Dunkin Donuts, Elmhurst / double charge

United States

I went to Dunkin ' Donuts in Target at Elmhurst this morning and I bought 2 croissants, toasted with cream cheese and 2 sugar raised donuts. I paid with my debit card, the cashier gave me a receipt in the amount of $5.89. The order number is 72995. But when I checked my bank statement online, I found out that they charged me twice. The other amount is $5.73. Either she did it on purpose or she wasn't paying attention because of the chatting with her co-workers. Hey, with the economy now, every penny counts. She should be reprimanded. What if she did this to every customer? Either the company or her will be rich by now. Either way, what she did was pure irresponsible. I just want my money back. Thank you.


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