went to the back and pointed down IMMEDIATELY, he didn't look at anything else, just pointed and then jumped in the van to pull it inside.
    They have since sent me a letter saying "oh accidents happen" and you can either pay for the damage via credit card or go through your own insurance company. They informed me they would be sending me the bill for the repair.
    Well yesterday I received the bill along with pictures that are showing a different part of the vehicle than they said was damaged? Showing the front of the vehicle!?!?Why would they take pictures of the front and side of the vehicle when the scratches were under the back bumper? Along with this a bill for $453.29 to pay for the repair.
    I cannot believe a reputable company or what I thought was reputable would do something like this to a customer – filing a false damage claim.
    They are now going to expect payment for the claim and it just makes me SO MAD that I may end up paying for damage I did NOT do, this is sooooooooooo frustrating.
    On top of that, they took over $620 from my credit card for a bill that was supposed to be $450, so they already have $170 more than they should have had and now they want me to pay another $453.29 to fix damage we did NOT cause.
    My husband says we will just speak to our lawyer and take them to small claims court, which I guess we will have to do, but no vacation should turn out like this because of an unscrupulous car rental agent that decides you are the one that is going to pay for someone else’s damage.
    All I can say at this point is, do not under any circumstance rent a vehicle from Enterprise, never, ever, don't do i!
    We are not the only customers this has happened to according to our insurance company. This happens a lot when they are so busy so the next customer gets the blame and has to pay for damage they did not do, because they didn't catch the first customer who actually did it.
    I suppose we learned a lesson, if they park the vehicle so close to another vehicle that you cannot get all the way around it, you best make them move it before you drive it away.
    And, don't buy what they tell you about the "we don't worry about scratches" when they would not even acknowledge the ones we did point out at the time that we could see.
    This is shameful practice for a big company like this.

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  • Be
    Belriggs Dec 19, 2016

    Our insurance company provided my husband with a rental car from Enterprise while his truck was in the shop to have damage repaired due to a hail storm. 3 months after the rental car was returned, we received a bill for $2600 stating the car had been repaired and we were responsible for the damages. They attached some very unclear photos of the alleged damage but since the car "had already been repaired", there is no proof. We tried to have our insurance company handle the matter on our behalf and even after countless unsuccessful attempts they made to contact Enterprise and get proof, we are being told we have to either pay for total amount of the repair or pay our co-pay if we file with our insurance company. I'm very unhappy with the way all parties have handled this matter!!! I will never rent from Enterprise again!

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  • Sh
    SherryB Jan 09, 2017

    @Belriggs Hello,
    I totally understand your frustration, please visit this site, they helped us immensely with our false claim. http://forum.elliott.org/

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  • Fr
    Fraud will not stand Feb 13, 2017

    I have received a call from the Enterprise Damage Control Unit four months after I turned in the vehicle, this is starting to shape as a really nice class action lawsuit for the Plaintiff Law Firms I do fraud consulting for. Four months afterward, I can't wait to hear this story and scam unfold.

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  • Ma
    Maria 512 Feb 13, 2018

    @Fraud will not stand I was charged 2 months after returning the undamaged vehicle and did not receive a call or email letting me know they would be charging my account.

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  • Ay
    Ayah Elm Mar 01, 2017

    My story is exactly like unfairenterprise . I dropped off my car at a local shop in Fairfax VA for repairs, and rented a car from Enterprise for 4 days. The car that was loaned to me had extensive damage in the first place. I dropped off the rental at the auto body shop at 5:30 pm and received a phone call from Enterprise at 11am the next day stating that they noticed damage and that they want my insurance information to begin the damage claim process. I declined to provide my insurance information, and the employee disregarded my comments and stated that she initiate the damage process regardless. Why loan a customer a vehicle that is damaged and then claim that the customer is responsible for it??

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  • Lo
    Louis Hammer Jul 21, 2017

    The same story is true for me. I am filing a law suit and will have a sample of it for all who have been ripped off by these hungry executives who want to milk the consumers out of every last penny.

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  • Ma
    Maria 512 Feb 13, 2018

    I am experiencing the same issue as I type this comment. I am receiving a charge for damages 2 months after returning the vehicle. I did not receive and calls or email to notify me of damage. I have spoken with 4 people at Budget today and still have not been provided a resolution. I will never rent with Budget ever again.

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  • Ro
    Robin V. Feb 23, 2018

    I will never ever rent a vehicle from Enterprise ever again. I lost my car to a person texting while driving and ran through a red light and totaled out my car. I had rented with them for over a year. I various vehicles that I had rented from them. One was a Ford Focus that shut down on me in the middle of the highway and was in the fast lane. I was blessed that no one was on the highway in back of me and was able to get over without incident. The next vehicle didn't have any air and I took it back. I rented the last vehicle. Now every week they when I rented the vehicle I would have to bring the vehicle in for inspection and to check the mileage on the vehicle and would sign a new contract every week. I finally found a vehicle to purchase from another dealer. Mind you I had spent over $15, 000 in car rentals from the company. I had to vehicle professional cleaned from the inside out and took it back the next day after purchasing my own vehicle. I go to turn the vehicle back into them and the person says to me, we have a memo from corporate that we have to check for hail damage. I was what are you talking about. I go back out the vehicle and he calls in this other person and they say; Oh yea, it's hail damage. I was like what are you talking about? I began to inform them I had brought this vehicle in every week to be checked for mileage and any damages and there was none noted on my contract and none was every brought to my attention. He tells me that they wait until you bring the vehicle back to turn it in to check for damages. I am like do you think I'm stupid. I say; Don't you know that had I damaged this vehicle your company would not have allowed me to stay in it and would have pulled it from the fleet and noted the damage. He says to me that there was a hail storm in October and I am like ok. Why is this of any importance to me. He says that management informed them to check all vehicles that was out during this time for hail damages. I'm like this is crazy. I inform him that I had just brought the vehicle in one day prior to re-write the contact and no one said anything about any damage to me. He writes something on the contract and I read it and inform him, he needs to put my notes on what I told him that had transpired while I rented, he refuses. I request copies of all my contacts and before and after pictures of the vehicle while it was in my possession. To this date, I have not received either. This company is crazy to think that we as consumers will continue to rent from them and they are attempting to get us to pay for their negligence. I ask for a manager, the person that signed the contract out is the new manager. I am like are you kidding me. Mind you, I ask were is it on my contact that stated there was any damage to the vehicle. He can't answer because there isn't any on any of your contacts. I ask so you are going to bill me for an ACT OF NATURE, that I can't prevent just because you think the car has hail damage because there was a hail storm in October and it is now December. I appeal their decision and call the claims department for Enterprise, the person tells me that they can't even see any hail damage with the natural eye. And that they will send it to upper management to write it over. I get a bill for over $2, 500 worth of damage and they said they used an ultra violet light to see the damage. I turned it over to my insurance company. My insurance company denied the claim. SAVE YOURSELF A HEAD ACHE DON'T RENT FROM ENTERPISE EVER!

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Mar 14, 2018

    @Robin V. Robin V.,

    We thank you for your feedback and would like the opportunity to look into this. Please send a detailed email to [email protected] include the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your claims number, rental agreement and reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us.

    We look forward to hearing from you.


    Carol H.

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  • Pb
    Pbst Apr 11, 2018

    I rented a car for the weekend, did a walk around with the rep who I thought was making note of the scratches, dents on his ipad (he did not).

    I returned the car on Sunday and the guy who check the car in tried to say there was a scratch on the car, I immediately told him the car was given to me in this condition and the original rep knew this.

    I received a notice on Wednesday requesting me to fill out and return an incident report but I was not involved in any incident ? I am confused as to why the first rep did not do his job when he was walking around the car with the iPad and document all the scratches dents, etc.? ( I found the receipt and seen that the rep claimed the car was in good condition when he gave it to me?)

    I will call the number on the notice to get more information but I can say, this my first and last time dealing with enterprise.

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Apr 24, 2018

    @Pbst PBST,
    We’ve noted your comments and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to [email protected] include the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your claims, rental agreement or reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Carol H.
    Social Monitoring

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  • St
    Stdukes Apr 19, 2018

    I’m apparently dealing with the same scam. Rented a vehicle from enterprise in downtown St. Louis. I rented the vehicle because I had an emergency and I needed to get back to Florida ASAP. We did the walk around I noticed a small dent in front right bumper that I had to point out to the rep. He noted it and I initialed. To make a long story short I arrived in Florida the next morning because I drove all night only to stop for gas. Turned the vehicle in the next morning where they couldn’t find where the dent I pointed out to the rep in St. Louis was notated. They called the manager and they was able to find the damage report. They said I was good to go and I could leave. I get a call 2 hrs later saying that there was damage to the car and they needed my insurance to put in a claim. Yes that’s right they rented me a car in St. Louis without taking my Insurance. I called corporate for weeks without a response. How can you call someone 2 hrs after they turn the car in and you’ve already done your walk around and allowed me to leave. Now they have called my insurance company and placed a claim 3 months later. Scams for sure and I will be taking this to small claims court.

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  • EnterpriseRent-A-Car Apr 24, 2018

    @Stdukes Stdukes,
    We’ve noted your comments and would like to have the opportunity to look into this for you. Please send us a detailed email to [email protected] include the exact rental location, your contact telephone number, your claims, rental agreement or reservation numbers and any further information regarding your experience with us.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Carol H.
    Social Monitoring

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  • En
    EnterpriseIsaScam Jun 25, 2018

    Man this company is sketchy. Rented a car and they claim damages to the spoiler were incurred while we had it. We requested pictures, time stamped for evidence, the odometer readings on the paper work and any other pertinent proof. We were sent 4 pictures, non of which were time stamped. 3 of the pictures were taken at the body shop with the spoiler removed where they circled the damage. Hilariously, the damage was caused by the spoiler being put on and taken off. They circled bolt holes from where the spoiler was bolted down, claiming them as "damages", as well as where the adhesive from the spoiler had been as another "damage". Then comes the 4th picture of the license plate. The car has been recently washed, still wet, clean, and now it has a spoiler... They think that they can get away with claiming these photos are taken at the same time but can't even prove that the pictures are of the same vehicle. They also decided to charge for trim, paint work, and a new adhesive name plate. Quite generous to themselves I would say. In addition to this, after 3 emails repeating the same requests, we were finally given the odometer readings. The readings show that we drove the car a little over 500 miles. Interestingly enough, when the damage report was filed, the car had been driven nearly 700 miles from the time that we had rented it... Quite a conundrum they have yet to explain.

    Despite any validating evidence, they still threaten a collection agency against us. At this point we're looking into a lawyer and trying to find out who to report them to in Texas for fraudulent charges.

    Any advice on what government agency would be able to handle this?

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  • Kc
    KC0311 Jul 09, 2018

    I experienced the same thing this past April 2018. I rented a car to drive myself and my kids three hours to the airport and I was told days later about $650 worth of damage I had caused.
    I had originally arranged for Enterprise to pick me up, however, I waited and waited and no one showed. I managed to get a ride to pickup my rental instead and as a result of waiting, I was a bit rushed to get the car and make it to the airport on time. When I arrived at the airport, there was no one in the lot to check it in. I called and called trying to get a hold of someone as I did not think this was normal. Finally the original location that I rented from answered and reassured me that I'd be fine to leave it as the drop off for the keys was inside. I did find the desk inside the airport with a long line. One lady came up to me and said she would check the car in for me since it was apparent that my children couldn't stand in the line much longer and that the airline check-in line too was getting longer. I checked the following day to make sure my car was indeed returned and it was. Then about two weeks later, I received a letter saying I caused $650 worth of damage to the car.
    For only having the car for three hours this was hard to believe. I drove on the highway and through tool roads as well as stopped for food in a drive-thru and gas before returning at the airport so surely there is video proof in my favor somewhere. I am now blacklisted and can't rent from Enterprise, Alamo or National and they are turning me in for collection which is surely to ruin my home buying chances. But as I told my insurance company, I don't think they should have to pay Enterprise for damages I didn't do. If I did them, by all means they should pay but this is a scam.
    For those of you who have gone to small claims court, what were the costs? Is that part of the scam - fear of paying legal fees?

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