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09/22/2018 My Husband and I went to the Dunkin Donuts off of Spring Street in Racine, Wi. I went through the drive through, as the lady came on the intercom she asked 'how many I help you?' I kindly responded, 'one moment please' - so I can look over the menu as I did not know what I wanted. She responded, 'ughhh today is going to be a long day' then left her mic on so we can hear her using profanity about the customers in front of us. Once returned, I said, 'I would like one medium French vanilla Macchiato & one large French vanilla Macchiato, both hot'. She responded, ' two cold French vanilla macchiato except one is large' I said, ' no' repeated the order back. She yelled at me and said ' that is what I said' so loud it sounded like the speaker was blown. I proceeded to apologize thinking maybe I heard her wrong?? But then she cut me off and told me the price and to follow forward. By this time I just wanted to leave the line, but my husband said to follow through. As approaching the window. I gave her a twenty dollar bill, she went to repeat the order again, she said it wrong again. I said, 'no two hot French vanilla macchiatos' at this time, I could care less the size. She cut me off again and said, 'two macchiatos' and shut the window.. when she approached with my change, she literally threw my change to me, dropping all of my change on the floor. Now I am fuming, another young nice gentleman brought us the proper drinks & looked at me as if he was suffering in there as we can still hear her cussing out other customers. I found out her name was Krystal. As we left, my husband called the store and asked to speak to the manager as he wanted to report her behavior. Come to find out, KRYSTAL IS THE MANAGER. We honestly hung up the phone is disgust. I will never ever be back at this Dunkin Donuts. I am so very disappointed in the behavior from your workers that takes place here.

Sep 24, 2018
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      Sep 30, 2018

    I'd call the corporate office.

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      Oct 03, 2018

    A person named Vicky enters the dunkin donuts at 2035 Bartow ave Bronx NY in Bartow plaza, located in co-op city is observed confronting customers everyday, disrespecting and telling customers to hit her so that she can have them arrested This person is always dressed in black and is always seated by the window, next to the garbage can. This activity is causing this dunkin donut to lose customers. A friend of mine named joe is the main focus of this unethical behavior. She is disturbing all the customers piece of mine. She must be stopped from entering this establishment, before something bad happens.

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