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Sacramento California, US

I'm sending this complaint of eBay ID that is Sherry6915 she has ripped me of recently I paid for a San Francisco Giants 2014 Replica Ring bought by from her on eBay on recently of the date which is Feb.24, 2017 I was supposed to get this replica, San Francisco Giants Replica World Series Ring before or after the date of Feb.27, 2017 this Sherry Bonnet who goes by the ID again?At Sherry6915?Has used old out dated USPS label that was once from past sale Sherry Bonnet also puts this out dated places back into the USPS computer then sends an email message in lie saying it has been shipped out she again Sherry6915 is scammed is scamming all people for money also it now March.12th, 2017 I got nothing this Sherry Bonnet also continues to resell and then repost the exact sane ring I just like so many eBay buyers are paying and above all
Purchasing off from Sherry Bonnets ebay store and her Sherrys ID is Sherry6915 as im not only person she Sherry Bonnet is scamming as Sherry6915 is on eBay not sending also besides her rings failing to ships out other things sometimes lies saying item that item was lost or stolen?Again I checked on same tracking number called they are still waiting by from this Sherry6915 to hand this ring in a package to be handed to USPS driver for pickup at Sherry Bonnets home to be banded by her Sherry Bonnet to give to again USPS driver and or delivery person and Sherry is refusing to ship anything put keeping the same exact ring then reposting back on eBay reselling again she Sherry6)15 is stealing money and scamming on eBay and I'm here to file my complaint with you as, so you are fully aware of what Sherry Bonnet is doing on eBay her scamming and by taking my money then, refusing send items not just rings but others things after Sherry6915 has, got paid I paid $33.00 dollars, got no refund of no replacement of this ring again I'm filing complaint with your company again this Sherry Bonnet who's eBay ID is however again Sherry6915 again thank you for reading this bye

Mar 12, 2017

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