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Complaints & Reviews

credit card

I been client with BNP Paribas Egypt was the greatest services and since is been sold to Emirates NBD and the worst services start to be delivering, first I get my expire card issue 1 month after my card expire date which normally before was always delivered 2 weeks before expire date, and after 4 months using it is get suspended by VISA saying for security reason and till I'm writting this complain is been over 35 days still the bank doesn't print new card as they saying they got problems with the vendor (Supposed they mean VISA Corporation). I submitted many complains and after like 30 days of complain someone tracking my complain saying we get delayed in printing new card because of new system migration from BNP to NBD and because of problems with VISA, i asked any Deadline to when I could have my card received, the complain center replied they have no idea when could be printed is seem unprofessional for them to handle a complain. my advise for anyone have business in Egypt, don't ever open an account with Emirates NBD, and for whom still with them you better start having new account with different Bank.

bad service for collection department

I am a customer of ENBD bank since 2010 until recently to my full satisfaction. A week ago when I made a...

Dubai Banks

fraud cases

pls be informed that all the parsian personal loans booked with the sales officer ismail sanad abd el dayem was fraud cases with fraud bank statments and it had been frauded with mohamed mostafa helwa who you find all his details here at the sender details then had been dealed to scan fruad bank statments in order to get approvals for parsian customer through your employee who is working now at legal department !! and then collect bibes from those customers if u revise all these cases specially in the period of 2009 you will be assure from that and you can notice that too from the ratio of delequency
pls try to implement your goodwell
thx & regards

  • Na
    nael el mohandes Apr 27, 2012

    please be informed that u have employee called ismail sanad abd el dayem and sure u have his id no he dipursed cases while he was working in sales departmet which is totally fraud cases he agreed with parsian broker to dispurse those cases and take a bibe in return he was knowing that all the bank statment which is the most required documents are scanned which mean all the cases was fraud cases and u can easily revise all his iranian cases and invistgae about any bank statment issued from another bank u ll find all of them are fake and this broker now is saying everywhere that emirates bank is the most bank all over world dealing in fraud cases in loans department in the period which ismail sanad abd el dayem was working there pls treat with this complaint as so confidential in order to keep your goodwell in perfect position

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  • Na
    nael nagdy Apr 28, 2012

    how respectfull bank permit to hire this metnality of employees we found that all the bank statments was scanned on pc its totally fraud cases pls revise if those fruad clients paid the installments and take the right action wz this fraud employee ismail sanad abd el dayem

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  • Na
    nael nagdy Jul 27, 2012

    pls for the third time revise all iranian loans cases which be booked through the sales representive ismail sanad abd el dayem be informed that most of theses cases are fraud cases and all the bank statments are fake pls revise too the ratio of delequency for those cases and you will find the truth so simply though this employee now in law department but he stills tried to contact the custmoers and he he is doing all the illegal actions which distroy your goodwell again just revise the iranian cases which he booked at the period of his work in sales department

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  • Na
    nael nagdy Jul 27, 2012

    pls be informed that the employee ismail sanad abd el dayem is preparing himself to escape from dubai regarding to his illegal actions and if you revise his file you will find warning letter due to his fraud attitude so pls keep his passport with the bank till you will finish your invistgation with him and you can in corporate with dubai police find that he had a case with fraud cheque in another bank so pls try to find a suit action with this employee

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private & confidential

pls complains department of emirates bank dubai u have damn employer called ismail sanad abd el dayem he is obvousily ###ed he used to send offensive mails which is so mean ones to me and all my family which extremly not matching with his job in respectfull organization like urs pls treat my complain as so urgent or i will take all my law rights

debt card delivery

I issued new account and for emergency i traveled to Egypt.i ask the assistant account manager called Yvonnee to delivered the debt card to Egypt and she's informed me that's not applicable.i asked her to send it to some one in UAE, she's approved and asked for contact to send him authorized letter.

After 14 days of phone and mails communication and many one reply me on her mobile number.she let someone reply my calls and informed me that's not applicable.

i got unprofessional communication from NBD emirates assistant and also didn't get the expected service from your side

i need solution for this problem as i will be in egypt for more than 3 weeks and i need to access my account .

Edrees Hassan

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liability mishandle


Would love some feedback here. I took a personal loan from EmiratesNBD in 2007 and about a year later they decided to transfer the loan to Emirates Islamic Bank and the amount changed. Now first of all; I never authorized this transfer. (I checked with the banks to provide me a copy of my application form but they have no such record; I wanted to get those forms to make sure that there is no clause of such. Secondly, once the loan got transferred about 1 year of payments went missing and they bounced the cheque ... I resolved that issue later after writing a lot of complaints etc but until now they have not recovered my payments. I lodged this complaint with Central Bank over a year ago and that is when the bank superiors started to ring me and talk to me. I sent them all the required documents and after being active for sometime they have now dissappeared. When I call Central Bank they say the complain is under process (over 1 year now).
Can anyone advise on options here?
I approached a couple of lawyers and their advice was to sue after reviewing my documents but I have still not because I expected such a big name to resolve this on an administrative level ...
It has been over 2 years now since I am suffering from this now ... thank you EmiratesNBD and worse Emirates Islamic Bank who have not made this easier and hold a security cheque of mine...

Dissapointed, Annoyed, Shocked, Absurd ...

How can such a big name mess up like that and not do anything about it ...

I am regular in making payments (by force) and I really feel like I am paying for something that I do not need to for.

no liability letter

I applied for a No liability letter from the bank, they told me that it will take 10 days to process, But 15 days ago still I am waiting for a simple letter. So At least if you open an account with this bank, always ask them the policies in written, Its too much frustrating if you need it urgent even I have no liabilities/Credit cards with the bank.

  • Da
    David.Forgoz Jan 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Agree 100%, Never do banking with Emirates NBD

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  • Al
    aliazeem Jul 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear i had one credit card with nbd . i paid whole card amount and i ask for no liability letter. the bank is saying they need 45 days to update after that u apply then it will take 5 working days... so it become more than 50 days... they are saying these are there policies...

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the worst bank ever

To whom it may concern, Last year I change my job and it so happen that I have a personal loan from emirate...

money transfer missing

During the month of October 2010 I tranferred AED5, 000 from my EmiratesNBD account to my AMEX card in Australia using the web tool offered by the same Bank to process the transaction on-line. Having used the on-line service successfully in the past, I thought that this should be a routine/easy/no problem transaction. Unfortunately I was wrong, the AED5, 000 'dissapeared': AMEX says that they haven't received the money and EmiratesNBD Customer Service after three months and at least 15 e-mails insist that the transation was susscessful but they don't show me evidence from AMEX that they receive the money and they refuse to contact AMEX to clarify the issue.

sattlement of loan

Dear Editor,
I had a personal loan from emirates bank before the merging of emirates bank and NBD bank. Then almost 3 years back I transferred my current account to ADCB bank, resulting, ADCB bought out all my dues/loan from emirates bank . Now after this big time gap, I am getting threatening messages from emiratesNBD to pay my loan amount which is overdue as per the SMSs recieved. I have got the photocopy of origenal documents from ADCB bank, these are copy of manager's cheque, a letter from ADCB for settlement of loan and NOC from emirates bank to ADCB, after receiving the loan amount bia cheque. I have circulated all these documents to various departments and offices of emiratesNBD, including their collection department office in deira as well as in sharjah, but till date I am getting all these threatening messages. I am quite helpless and in distress.

  • Du
    DubaiP Nov 06, 2010

    Don't expect that your problem will ever get solved unless you go there personally and meet the CEO or someone who can take a decision, because they aimed at cutting cost they laid off all humans and left only recording machines working there, they'll repeat the same sentences all the time.
    If I'm in your place buddy I'll try to meet the biggest guy and not move out until I get a clearance letter from them and still check with Dubai Police, Immigration & Airport to make sure they didn't file a police complain and you will get stuck detained and nobody can confirm your payment.. I know someone who had a terrible experience recently with them..

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  • Sh
    shaikh yusuf Feb 06, 2011

    i had a car loan with emirates bank 2 years ago for 60 instlament and i had issue of salary was not in time as the cheque dated it bounces dispite i bare all fines and pay to collection dept as due to some reasons i had dues of4 instalment .later i hand over my car to collection dept. and was told that no more cheque will debited from my account.still cheque are debited from my account .i dont know how these bank deal wil that means they suck the blood there is allaha

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issued credit card to imposter using my name & address and I am in india


There is someone who has used my personal details and has applied for a credit card and he is using it for purchases under my name. I am in India and I have no clue of what's happening and the bank is calling me asking me to pay up. Doesn't Emirates Bank verify who they are issuing cards to. If Emirates Bank is reading this then know this - I am not going to pay any bills simply because I am in India for the past 3 years and there is someone out there currently using a card under my name which translates into = someone is using your banks money. Please contact me for further details [protected]@yahoo.com

sharing personal information with 3rd party


Emirates NDB service is so far the worst service I have faced in the banking industry. I have a vehicle loan with the bank. As a part of loan opening I have submitted my friends detail as reference.

The unprofessional staff has updated the reference details as the main customer’s details and the main customers details and calling up my friend for all bank related details. The worst part is that my friend knows everything about my accounts. This is a legal issue where my personal details being shared with a third party.

I have spoken many time to the customer service regarding this and they have verified all my details and still have not done the require changes in their systems and my friend is still getting calls. Due to the frequency of calls my friend is no longer a friend of mine as he suspects me to have purposely done this.

This has been going on since January 2010. How hard is it to verify details and update customer’s details?

  • Dr
    DrMood Feb 27, 2011

    Agreed ... worst bank EVER in the history of banking
    I have to psyche myself up for about 3 days before I can manage to call them for anything and then I usually end up in a screaming fit after talking to a whole series of unknowledgeable, unprofessional idiots who don't understand anything about customer care .. and this has been going on for about 8 years !! I tried changing to their Priority Banking service and that was even worse ... seriously, if you don't have to bank with these people then DON'T !!!

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cancellation letter

I went to Emirates Bank in Sharjah today to receive a clearance letter for my credit care to show my credit card has been cancelled. I was asked to pay dhs 200 to get a clearance letter. When I asked the lady (Bindu Joseph) to show any statement from the bank indicating that this amount is entitled to be paid by the customer she refused to speak to me. She, at one point alleged me of an Emirates Bank employee as she felt I had more knowledge about their internal process. She was VERY rude and had no customer service skills. She asked me to leave her desk and that I needed to speak with an operations manager. I requested her to speak with an operation manager as I have waited three hours in queue before I could speak to her.

She then had a word with to her branch manager who in fact tried to prove that it was Emirates Banks policy by showing personal banking policies and procedure. I said to the lady I was referring to credit card and not personal bank and was told that they are both linked together. I was given two option; one was to keep quiet and pay and second was to leave the bank immediately. I decided to pay the money regardless of the fact that the service was pathetic and I was not convinced. However, Emirates bank could only provide a no liability letter stating that I had no liability with the bank. I stated that I could have proven this myself by showing a credit card statement with zero balance. However, I did not receive any help and the branch manager starting to make a mockery out of me with laughter through his colleagues and friends. He then walked away with pride, ignorance, and a guilt which he will never surpass.

  • Se
    ser mohamedkhan Aug 08, 2012

    i requwast e nbd pleas give my c letter fast hary pease i have same promplem i given stilmant chque 30 7 2012 way not celeyaer pleas halp me

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false charges

I agree with a lot of the post here about the complete incompetence and arrogance of Emirates bank employees. They somehow in their utter stupidity charged another client's check for 1500 AED to my credit card. How a check gets taken from someone's credit card account alone is a mystery, but the most ridiculous part is that I don't even have checks with them!! I spoke to one Mr. Yakoob Mohamed who found the check, knew it was from another account and only refunded the 100 AED processing charge and refused to help anymore after that, saying he was "only doing this as a favor and to stop calling him about it." Now I am starting the complaint process over again. I know it doesn't sound like much money, but these people have no education on customer service and accountability. WAKE UP EMIRATES BANK!!!

debt collection

Has anyone been called up by debt collectors from their UAE banks and been told, perhaps in a not-so-nice tone, to pay outstanding balances on their credit card bills?

Do you want to tell your story to a journalist in UAE? If so, please email me at [protected]@thenational.ae

  • Du
    dustylife59 Dec 28, 2009

    I just been hang up by the emirates debt collector right at this moment.. by a lady who is so arrogant and shouting.. that pay now or we will send you to jail...
    I believe that there is God but there are people here who feels and act like God..that they can control lives of people, shouting harrasing and in just a click of hand can bounce your check and file police case.
    How do these people live thier live destroying some else lives.. how about the family, or children our parents who deeply rely on us...
    Small people like me are beeging for the goverment to interefere and help us... we want to work and we want to survive.. why the goverment is letting small people end up and jail and those who run away with millions & billions are living freely.
    I remain and stood up incouraging myself that i can recover..but How will i recover if these people are destroying my work, giving pressure and humiliating me.
    The treat of these bouncing check and jailing are to much! it is being misused and debt collectors are taking advantages of this..
    I feel sad that people makes money and glorify themselves from the soul of people living miserably ... for every food that thier children and family eat and drink are from the blood and tears of all the people they are distroying... people are dying and are comitting suicide for hopelessness .. i really hope that this Debt Collectors who seems like God will be punished and without option of mercy be rested as well in jail so they may know how it feels there being in hell down from the paradise where they live now.
    There are many souls crying for help the goverment should do something.

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  • Ma
    Mazhar Wagle Sep 02, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @dustylife59 for any settlement or payment plan u all need from their respective banks please do call me 0565892147 ...

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  • Di
    Diljeet Mar 21, 2010

    I compeletly agree with the above, I have been getting similer calls from Emirates bank, though they are not shouting but they are telling me that if I do not pay my credit card bill by tomorrow then they will present the cheque and file a police case against me, I have been requesting them to hold for a week, that is when I get my salary but they are not listening, so I cannot do anything, just hoping that they do not deposite the cheque in the bank today. I want to pay, some of my friends asked me to run away like many people did or still doing but I told them that I came to this country to make my career, to earn money for my family, I took the money so I have to give it back, I cannot run away and sleep on it.
    I wish the government had some law which help people like me who really wants to pay but cannot because of some reason, which can be proven.

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  • Hu
    hussainmd Apr 07, 2010

    I have been mentally tortured for 5 months now. I left the country because of these debt agencies and bank collectors calling me. But i have decided to fight them and get my right. I have intent to pay but on my terms. I have created a group and i would appreciate if you folks join it as well. We can all get together and make the difference.


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  • Sa
    samin haider Aug 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    personel loan dept, mamager emirates bank.
    OCCUPATION ; driving instructor
    COMPANY: sharjah driving institute shj govt.
    came to pakistan on annual vacation, elder son of my family our village is hangu doaba which have been declared as a red zone which mean war effected, for further information can be checked trough internet. passed three years shifiting from one place to another running from death looking for life just to secure my family to stay alive. besides i have lost some of my family member. i dont know how to start again after tourchering mentally' really i need some one to guide me. my e. Email [email protected]

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  • He
    Helpless lady Oct 04, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here is my story:
    I was worried and living in a hilarious life now as I am always thinking anytime police will going to catch me. I keep on searching, reading in google /websites for the same case I have, to gain some ideas and resolve my problem.I am really helpless and sometimes wanting to die because of this ENBD.
    I have an issue of Emirates NBD bank as I have a car loan worth of 67900Dhs, payable in 5 years.Got the car loan last February 2015 and started to pay last May 2015 with a monthly payment of 1315Dhs/month. I have a continues payment until I was hooked in some bad financial conditions which I failed to pay my monthly payment. Total dues is about 7 months but not consecutive months.Like paying this month next month no and vise versa.Because that time I am really in bad situation.The collection department send me message that they will going to file a case against me and I keep on answering them asking for little patience as I was trying to solve and my salary will be given as full which means I can pay regularly but unfortunately the collection department gave me 2 options only which are:
    1. Surrender the car and pay the remaining balance by reconstructing my loan.
    2. Pay the full balance.

    I said if I will surrender the car then pay the remaining means I lost and gain nothing. I am trying to solve the issue but they didnt gave me a chance. However, I started to pay again regularly even I still have 7months dues. Until a police officer caught me and took my drivers license and car license and sent me to a police station to recover. from then, they told me that my car is wanted so I need to bring to the Car impound and go to Murror to settle. I went to Murror( Car registration and traffic Department) Then they told me to send my car to car jail so I did it. The murror officer returned my drivers license and Car license and told me to pay the dues because the bank made my car wanted. I even asked them if I am also wanted they said no its just my car.Once I pay the dues then I will clear it to the bank as simple as that.

    I am very confident that the issue raised by the bank is not as big as I am facing now. In my guts I am still worried so what I did is I went to Tasheel to ask my name if I have a case but they cannot check therefore they told me to go to Immigration. I went there and I asked them If my name is clear and the Immigration officer said the EnBD raised a case against me for a cheque with amount of 78900Dhs.and I am blacklisted and wanted. I told them the story. I did not know for what is that amount and If I am aware I would not go to Immigration nor Police Department to ask if I have a Police case. I told them also regarding my car loan only but they said I need to go to Bank and settle. Actually when a they found out that I am already blacklisted and wanted they warned me to stay and be jailed. I was devastating and shocked and really scared. But really I cannot say anything or any words because I was blank and shattered. Then I honestly told them that I don't have any idea about my issue what I only knew is about my car which I already surrendered. I convinced them and given me a chance not to put in jail and gave me my case number which was applied in Muraqqabat police station in Dubai and settle my issue.

    Everyday I was crying and living in a miserably because of this issue and I keep on thinking why 78900dhs? I made my payment more than half already and still in contract.
    Today I called ENBD costumer service and asked how much still my remaining balance and they told me still 18months remaining for 1315dhs/month or If I wanted to do early settlement there will be an 37, 321.73 dhs total including the early settlement fees.

    I wanted to clear and settle this but I am really afraid that If I will go to Muraqqabat POlice Station they will catch me so the more I cannot solve my case. Also I wanted to asked the Collection dept bank why they are asking too much amount? why 78900Dhs but no one gave me a correct answer, simply telling me to pay the full amount or stay in jail.

    I don't know what to do and I don't know what to start. I am really afraid going to Police station but in my heart I am really and humbly telling I wanted to clear.I am really nervous afraid and I don't know what to do.

    Feeling helpless at present :(

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lost my international money transfer

*****Please see the below string of emails sent June 16, 2009 to Emirates Bank, Mankhool branch to understand their complete incompetence. These emails were sent to both, Chaminda W: Branch Operations Officer, and Abdul Rahimi: Branch Manager*****

Hello Chaminda,

My name is Michelle, I work for #####. I have been instructed by my employers finance department to talk to you.

Here is what happened with my international money transfer:
3rd of June I filled out the form to transfer my entire months salary from my Emirates bank account, to my Wells Fargo bank account in the USA. 6th of June the money left my Emirates bank account. I have not seen my money since (It is June 16th). I have been speaking with Abdullah at the Mankhool branch (Head of Tellers) and he has not been able to help me.

This is a very urgent matter. All of my bills are late and I now owe over $200 USD in late fees because of this. This is also affecting my credit rating in the United States. I would hope that you would compensate me for your errors. I am in no position to be paying late fees like this because of an error on your part.

Attached is a form that Abdullah gave to me last week, for your reference.

Kind Regards,

*****I called the bank after having received no response. I talked to 2 people who promised to call me back. (Keep in mind I've been doing this now for 3 days... after actually getting in touch with someone in the bank, being promised a call-back, receiving no call-back, and then calling the bank --- with no response. I even visited the bank twice in the last week, only to be told I would be called back.)*****


Hello Chaminda,

This is a gross neglect of your customer base and highlights your incompetence as a financial institution. I was told I would receive a call from Chaminda before 1pm... I made Chaminda promise to call me back, twice. It is now 1:30, with no call. I have called the bank, your phone number, and Abdullah's phone number repeatedly to no avail for over 30 minutes. I have been told over 10 times by Abdulla, that he would call me back since Thursday of last week. He has not EVER CALLED ME BACK ONCE.

It has now been 13 days since I filed my money transfer --- it is a disgrace that you do not even know where the money is.

You have lost my money, my entire month's salary, and I want it back immediately. As of now I consider it stolen. You can be sure there will be severe repercussions for your neglect. I expect you to immediately divert your attention to this situation as you are meddling in my finances to a degree that is unacceptable. I am accruing late fees everyday that you neglect me, and my credit score in the US is being impacted. I expect full repayment for these fees that I have suffered on your behalf. You will no longer have my business, you can be sure.

This is completely unacceptable. Everyone I know, and many whom they know will hear about this.

Kind Regards,


Dear Ms. Michelle,

Our payments department has just now confirmed once again that the payment has gone through successfully. Kindly arrange to fax the swift copy to your bank in US to investigate if there is any issues from their end. Our payments department will send another tracer to the bank today in US stating your claim of Non receipt of Funds.

As advised to you on the phone, kindly fax the swift copy to the US bank and investigate if there is any issue at their side. In the mean time we will get back to you with the tracer message sent today.



Hello Chaminda,

This is the answer you should have given me last Thursday. I asked Abdullah to make a transfer trace on THURSDAY... And you're just now sending it out?

Kind Regards,


Dear Michelle,

Actually today's tracer will be the second sent from our banks side. The first tracer was sent on 14-06-2009 by our payments department which " Wachovia Bank" has failed to respond so far. The first tracer message is attached below for your reference.




Are you being serious?! “Wachovia Bank” is not my bank. My bank is Wells Fargo, I even gave you the bank routing number on the transfer sheet, to ensure you’re sending to the right bank. You are sending the trace to the wrong bank... That is why they are not responding. Look at the attached sheet I sent to you earlier today. It says “Wells Fargo”right on there.

Kind Regards,


*****It is now 3pm and the bank is closed, and you can bet that Chaminda went home with no concern for the fact that her bank has lost my entire months' salary. I do not look forward to having another round of this same run0around game tomorrow. This is complete and total incompetence, like I have never seen.*****

lost my international money transfer

  • Nj
    NJBL Nov 08, 2009

    Did you ever get this sorted out? I have a similar experience where Emirates Bank have just removed 5000 AED odd Dirhams from my account with no reason, notification or communication. When I call the "Help Desk" (and I use the term loosley) they have no idea why the bank debited it.

    Isn't that theft?

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  • Mi
    Michelle in Dubai Nov 08, 2009

    Well, this isn't exactly a country ruled by law... haha. So, if it is theft there isn't much you can do about it. My issue was eventually resolved... many weeks later after accruing many fees due to late bills. I went to the branch several times a week yelling at the manager, and called customer service repeatedly. Just be persistent. They are very bad at resolving matters quickly. If you can, go with a different bank, because this sort of occurrence is not uncommon.

    I would recommend calling the complaint department. I'm sorry that I don't know the number, but Emirates bank does have one. Ask to speak to someone who has some sort of power... because they will just throw you around to different phone operators, I'm sure.

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  • Pe
    pearlhazelhaze Mar 12, 2013

    I have similar issues where the person in Dubai is claiming he never receives funds whereas my bank has acknowledge deposit of funds. What can I do? Please help

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  • An
    annapan May 04, 2016

    Hi my husband is struggling aswell with 3 months of salary that was transfered to south africa but also no money received on this end, we lost everything like in everything, they could not give us the swift copys upuntill today the money was transfered on the 1 st of march, he had to get a lawyer and now he has to get a part of that money aswell, i am so mad that we have to lose everything that is not our fault, why cant they reverse the payments, they must have some policy or something if money gets lost ? To reimburse the client? What can we do maybe write to gulf news ? I dont see it sorted with the bank and in the meanwile i have to suffer in south africa without money and my husband it is not fair

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Resolved salary on hold

I have some loan from Emirates bank and i am paying it regularly, i changed my job and got new visa when the...

Resolved being charged on a closed credit card

My credit card was closed by the bank. i had paid the crdit card in full and infact paid an additional aed 10 just to make sure i had no problems. i also called the bank to confirm the recipt of the payment and the closure of the card. this happend about 6 months ago. now i receive a sms stating that my card is overdue by AED 19.41 and to make a payment to avoid legal action. i was asked to call +[protected]. but the number is never reachable.

Please advise.

  • Ke
    Kessale Aug 25, 2009

    My original credit card EIB VISA CLASSIC had expired last Feb. 2009

    On Dec 29, 2008 I sent an e-mail asking that it be renewed and sent to my address,
    On Feb 03, 2009 I received a request to send an email agreeing to the courier fees, which I did on Feb 05, 2009
    On Feb 09, 2009 I was charged for courier charges ref 50.00 AED
    On Feb 23, 2009 I was again charged for courier charges ref 50.00 AED
    On March 17, 2009 I sent an email to EIB not to renew my credit card, and I called the hotline to cancel it
    On April 01, 2009 A transaction appreared showing credit card was renewed and activated with a new number without my concent
    On May 03, 2009 A transaction appeared again showing the new number with a charge of 110.37 and a negative charge -115.50
    On May 03, 2009 I sent email asking for explanation why I am being charged
    On May 03, 2009 I called EIB hotline asking the same question and the reply was it's against monthly credit card membership fees and I asked it be cancelled
    On May 04, 2009 I received a reply the charges are against my credit card dues without any further explanation or mention of my request to cancel it.
    On May 04, 2009, I sent an email asking why my request to cancel the card was not honoured
    On May 05, 2009, I received an email that I have to call another number to voice log my request 043160180
    On May 18, 2009, I called the number at 11:57 Pm the person asked that I have to settle the charges before my card be cancelled which Totals: -392.06

    Since I didn't ask for my card be converted to the new EIB VISA GOLD and since I didn't receive my credit card by courier as promised and since I did not call EIB helpline to activate the new card and since I called at least twice asking for my credit card to be cancelled and never informed of the new charges or the procedure to cancel the card I asked EIB to kindly reverse the charges and cancel the credit card.

    This request was never honoured and still I am being charged monthly membership fees and overdue charges

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Resolved negligence

Last July 2008, I received a sms from a certain Ali of Emirate bank Collection Dept, Dubai threatening me that they will file police charges against me due to my irregular payment of carloan. I am very surprised to see this message because as far as I am concern I have given them PDCs and I have enough money in my checking account to pay my dues. Just imagine the stress it gave me and Im on my 7th month pregnancy! Only to find out that they are not posting my cheques against my account hence the overdues! To cut the story short, I just paid in cash the overdues and just waited for the return of my cancelled cheques and call their attention to not commit the same negligence again because its very inconvenient for me.

5 months had passed.. I already gave birth and now planning to go back to my home country for good...Upon checking my account, I have now again 5 month overdues!!! meaning they did the same thing again and now they are telling me they cannot find my cheques!! They asked me to go back and forth again to their collection dept on to the branches only to tell me i have to pay again in cash for the 5 month overdue and it will take time for them to locate the cheque!!! Are they mad??? I have done my part of issuing the pDCs and making sure there's enough funds to pay my loan..All they will do is post the PDCs and get their payment - and they cannot do it??? Now the next question is where did my cheques have gone to...I will not pay my dues in cash unless they give me back all the supposed to be cancelled cheques...

If I am just somebody who would want to hide from his loans, maybe I should be treated badly..But I want to pay my loan and arranged for it to be paid...And this is how they will treat me...I have set this up because I want to avoid the inconvenience of going back and forth to bank..now that's what they're asking me to!!!

Worst bank ever in my entire life!

  • Vi
    vinci azevouche Mar 08, 2009

    You are not the only one madam. The bank is very popular over the internet with same problem you posted. Some banks makes thier clients banking experience more pleasant. But your bank and mine makes our banking experience worse you never want to go back.

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  • Ab
    ABCDEFGHIJK Aug 24, 2009

    this is the worst bank ever.

    i have a carloan from them and i get the same SMS's while i'm making the payments as cash every months (as per an agreement with them) and they are still deposeting my cheques along with the cash payments, what made me keep unsuffecient funds in my account, and they are now calling me for the bounced cheques while i have not been late in a single payment.

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  • Sh
    Sheraz May 01, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same thing Emirates NBD Done with me. I have paid my complete outstanding of my credit cards 2 years ago and request to closed the cards. And today after 2 years i found that i have to pay my outstandings again. Very very very very big cheating and fraud.

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stolen money

I deposited $59k in the Emirates Bank in Dubai. The money was stolen out of my account using a forged signature. The bank has 1. Refused to honour its obligation and refund me the money. 2. Refused to provide copies of the documents used to steal my money and 3. No senior member of the bank staff has ever bothered to contact me.
Dubai has no banking ombudsman. I wrote to the central bank and they have not even bothered to answer my letter. I have attempted to engage four different lawyers, none of whom want to represent me against a potential or actual client.
I advise anyone thinking of depositing money in Dubai not to - your money is not safe.

  • Fr
    Fred Nov 06, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The allegations looks true since I have also faced a similar incident in the other Asian bank, though mine was a different issue. They normally don't respond. I guess I have to withdraw my money from this bank soon!

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  • Vi
    vinci azevouche Mar 08, 2009

    I am currently having problem with same bank, been more than a month since i made complaint regarding my card and no one seems to act. Every time I call the representatives they either dont understand my point or they say the department has not responded yet. I wonder what kind of English Language they use, or what is the response time frame they are looking at. They seem not to take responsibility to what the call "SYSTEM GENERATED".
    Another case:
    I paid my card more than full amount last year and I had it closed, but until now I am still getting statement with escalating interest which I dont know where they're getting. Now I dont put money in that account anymore. WHen my salary comes, i get it in full.
    My friends CAse:
    She made a load thru this bank and it was deposited in her account, there's this lady in the bank cancelled her account without asking her. Then my friends did made a complaint regarding the case and the bank kept on telling her she made the request for the closure of her account. I dont know if the employees had been comatose for over a year or two, how could someone ask for the closure of an account with over 200T money in it without withdrawing the money. Luckily there was this Filipina executive who arrived and helped my friend. Now she gained access to her account and withdrawn all the money.

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  • Se
    ser mohamedkhan Aug 08, 2012

    im nbd costemer 17 yaers now i have loan card now im chinge accounte anther bank i m laon card aal pay ment but not given clearece letter wary chitar bank nbd fast liiblite letter i pay 100 dh after clearnce letter 100dh after not giveng c letter my c card late make fine very happy nbd i request any body not go nbd my life brokan this bank

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