Dunkin Donutsabuse in the workplace

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I worked for this store for ten months, and it was nothing but mental torture.The store manager was always yelling and screaming at all of us employees in front of eachother and in front of the customers. She yelled at me yesterday and called me a cocky little ###.I had my fill and we had it out right there, but unfortunately for me i was fired for standing up for myself, and whats worse is that it pissed her off so bad that she called the cops and put a restraining order on me. I feel that she just did that to show off her power and to use me as an example to all the rest of my fellow employees that if they stand up to her thats what will happen to them. Someone needs to get rid of her before the company goes down. all of her most experienced help has left and more and more are quitting all the time.

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  • Ta
      Sep 05, 2010

    This evil ### just saw my letter. ONe of my "friends" tattled on her like some kindergartener. Now she wants me to post the real reason I was fired. Okay it was me who called her a corky ###. Not the other way around. Happy now. She also believes everything people say. I told her that I would smack her because I was forced to work hard and she called the police on me crying. I doubt she is scared, just fake tears. I hate that stupid ###. Ha you can sue me for making false claims on you not for calling you a stupid ###. You can even complain about my threat of bodily harm however I can tell the world how much I hate you loser.

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  • Ta
      Sep 05, 2010

    Oh Helpnu, I told her that I refused to clean the washroom that is a man's job. When she told me that everyone helps out I threatened to smack her. SHe caled the police on me and then fired me. What a wimp, hiding behind the police.

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  •   Sep 05, 2010

    Sounds to me like you deserved it and might be best suited for suicide.

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  • Jb
      Sep 15, 2011

    if you notice, someone is trolling. The OP has 1 post while the person posting responses, with the same name, has 5 responses.

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  • St
      Mar 25, 2012

    lawyer up.
    This company thrives off making all the employees look bad so they can save money.

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