Dunkin' Brands / franchise owner/manager huntersville, nc

Huntersville, NC, United States

The worst dd and the worst owner/management ever. I never leave reviews good or bad. But huntersville deserves a better dd for sure. Arrogance, disrespect, hard headed owner/manager. Worst customer service. Unbelievable. I have been a regular customer for over two years, for six months I try to explain myself over and over again just because I ask for my coffee to be light and sweet! They do not get it they do not want to hear me saying it as if it is french! The manager insisted for many months to call it extra cream/extra sugar, until they finally accepted the weird terminology called light and sweet!! Then for me to ask for my bagel to be cut in half, oh that is a big no, first we do not do that, then call it cut it in 4 pieces and so on, everyday an argument as if he is from a different world "he is". Not only that, but after all these arguments, they still mess up the orders, of course because the manager is so rude and full of himself, thinking himself is managing a nuclear power station not a a little coffee shop. All this time, and I was very patient. Until, all of a sudden, my bagel with butter became an issue, he decided that I have to tell them to make my bagel with non-spread butter and if I don't they have to ask whether I want non-spread butter on it or real butter on the side!! What in the world is wrong with this guy?? Even he knows me and knows how I like my bagel "I go there everyday", he still wants to hear it!!! This is truly sad, for whoever has saved some money to open a business and ruin a brand for the whole area. I love dd, but there is no way I am going back to this franchise. I would hope all huntersville dd fans to avoid this store and force this owner to get out of there. Do not go there please.

May 17, 2017

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