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According too research I have done on this company, buyers BEWARE. The vehicles that are sold here are NO GOOD. Chances are that you will have MAJOR ISSUES with them. What they do then, is if you default on any payments probbally because the condition of the vehicle and you would not expect MAJOR things to go wrong, they will reposess of coarse then what happens is that the waite A LONG TIME before they SUE YOU. See interest is compounding then your SUED and they go after you, evil like. What starts off as an example a 7.000 (lets say you pay 12, 000) on this dept you will end up being sued for 5-6 times that. Kinda like a title pawn where you NEVER are finished paying.. I believe this is the way they make money... Evil business practices...

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      20th of Jul, 2015

    I got a 2005 Cadillac STS in 2013 . An didn have bad credit . An my % rate was like 13 % an the car was over priced like 6, 000 if not more .Started having trouble early on. My car came from memphis .!!! They say we fixed a lot of stuff on the care . Through that's wat car lot should do . Before saling a car !!!an should be able to add it on to the book value .. I am pissed I purchased a $2700 warranty they never told me how much it would cost . Just said it wnt change your monthly payment much . But it does . Because it adds years . An there on . But I pray smone put this in there mind .whn it's time buy a car . If they try to give u a quick deal run. But I put it all his hands . He will fix it . What they are do will com to a head

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