Edgars / usless

Durban, South Africa

Good day, I am extremely annoyed and dissatisfied with the service from edgars pavillion as well as head office I went to open an account over two weeks ago and have had nothing but the run around. On the day of my application (when in store ) I informed the staff that they could only phone my employer before 2.30pm as I teacher. Every day i have phoned in and queried weather my account has been activated or not and get beaten around the bush and passed from pillar to post. Each one blaming the next and no one accepting responsibility for not phoning my employer before 2.30 and subsequently my account has now been declined. I have been told that my application credentials do not meet the minimum requirements (which is ridiculous as I do earn a good salary and don't have any accounts reflecting on my name ) secondly they lost my forms and I had to do the application a second time with someone who didn't understand english and I had to repeat my self numerous times. Thirdly i have complained to hello peter which I was assured that my application would be dealt with as a priority which has not happened at all. Every time that I have phoned in I have been told that my account is still pending however after a conversation today with one of the staff members I was informed that my account had been declined and was decline on the 19th of the month, which like I said I have phoned pretty much every day since I applied and was never told it was declined now I must wait 3 months to apply again I can't believe that a store like edgars can accept such intolerable service as their standard I have phoned head office 3 times and driven into store about 4 times and each time I'm promised that this matter would be sorted out and have not stood by their word I am a loyal edgars customer for many years and so decided to support their account scheme but I seem to have been mistaken by my judgement perhaps I should take my business else where.

I was also informed today by another employee that they will take the declined off my account, re activate it and they she will call my boss immediately and call me back . I'm still waiting a day later. I'm constantly promised the world and get nothing in return.

Mar 25, 2014

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