Emirates / lost luggage compensation - insensitive


I travelled from lagos, nigeria saturday 20th november, 2010 to luanda, angola through emirates airline. The flight was en-route dubai and we arrived luanda, angola on sunday, 21st nov. 2010 at about 3pm in the afternoon. My luggage was nowhere to be found and I brought this to the notice of the airport officials who also searched with me including the lost and found section to no avail. I reported the issue to the emirates officials who asked me to fill a form to describe my bag with a brief description of what I have in the bag. The airport services manager later told me that he will get back to me in 2 days, that it is likely my luggage did not come with the flight. I called after 2 days, which turned to 4 days, and the trend continued. To cut the story short, I took this case up when leaving the country and the airport services manager collected the receipts of the 4 shirts and 4 trousers that I bought in-country to wear for this 3 weeks, he then paid the sum in the local currency to me and also assured me that the full compensation will be sent to me in lagos from dubai office. I checked while in dubai and was told they were still searching for the luggage. I contacted emirates office in lagos immediately I landed and I had been following up with them on a weekly basis. It was a great shock to me in the course of the week when emirates lagos called to inform me that they have been advised to pay a compensation of $500 to me. I told the agent that I have reject the offer and this should be written down to emirates. I wrote the office in angola to also reject the offer today. I had over $3, 000 usd worth of personal belongings in the luggage that was lost not to even talk of the inconveniences I went through while in angola. I did not have access to my medications, I spent over $600 for taxi service (Which was not refunded by emirates) to take me round in an unknown city to buy clothes. I practically went through hell in that country as I had to restrain myself as I could not even buy pyjamas which cost a fortune.In short, the cost of my designers suits and ralph lauren blazers was even more than $500, not to talk of the cost of the bag itself, or the other items I had in the bag - shoes, native wears, travel pack, shirts, trousers - I mean 3 weeks package (My ticket booking confirms this).
The case id with emirates is ladek10154

The emotional and psychological stress cannot be overemphasized. Imagine not having access to your medications and luggage in an unknown country? It took over a week for me to an hair cream in angola and same applies to some of my medications. The trauma and cost of transportation around to find clothes to buy in a country like angola where such cost a fortune, is not a joke. I had to wear same cloth for a number of days because of this problem.

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