Dunkin' Donutsshift leaders and management

I am currently an employee of Dunkin Donuts my name is Danielle Frazier I have work for customer service for a very long time and food service I'm very well aware of how businesses are supposed to be ran and how management and Lee shift leaders are supposed to treat crew just because somebody is in management does not mean that you are allowed to talk to your crew members with disrespect to treat I do my job to my best abilities this is not my first time around I just started working again after being asked to come back I try not to have to make complaints on here I never had to when there was other management but now that other managers have moved to different stores and new shift leaders and management are in place things are not being ran the way they need to be and from my understanding when you get hired if there's any complaint a problem your manager should be able to sit down and talk to you about it and find a solution and this case I am not the only one with the problem with the way the store is being run and who it's being run by there are a lot of things being done in the store that should not be done and I have tried time and time again to talk to a higher up and have yet been able to because of managers telling me that they will deal with it and never anything doneSee the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Odessa, FL.

Feb 04, 2017

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