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Dunkin Donuts / server

1 Esat Brunswick - Shop Rite facilities.East Brunswick, NJ, United States Review updated:

On Saturday May 16/2009 I ordered two breakfast sandwich. Sausage, egg, cheese on a bagel. She replied differently saying “bacon … something” I asked to tell what order she was making, she replied “you talk and I will tell you are right Ok?” and was wrong of course. Ok trying to be patient with them, she makes other sandwiches. I was about to pay, and I reach there tips cup for a pennies to help her change, (I always tip them) she starting yelling that was her money, I explain I just going to help on change I will put back plus my tip, she still screaming and grab the tip cup and hold on it. I keep calm got my change, and told her she was rude to me, Oh my GOD! She was so rude that I wondered if I had accidentally offended her (though I am not sure what I did!)
She starting yelling call me names in her language, saying I was RUDE one, and that was HER MONEY, I was STUPID … and I don’t know what else, the other lady (who was preparing my order) asked her what’s going on, I don’t know what she reply’ cause was in their language, this lady came to me throw my bag on the counter (the order wasn’t the right one, and without ketchup, salt, pepper and napkins) and she yell to me “NEVER COME BACK TO MY STORE…blah (in their language) … I was in shock,
I walk to Shop Rite Customer Service to make my complain, but they say nothing they could do about it.
I left and I was thinking with myself “what’s going on with people?
US is open for so many immigrants to live in harmony in an auspicious Land, we gave them business and a dignify life here, and they act like that?
Without sounding racist; they are so mistrusting of every other race, and hiding behind the "no speak English" theme; I wonder why people from India so rude (the ones that I have come across here)? They
have no regard for personal space and will stand touching you, they also bump into you without a word of apology.
Maybe they have low self esteem, and they freeze up and make small situations awkward? Very, very sad. I always admired Gandhi for his sweetness and philosophy, but some of his people, what a shame!

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  • Th
      1st of Jul, 2009
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    Hi: why not call ICE! Drop a quater on them!

  • El
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    Donkin Donuts - Workers have filthy hygiene habits
    Donkin Donuts
    United States

    Went to buy a latte and flatbread sandwich. Got latte and moved to end of line to pick up sandwich. Employee had a plastic glove on right hand, none on left. Coughed and sneezed on right hand than reached to pick up my sandwich and wrap it and hand to me all using her left hand. I could not take this so I told her and she quickly put on a glove on her left hand. I told the manager who threw the sandwich in the trashm and made me another himself than said something to the girl in spanish than she picked up a broom and started to sweep the floor. So she goes from one to chore to another and never washes her hands and has filthy hygeine habits as well. GROSS!

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