I bought a camera from mr photo I received everything ok but the remote did not work when I tried to use it with my camera I bought another remote from camera world in Coeur D Alene where I live and it cost me 42.35 I sent the receipt to the seller he sent me some cheap knock off of the one I paid 42.35 for so I said I would like to send the camera back he never acknowledged that I told him I had found a Takstar microphone on amazon for 27.00 with tax probably 30.00 I told him if he would send one we could resolve the issue then you guys sent me something that said I was trying to extort money from him that is a bunch of crapp and I resent that I;m not a seller but I have been a good buyer just cause the guy is a power sell you guys took down my negative post and I resent that cause I told the truth

Jul 26, 2018

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