Emirates NBD Bank / credit card and extra charges!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


I and my wife have the credit card from Emirates NBD. We were using it. Then we decided to make installment for total amount from both side and we were planning to finish that debt and close those cards. Cause we don't want to work with Emirates NBD. Whatever we are paying EMI every month for both cards. The problem is they are charging extra money per month without using those cards. Only for me they are charging about 2.000 and per month but my EMI is 2.917aed, so doesn't make sense to pay it to cause after calculation normally I am paying just 900 AED per month and we would not finish that debt in whole life. I just call them to ask this situation, they told me that that is for over limit payment. So what kind payment is this and how come they expecting to close my debt with that EMI and charge. Same thing for my wife. So it means Emirates NBD is charging about 4.000 AED per month to us.

Also, I attached those screenshots. It is happening every single month and they are not giving any solution for that. They just trying to explain the reason but without any solution. So I am asking why are they taking money from my credit card with you any permission? What kind bank policy you have? And finally what will be your solution for it?!


Emirates NBD Bank
Emirates NBD Bank
Emirates NBD Bank

Jan 31, 2017

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