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Ebay has the absolute worst customer service ever for both buyers and sellers. Any time there is any issue they give you the run around and won't do anything to help. As a seller, I had an instance where an empty package was returned, ebay still credited back the buyer and I had to make a complaint on the bbb to get my account credited. I mean I was out of money and my merchandise, but they weren't going to refund me. As a buyer, I recently had my account hacked and called immediately when I noticed to report a transaction. Instead of just canceling the transaction and being done with it, they give you a whole run around. They did an "investigation" that showed I was indeed hacked and put notes to my account and said I would not be responsible. Roll around to today and I have an unpaid item case opened on me for that item. I contact ebay again and spent at least an hour on the phone being transferred ultimately getting nowhere other than getting a big headache and more work. How you ask? Well i'm also a seller and one of the reps sent some email for "unauthorized account use" and removed thirty-one of my listings. This wasn't even discussed in any way, shape or form. My only issue was with the item that was purchased. So I had to go back to relist those items myself. I requested some sort of credit to my seller account for the headaches they caused and they refused. It's also pretty crappy that sellers are only allowed to leave positive feedback, yet buyers can leave false feedback. I have a good rating as a seller, however, I had one buyer threatening me using feedback if I didn't do this that or the other, which is a clear violation in ebays terms. Guess what?! Ebay didn't honor their terms - then again they never do. I used to absolutely love ebay, but now, this company is garbage. They don't care about customer service at all and that's on both ends. If you can find somewhere else to go, you'd be better off than dealing with this crooked company.

Jan 29, 2017

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