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First off ill start by saying ... 1. This particular store is known as "junkie dunkies " . Its a hangout for homeless, addicts, dealers, etc. Myself and my colleagues go there at least once a day. The staff is extremely disrespectful. A gentleman that will get loud and embarrass people because he can. Ive seen him tell a female their time was up(15mins allotted for eating) she had to go. She told him he was being rude. She wasn't finished. He responded that she could call someone and he would meet them down the street. The manager just does whatever he says. Bottom line is this gentleman is a bully to which the manager allows. I myself have complained to owner and it falls on deaf ears. This store is a nightmare. I'm afraid for my safety just sharing this. The food and service suffer because of all the drama/nonsense. There are more drug sales, overdoses, fist fights pan handlers at this store than all other Dunkin donuts stores in Brockton, Ma. When someone submits complaints they are definitely ignored. I never seen anything like this. The only way anything can really be fixed is if some secret shoppers as well as Dunkin donuts higher Ups go in unannounced or anonymously to see for themselves. I recommend taking your business to ANY other DD store but this one. Thank you.

Mar 27, 2017
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      Mar 28, 2017

    The bad stores make it worse for the stores that are really trying. I have never been so humiliated in my life by the treatment I received from Lauren Brady and Allen Nielson of a Clinton CT. Store on East Main St...I need a lawyer who isn't afraid to sue them...

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