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I have the chat transcript, but can't save it as an image and therefore can't post it as a screenshot.)

I have been a Simmer for 16 years and have played for just as long without incident. I've had my account since long before Origin existed, and I always used disc copies for everything (except the last 2 EPs, Into the Future and Pets).

Anyway, I recently moved from my old laptop to a shiny new PC that my husband built for me. It doesn't have a disc drive (yet), so I have to rely on Origin copies of all the games I registered... but, since switching computers, I've had some strange issues with my Ambitions EP. While it appeared to work normally at first, bits and pieces (ie. certain lifetime rewards & outfits) were missing.

So off to Live Chat I go... only to find out that my Ambitions EP is apparently registered to some other account with an email address that isn't mine. The rep was incredibly condescending, reprimanding me like a naughty child and saying things like, "you'll see in time that I was right" and (when he eventually coughed up my EP) "are you happy now?"

(To answer your question? No, I am certainly not. In fact, I still feel icky... almost 4 hours later.)

I was floored. I've worked in customer service (in person, on the phone, and via live chat) forever, and never in my life would I have been allowed to speak to a customer that way. Finally, 2 hours into our chat, I asked for a manager... which I have never done in my life. Having done that same job, I know how things work and I try so hard not to be "that" customer, but it's hard to be calm and polite when someone is treating me like a 5-year-old. I just wanted to talk to someone who would understand my frustration and be sympathetic to the situation.

(I never did get to speak with a manager, but the rep did give me a digital copy of the EP after I sent pictures of my disc and the code that came with it.)

In all honesty, an apology would have sufficed. When he offered me the free digital copy (which I technically already had), I was half-tempted to just say forget it: the stress this experience caused me was not worth it. But, if I ever play again after this whole ordeal, at least my EP will be in one piece.

Jan 09, 2017

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