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Dunkin' Donuts / unethical behavior

1 Philadelphia, PA, United States Review updated:

On November 5, 2016, between 3-4 PM, I was meeting a friend at the Store located at 6110 Woodland Ave. Philadelphia, Pa 19143. I'm not a stranger to the neighborhood, I grew up and went to school here. I spent time in the military and returned to the area. What was really disappointing about this incident was it didn't and shouldn't have happened. (Training and Management on site) Upon my arrival I noticed how filthy the dinning area of the restaurant appeared. Initially I only made a comment to the person I was meeting there regarding the condition of the floors and tables. I didn't involve the store staff, I was looking for someone that appeared to be the store manager or store owner. After observing that there was only two store employees working, I gave this situation the benefit of the doubt. (Short handed) They were moderately occupied between the front counter and the drive-thru window. However, when the customer volume decreased, the store staff did not effectively utilize their time. Holding conversation between the two, while moving at what appeared to me as a relaxed, unmotivated pace for the very visibly ignored condition of the dinning area. One of the employees began to sweep behind the counter, again in an unmotivated pace or showing any urgency for the deplorable condition of the customer area. What this implied to me was this was an acceptable condition and that we were not going to comment regarding this condition. When I could no longer sit and watch this poor display, I approached the two young men working behind the counter. I excused myself and asked if one of the was the store manager. The responded that the was no manager on duty, that they were the only one working. I asked in calm non-confrontational manner and tone, "If they had to eat in this dinning area, would they feel comfortable with that?" Only one employee had a response. After giving reasons and excuses as to why the dinning area was in the condition that it was in, and that there was only the two of them working, they really didn't have the time to do the needed maintenance. Again, I carefully shared with this young man that what he was doing was giving me, the customer, was a bunch of excuses and didn't answer my question, I repeated the question. After some consideration, he responded, " No he wouldn't eat there either, " I offered them some advise regarding their responsibilities as restaurant employees, having once been on the side of the counter in similar situations. Only one of them had a response regarding my advise. (African American male) He continued to attempt to explain why this condition existed and that he had only started at 12 PM. (Only 3 hours before) I explained to this young man that I was only offer him the advantage of my age and experience; he continued to make excuses, not receiving any of the advise I attempted to offer my hand as a kind gesture, he reluctantly complied. The other young man returned to the back while I was having the conversation with his co-worker. He didn't respond verbally or otherwise.
Following our conversation, the young man that I spoke with responded by continuing sweeping out into the dinning area. I returned to my table and observe him sweeping while my friend used the ATM machine. During this time two young ladies entered the restaurant and began conversing with the young man sweeping. He continued to sweep, now distracted by conversation with these young ladies.
I returned to the counter to offer some more advise to the young man who had disappeared to the back of the store during the previous conversation. I shared with him that they need to be more vigilant regarding their attitudes regarding the customer and the condition of the store. Giving him the benefit of my experience as a mystery shopper. He responded very wisely, and maturely.
I walked to the door waiting for my friend, holding open the door, waiting to exit the store during which time the two young ladies finished their conversation with the young man who was sweeping. The first young lady excused herself and thanked me for holding the door, the second young lady exited not saying anything, intentionally bumping into me with attitude as if I offended her. I responded, "excuse you!" She responded in a less than favorable manner. In response to the altercation I was having with this young lady, the employee who was sweeping exited the store to approach me in a very confrontational manner, explaining regarding this matter, that the young lady, (I now make this reference reservedly) was his girlfriend and if I had a problem it was with him. I explained that he needed to "check" her not me.
The difficulty I'm have with this whole situation, other than the obvious, is that I am a man of color which grew up in this neighborhood, served my country, paid my dues to both my neighborhood and country, and being visibly older than all involved, I wasn't shown any respect or gratitude for offering the benefit of my age and experience, and was threatened by both your employee and his girlfriend. This should never had happened. You should encourage a zero tolerance regarding you employees conduct. That they conduct themselves in a more professional and mature manner. I nor any other customer should ever be or feel threaten as a result of patronizing your establishment

Nov 5, 2016
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      5th of Nov, 2016
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    The fact you grew up in that neighborhood, served your country, are a man of color, all that aside, you were dead wrong in your actions. After being told there was no manager on duty, you decided to "play manager" and continuously lectured and harassed these two employees. You were distracting them from their jobs and I can promise you, they were getting angrier and angrier by the second. Then, when two customers came in (and don't say "Oh but they were just girlfriends, because you didn't know that at the time and that doesn't even matter) you still went back to the counter for another round of lecturing, posturing and rambling. By then, everybody had had it with you, it seems. You were rude, obnoxious and inappropriate. You should have saved your noise for the store manager or owner.

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