El Cid Vacations Club Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] El Cid Vacations Club / member services

Sep 21, 2019

These people are nothing but criminals, fast talking scam artist, and bottom of the barrel when it comes to providing any kind of service. Using our timeshare is not feasible for us so for more than eight months I am in trying to work with them to pay out the termination obligation and be...

El Cid Vacations Club Mazatlan / time share purchase

Jul 13, 2018

El Cid ripped us of for about $60, 000.00 We went to El Cid Moro Beach for vacation and of course we got suckered into their presentation. We both believed them that they could rent our membership and when that did not happen (wasn't in writing), we went back down for another vacation and...

El Cid Mazatlan, Mexico / unethical behavior

May 12, 2018

Many, many times over the last weeks and months we have spoken with, written to, and sent tracked letters to, various people who have not been able or willing to be truthful and take responsibility for the lies, misrepresentations, omissions of the salesmen who induced us to make thi...

El Cid / El Cid

Oct 23, 2014

All El Cid resorts are fraudulent and scheme off innocent people. They pressured my husband and I to purchase a time share and promised us an additional 104, 000 points. They also promised, in writing, that they would "rent out" the purchased time share and pay us $25, 000 on May 10, 2014...

El Cid Vacations Club / WARNING !!! SCAM

Nov 05, 2013

El Cid Vacations ClubTo all of you, my wife and I went on vacations to the beautiful Cancun this past May 2013 and we were attending a Timeshare presentation at El Cid, where we were convinced to buy a membership but based on lies, we were offer that we could use our membership at any time and it will include...

El Cid timeshare Mazatlan / Cancelled contract


After investing a lot of money in a time share. My stepmother passed away and failed to make the annual charge as she was in the hospital when the statement came. They never sent any additional late notices, they just cancelled the contract with El Cid stating that we defaulted on the...

El Cid / Timeshare alert


those sales people have no shame. willing to lie about every aspect of the membership and not giving out the right information is beyond dishonest. They should focus on providing all the advantages the membership has to offer, without lies and straight information that way they will get to...

El Cid Vacations Club / Rip-off


El Cid Vacations ClubMy husband and I went to the Mexican Rivera on a Royal Caribbean cruise that my son paid for my husband and me to be with our grandchildren last October. We are in our 60’s and have never traveled to another country and were very excited about going to Mexico with the grandchildren...

El Cid Matazlan / Took our money and our timeshare


To make a long-tedious story short, we were "rooked" into buying a 19, 500 timeshare ( points) with the promise that they ( the agent) could take our points and "sell" them or "rent out units" for us every year and our investment would be paid for in five years. WE paid for the entire...

El Cid Vacations Clubs / El Cid Fraudulent Sales Practices


On Dec. 27 we were in Mazatlan, Mexico and really having a great time with our family. The shuttle picked us up at the airport and provided transportation back to our hotel at the El Cid Beach and Marina Yacht Club. They offered us some gifts and a ride back to the airport if we would...

El Cid Mazatlan / Timeshare fraud


Sounds like the norm for the sales down there. I have to say we bought at the Mayan resort and got out of it as it didn't feel like it was for us and we got our money back, didn't think we would but they were pretty good about it and surprised us. Once you leave the sites though...



FRAUD ALERT FOR ALL EL CID RESORT TIMESHARE PRESENTATIONS! January 8, 2010 We were frauded by El Cid Vacation Resorts by Fernando Alonzo Gonzalez, General Manager, out of $14239.75 (+ $39500 to be paid) while we were on our honeymoon at the El Cid Marina in Mazatlan, Mexico on [protected]. In...

El Cid Vacation Club / Buyer beware


During our vacation in Cozumel we were invited for a meeting in El Cid. It was our first vacation in Mexico and a first for this kind of experience. They offered for us to buy a timeshare in El Cid. We had many doubts, but after getting asurance that if we change our mind, or our...

El Cid Vacations Club / El Cid Vacations Club - Fradulent Sales Techniques


We traveled to Cozumel in April of this year to stay at the Park Royal Resort. Right after our arrival in Cozumel on April 12, we were immediately approached by the agents from El Cid La Ceiba Hotel, which is situated right across the street from where we were supposed to stay. The agent...

El Cid, Mazatlan Mexico / Timeshare faud - Outright Lying


A friend and I were accompanied during the bus ride from the airport to El Cid (part of the process of staying at El Cid) for a 1 week vacation that was in a 2 bedroom / 3 bath unit which was fully paid for. We were promised a day of all inclusive for each of us as well as one of four...

El Cid Vacation Club / el cid vacation club fraud


We are also in a similar situation. We purchased points through El Cid with the understanding that we would be able to exchange other vacation packages through RCI. I tried to book a vacation to Maui and was told I would be put on a list to contact when a hotel came available. I was never...

El Cid Vacation Club / El cid vacation club, mazatlan


El Cid is a pure rip off scam! They are a one way service. You pay and they take. The help desk will not return any complaint calls. I find it incredible that a large company would embark on such a conspiracy of not responding to complaints nor acknowledging their written promises. I hope...

El Cid Vacations Club, Mazatlan / DECEPTION


we totally agreed. my husband will design a website totally focusing on el cid vacation club and how they rip us all off. if we get nothing back at least we will hurt them too.

El Cid Vacatios Club,Timeshares / High pressure sale tactic's


My wife and two of her sisters traveled to Mazatlan for a weeks vacation on 01/27/2009. On arrival she was approached by A sales rep. for El Cid Vacations Club Cozumel and was talked into attending a presentation the next day. She went and was pressured into a ten year contract on...

El Cid Vacations Club / Timeshare Fraud


Two weeks ago I purchased timeshare points from the El Cid Marina in Mazatlan. We were approached at the airport by the offer of a cab ride. Tired and confused, we agreed to the 'free' cab ride in exchange for a $50 deposit, that would be returned to us, in addition to some free...

El Cid Vacations Club / Timeshare ripoff


Have had a very similar experience and want desperately to get back over $11000.00 we have already paid into the company that we are apparently unable to go anywhere thru. HELP!!! Any suggestions, anybody get a resolution to this problem? Any way to get money back? We have stopped payment...

El Cid / Untruthful sales pitch!


They lied to us about the value of our Las Vegas timeshare which they promised to sell for $12,000. We were required to list with Resorts Solutions (a partner in the scam) for $500. I kept reducing the price but it did not sell for $100. We were given 3 weeks at El Cid which we were...

El Cid Resorts - Mazatlan / Rude, insulting


My mother, step-father and I were "invited" to a time share presentation while in Mazatlan. The presentation was given. When my step-father said no, they turned to my mother. When she said no, they turned to me. When I said I couldn't commit to this right then and there? The insult...

El Cid Vacations Club / Beware of this rip off!


My wife and I stopped at Cozumel during a cruise. Our excursion was cancelled due to the weather so we wandered around for a bit before we ended up talking to Justin at El Cid about an RCI membership. We were tempted with a free, all inclusive day pass just for listening and "keeping an open...

El Cid Resorts | Mazatlan & Cozumel Mexico / i had been a victim of a scam!

In October 2006 we were pressured into purchasing a timeshare with El Cid Resort in Mazatlan with a verbal promise that they would sell the Timeshare that we already owned with Mayan Palace. They were going to give us an automatic 50% of the value of our timeshare, valued at $23,400. The...