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El Cid Resorts - Mazatlan / Rude, insulting

1 Mexico

My mother, step-father and I were "invited" to a time share presentation while in Mazatlan.

The presentation was given. When my step-father said no, they turned to my mother. When she said no, they turned to me. When I said I couldn't commit to this right then and there? The insults began. They asked my mother's age and proceeded to insult her parenting skills or lack thereof. They then asked my age and called into question my parenting skills. These two guys, (one named Mike, who's father is the president of the company, and the other, I can't recall his name) told us all that we didn't want the best for our children and that our children would be starting out low in life. We were told we had no class. As if this personal attack was not enough, they proceeded to insult our country, CANADA, stating that the United States and their citizens KNEW what "class" was and wanted to give and did give their children the best. Unlike Canadian citizens, apparently.

I might point out that while we were there, we were taken on a tour of the El Cid. We did not see one smile on one face of any of the guests there. No one seemed to be having a good time. If being the "best", wanting the "best" and having "class" means having no fun while on vacation in such beautiful surroundings? The El Cid can stuff their time shares!

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