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Empire Today / offensive and unprofessional salespeople!

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We need new flooring, so my wife got me to contact Empire Today after seeing one of their advertisements on TV. We set up the appointment online and the sales rep came by in a very timely fashion. Pretty cool, I thought... set up an appointment on the web and presto, the sales rep is there on time the next day. I figured we were going to be in for a hard sell since the web site wanted us to ensure that all decision makers would be present, but figured I could handle it since I am a professional salesperson myself. Ted, the sales guy, shows up and agrees to take his shoes off (my wife is from an Asian where culturally it is taboo to keep your shoes on in the house). Very nice, I thought. Some people don’t like to take their shoes off.

Upon entering, Ted immediately says he can have the flooring installed on Monday despite not even having shown us a sample yet. He then starts speaking pidgin English to my wife (who has a Masters degree and, although accented, speaks English very well). Ted proceeds to lay down a sample board (not bothering to explain anything about the quality or style... simply, here are three colors – choose one) and starts writing up a quote. I ask him about other styles and he stops, looks at me, and asks “look, am I making a sale here today or not?” I responded that we are in the process of looking and getting quotes (he wanted to charge us $9, 000), so probably not, but given the state of our floor we will likely be buying in the near future. He proceeds to stand up and tell me that he’s got to go to the car to get other samples, but he’s not coming back in and certainly won’t take his shoes off again if we’re not buying today. He then puts his shoes on, walks all over the living room floor to get something he forgot, and leaves.

Are you kidding me? The guy wants to make an $9, 000 sale just by showing up? The sad thing is, if he had simply gone through a professional sales process there is a high likelihood we would have bought something. As I said, we are buying (all you need to do is look at our floor and you’ll know what I mean). I sell for a living and while what I sell typically requires us to be more strategic with clients, we still do need to roll up our sleeves and get transactional at times. That said, I was stunned, truly stunned, when he refused to provide basic sales services when he learned he wasn’t making the sale today.

Beware when engaging this company... your experience may differ, but this is not a quality company and you would be better served buying from a local dealer or one of the big chains.

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  • Re
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    Thank you for brining your concerns to the attention of Empire. We are dedicated to providing world-class customer service to every customer. Unfortunately, we are unable to reference your account with the name provided on this website. We would like to work with you to resolve your concerns. Please contact us at for further assistance.

  • Ms
      23rd of Jan, 2014
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    Rude and pushy is an understatement for Sales Reps at Empire Today. This group takes the cake for the misleading commercials. Buy this much carpet and get the rest free is a crock of bull. First of all lets start off with the salesmen . I called for a price on laminate wood flooring throughout my house fam room, living room entry way, hallway, laundry room and kitchen., by the end of our conversation he had me talked into carpet for my 4 bedrooms that i did not even plan on remodeling yet. This man would not leave my house and firmly suggested i put it on order now. I told him i wouldn't be doing the bedrooms til i completed the rest of the house but he insisted to put the carpet on hold until i need it. He said lets just hold it and i need 10% down, if you change your mind i will send you your down payment back. My mistake, i felt pressured and signed his 10 page contract that he presented as "sign here sign there" and i asked him what im signing he stated just asking us to have the carpet when you need it. So after he left i thought what did you just do, did this man just make me feel obligated and intimidated, i had just pulled up carpet and had it removed i didn't want carpet . When he priced me for the laminate floor i about fell over with unbelief, 10, 000 he priced me so wow the installers must make bank. I said no that's too much then things got nasty and he said he didn't come to my house for nothing he came for a sale. So i hand the man 50 dollars for 5000 dollars of carpet for my bedrooms that weren't even in my project at the time. anyways im looking over the contract that binds me to put a lien on my house if i fail to buy this carpet "pay in full and have it installed" within 3 weeks. Fortunately, California has a 3 day cool off period...yes i cancelled, the very next day. So its 2 weeks later he calls me and says hi did you cancel your order, i said yes, i wont have the rest of the 5000 in 3 weeks, due to remodeling my original project and he tried lowering the price to 4000 i said no its just not going to happen next week, and lo and behold he said to hell with you and hung up!!! while i was in the middle of a sentence asking about my 50 dollar refund. I am appalled and at the loss of words for this man. well all that's over, if i get my refund i do if not a lesson is learned, NEVER EVER CALL EMPIRE TODAY AGAIN EVER!!! I ended up with lam flooring new bathroom vanities, upgraded kitchen cabinets, tile for 3 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms carpeted for 12, 300.
    unbelievable my entire house has been remodeled and with empire i would have only got the bedrooms and wood flooring and it still would have cost 3000 more than what i paid with all the upgrades and remodels for each room. They are False advertisement and misleading. unprofessional, selfish, inconsiderate, lousy, rude, expensive but cheap company.

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