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Complaints & Reviews

buyer beware

I recently made the mistake of buying a vehicle from this organization. If I have to walk, ride a horse, or just stay at home and never leave again, I will never ever buy from these people again. On the day the payment is due, they call, usually early in the morining to see exactly what time you will be in to pay.

They are all smiles when you buy, but don't be a little late on the payment or you will be harrassed like you have never imagined, they will constantly call you, and even start calling the 10 references they require you to give when you fill out the credit application. If you can possibly avoid these people, do it.

  • Fr
    Frank Feb 12, 2009

    I also bought a vehicle from these guys and within 6 months the transmission failed and they wouldnt pay a dime, so I let them come tow it away. You would think they would try to fix the problem, but instead they are happy to report REPOSSESION on your credit report for faulty abused autos, and probably patch up your old car just enough to have some other sucker drive away in it...STAY CLEAR...You have better odds at a lemon lot.

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  • Ms
    Ms. G Feb 18, 2009

    Drivetime is the worst! They had the nerve to call my neighbors that I don't know instead of the ten references I provided when I was late with a payment! Buyer beware!!! ...then when I called to complain the manager said this is a usual practice.

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worst experience ever

At the age of 20 I decided to purchase a car something in my name to build my credit. I bought a 2003 Honda Element. I figured it was my best option based on my credit and not having anyone to co-sign for me. Tonight, AFTER 3 years of working my ### of to make my $400.00/month payments, (200-bi-weekly payments) I take a look at my credit report because i'm trying to clear-up the small medical debt I have and realize that Drivetime has been reporting me negatively for the past few months. Around November 08' I applied and got approved to defer my loan (4 payments) they approved to push the defered payments to the back end of my loan and PROMISED that the account would remain in good standing. Since, I have made every payment on time. Now my credit report reflects me having a 16, 000 debt with them?... My loan will be satisfied late 2010. I'm a little confused on how to resolve this considering that I can seem to get any of the drivetime employees to assist me at the corp. office. I also looked at who has been looking at my credit report and they have viewed my credit more than five times over the past 2 years. Just because I have financed a vehicle with them does that give them authorization to do so? Please send me an email if you can help.


  • Lu
    LuisMany Oct 20, 2009

    Thanks all for your comments I was about to go to that place and get a car but now I know the truth. I really appreciate your comments.

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  • Pn
    Pness May 27, 2010

    You are all dumb! Pay attention to your contracts before you stick your foot in your mouth. 90% of these complaints start off with "when I didn't make my payment..." Well make your [censor]ing payments! Because you're late on a car payment you automatically think the company who sold you the car is evil? If you bought a vehicle at any other dealership, the would send all your info to the bank, one of the 15 banks that hit your credit and knocked down your score, so if anything pertaining to payments is an issue, then handle it with a bank. The dealership can't help, they sell cars...they don't fix cars or deal with your past due debts. DT customers that make their payments on time and take care of their vehicles are very happy. I would know, I work there as a sales associate. We have 36mo/36, 000mile warranties and we sell good products. The liars who said they bought a vehicle from DT that was owned by a little old lady in sarasota are stupid. We buy vehicles at fleet/rental/leased vehicle auctions, not vehicles that were privately owned that we have no maintenance records on. Quit lying and trying to make a company look bad just because you're an illiterate, ignorant, incompitent piece of [censor] who doesn't take are of your vehicle or financial responsibilities. I may seem harsh, but my point is simple. Don't believe all the bad [censor] you hear. People are liars and they tend to pin blame on others when they catch themselves in a negative situation when they know they are wrong. Hahaha. All of your guys' complaints are just [censor]ed. Take personal accountability for your own actions! My god you idiots, stupidity is dangerous, and as it appears, contageous with you all. If you believe these [censor]s, feel free to purchase at a different dealership. Just keep in mind, when you are shopping, the significance of a warranty and vehicle history report. I must sound like a major douche, but since I work for DT and I know exactly how things are there. I believe we are putting customers into a solid reliable vehicle and backing these products up with many benefits. I failed to mention that if you do discover items wrong with your vehicle that are not detailed on your experian history report, experian actually purchases the vehicle back as stated in the experian buyback protection guarantee. Thank you all for listening to my abrasive comment and I apoligize for any foul language if it offended you. The rest of you can sit on it and rotate...[censor]es! Ha

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  • Je
    jetnoise Jun 02, 2010

    I agree. Why would a current and such highly dedicated staff member be on a complaint forum for the company he supposedly represents. SELLING HIS SOUL?? The customer service is pleasent upon purchasing yet altered therafter. "We're only here to help, " they say. HA. I personaly witnessed them charge triple the kelly book value at 24%. Its an outrage and from what I can observe is highway robbery. Home mortage crisis for the automobile industry (in a nutshell). Just one of the many contributing situations of our CURRENT recession. My opinion: The evil enitity of Drivetime & "the approval guy" should NO LONGER EXIST due to the simplicity of basic morals alone. Its also clearly obvious they're employees are brain washed at orientation...

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  • sgfsfsdf Jul 11, 2010


    DriveTime serves a purpose, correct? Yes, DriveTime provides vehicles and financing for people that are unable to do so anywhere else. These customers have every right to be annoyed, but they seem to be forgetting that someone took a chance and financed them. Bad credit + low income = few options.

    DriveTime is the perfect example of a risk/reward relationship.
    RISK: Financing people with terrible credit.
    REWARD: High interest rates, high montly payments, and high selling prices.

    (Sidebar, you can sell a car for as much as you want. The job of the salesman is to sell for as much as possible. The job of the customer is to buy as cheap as possible. THE JOB OF THE CUSTOMER GOES AWAY WHEN TERRIBLE CREDIT ENTERS THE EQUATION!!!

    In closing, I would advise these customers to buy a bike. Riding a bicycle will save you money, help you lose weight, and reduce your carbon footprint. I don't have the patientce to argue over these "rats" anymore.

    P.S. "rats is what car people call customers with [censor] credit. Pretty funny, huh?

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  • Az
    AZ Customer Jul 14, 2010

    I am not here to comment, just to inform you all and give you my opinion as a DT Customer...
    Most of these complaints are probably 50% valid and in some way, some how, the customer has experienced a bad situation with DT Credit Corp or the Dealership for that matter; regardless if it was a financial difficulty or a matter concerning car trouble, but what I do know as a current customer of DT, is that no customer should have to read the horrifying comment from one of DT's employees and have to put up with how this employee refers to the customers; afterall we are why this employee has a job and if it weren't for us who pay for these vehicles and deal with DT Corp then this guy or gal would not currently be working for them, so my advise to DT, is get rid of this person. He or She has proven himself/herself to be completely unprofessional both to the Dealership he represents and moreover to his customers who put food on his table and pay his bills! So now let's see who has the better laugh;-)
    In regards to the vehicles, yes they are not the best... I am currently experiencing some trouble with mine which I just purchased in December and suppossedly DT conducts an entire overhaul of the engine...ummmm makes you wonder... the water pump just went out on it, car over heated & shut down the ac; while at the repair shop, they noticed that the car was leaking transmission oil from the coolant line and pan; DT Corp says it's not covered under warranty and it costs over 400 dollars just to fix those two things, but what they do say is that "if the transmission was to entirely go bad, then they would fix the interior components of the tranny, but no the exterior"... Now, I wonder if it's left like that and messes up worse as a result of the minor leak from the coolant line, are they going to say later that the transmission is not covered due to the mechanical repairs not being done; though how can any customer afford to pay those type of repairs considering that the vehicle was purchased in December (it's suppossed to be in good condition with the whole overhaul they did) plus the customer is unfortunately paying extremely high dollars per month to have and maintain this vehicle due to having to purchase it at DT as a result of unforseen poor credit situations which resulted from divorce. Yes, in my opinion DT is not very reliable for their customers, very hard to get a hold of in a tough vehicle breakdown situation as what happened to me, interest rates is outrageous, and the warranty is a joke considering my car has a major repair needed and it recently came off their car lot. Had I known this before, and would have not been in a tough situation, I would have gone to someone else instead. As for the vehicle car fax report...I think it's insane, my car is chipping everywhere on the drivers side and looks as though it's been in a wreck, (painted all underneath, refurbished areas, chipping paint, (hmm; that all doesn't seem right) but they said the report came back negative for any accidents...I have yet to confirm that; I do believe the car was wrecked, it may have not been salvaged or put on the title, but definately the car was crashed and unfortunately I did not catch that when I purchased it from DT, so now I am stuck with it until I can verify the VIN and find out about this major mechanical repair... other then that, the car does run like a champ and is very comfortable on long trips and everywhere. As for the payment options, I'm glad I read the comments here because that was just offered to me due to my current tough situation, but I don't think I will be accepting the offer if they are going to hinder my credit report as they did to the other custormer who reported it; not good customer service at all and it doesn't benefit the customer in any way, it just places them in more of a hardship:(
    Good luck all of you, think twice before you buy from them...
    check out the car in broad day light, test drive it and look for paint underneath, take the VIN home before you buy it and run it on
    Once you can fix your credit, refinance the car; DT rates are overly priced and high high interest (it's a rip off)
    **and if you really must purchase a car from DT like I had too, don't put up with sales people who are as----oles (like the one from DT who posted previously on this site); you're a customer and afterall they have a job Thanks to you, so they should be Thankful to you for paying their car note, their bills & putting food on their table!!!

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  • sgfsfsdf Jul 14, 2010

    Since you don't have the $30-$50 to pull your CARFAX, pretend you want to trade it in. Basically, go to a dealership and ask what it's worth. They will pull the CARFAX and hurt your feeling for free. Don't be surprised when you noticed that your vehicle has had more than five owners in three years. I've purchased these junkers for another ez-credit type dealer. None, let me repeat myself, none of these vehicles are in good shape. 1% of the vehicles at DriveTime will be foreign. American cars are cheap to buy, service, and replace parts. Foreign cars are the complete opposite.

    As far as you financing a vehicle with a salvage title, that's a possibility. I've never met a responsibile buyer that would buy a salvage vehicle. But let's be honest, DriveTime doesn't have the best track record. If it has a salvage title, check your state laws and go from there.

    Good luck!
    P.S All cars will aventually need substantial service performed on them. This is common knowledge for any car buyer. The higher the miles, the greater risk of more repairs. DriveTime is not responsible for fixing all the problems after a certain point. Dealing with car repairs, salesman, interest rates, etc... will always be aggravating. Step back and think how employees of the car industry feel after reading your comments. Remember, every story has two sides.

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lost insurance check

i recently had a aacident which my tohoe had to be repaired got a check from insurance company in lean...

vehicles sold by them

I Mickey L. Lattimore went to the Drive Time Automobile on Memorial Drive, Stn. Mtn. Ga. On 2/20/2008 to purchase a vehicle. I was introduce to a sales rep(name goes here) who allowed me to look at the vehicles on the lot. I chose a Kia Otima LX 2004. The Sales Rep. had me fill out the necessary paperwork, while I completed the paperwork, the sale rep ran my credit and stated they could help me get into the vehicle which I had choosen for $1200.00 down. I informed the sales rep. I only had at that time a total of $200.00. The Sales Rep stated you can put the vehicle on lay-o-away so I made a down deposit of $200.00 on a 2004 Kia Optima LX that had about 52, 000 miles.

While two weeks past, I went to Drive Time and made another payment of $500.00 on the vehicle I had on lay-away, leaving a balance of $500 left. Well the sales rep stated they had the same/similar vehicle with less mileage about 48, 000 and I could take it that day for the $700.00 I had already applied to my original Kia which I had choose. Red Flags immediately went up. I asked what’s wrong with it and of course they would say nothing.

Since driving the vehicle off of drive time’s lot on March 15, 2008, I’ve had nothing but problems with this vehicle. I’ve had to replace the front brakes, the power steering pressure hose went out, the driver’s side door lock locks itself back when you unlock it with the key and attempt to open the door using the handle. The passenger window doesn’t let up correctly it’s off track. I’ve had to replace the battery, I have also had to replace the coil and spark plugs.

  • Mi
    Mickey Lattimore Dec 29, 2008

    Seeking others who have also experienced unethical business practice by Drive Time who's looking to have some sort of legal actions taken toward Drive Time, looking to file a Class Action Lawsuit. If interested please respond via emai within you complaint profile.

    Are you may contact me via the phone # listed.

    Thank you

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  • Kc
    k.chandler Feb 26, 2015

    I got this 05 explorer didn't have It a month yet...Drive time sold me a death trap...Vehicle has no brakes 2 major oil front struts are leaking...I also have a rear axle leak and also the front sway bar on and links on both sides are broke...They sold me this vehicle knowing it should not be on the road...Then the warranty company is giving ne a run around and Chris Lott from Drive time is flat out dodging me...Took the truck to ford for the heater not working and they found all these major issues... Ford notified the warranty company and they acted like the never heard anything about these issues... So the warranty company decides they don't want to deal with ford when they was confronted about why did drive time sell a vehicle like this that its a safety hazard driving this vehicle... So the warranty company had Chris Lott from drive time inform me that they wanted me to take the truck to a repair shop of their choice for a second opinion... That shop is Perfection Auto Repair... And I did that today...And Perfection told them the same thing Ford told them and Perfection would not release my vehicle back to me because it's not safe to drive at all...Now Chris Lott and the warranty company has been avoiding me and the repair shop all day...Something needs to be done about drive time and their bad business... I'm look to file suit against them and the warranty company...
    I also have paperwork from Perfection on what needs to be done to make this vehicle safe to drive... And I also have the original video from Ford also

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terrible experience

I bought a car from Drive time, made all my payment, paid the payoff amount, was waiting for my title in the...

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predatory lending

Drive Time preys on people that are severely credit challenged because they have no other alternative for...

sign up for class action lawsuit

Attention: drive time customers wishing to start a class action lawsuit. If you are or have experienced...

fraud and cheating

In September 2004 I purchased a 2002 Chevy Cavalier from DriveTime. The vehicle was way over priced but...

awful company

First of all I want to let you all know that we have never ever missed a payment to this company. If I could turn back time we would have never bought a car from Drivetime. They raked us over the coals after 'approving' us wanting to know the names and phone numbers of 3 (three) family members, 3 personal friends, employers, etc. Granted, if a person skips out on them they would need to know numbers of people to contact who might aide them in recovering their money or vehicle, but this company is just over the top when it comes to calling their customers.

Our car note is due every other Friday in the amount of $190.00. Actually, I am a co-signer on this loan for my boyfriend... I always make the payments. We moved out of the Dallas area to Houston in April 2008 and when we moved I contacted Drivetime and gave them our new address and my boyfriends new job info and told them that his paydays had now changed and we would be making the truck payment on Monday rather than Friday because that is how he is paid.

Every other week they call us wanting to know why the payment wasn't made. Twice they have called my son at work because they didn't see a payment posted yet on Friday and there was no answer at our home number. That was the reason they gave me as to why they called my son on his job. They call all the time. If you are not home and they get an answering machine they will have no qualms about calling at 10:00 p.m. at night or even calling people whom you have on your reference list. This is absolutely ridiculous.

If we were 3 business days late paying our car loan and they had exhausted all of my numbers trying to reach me (they didn't even try calling on my cell # that they have for me) I might understand a bit more. We have never missed making a payment to these people and are never later than paying on the Monday following the Friday it is normally due. One time we were in Alabama at a funeral and they were unable to reach us on a Monday morning. They called my son again at work wanting to know if he knew where we were. These people are absolutely ridiculous.

Like I said earlier, I had given them my boyfriends new pay day schedule and they refuse to make the payment due on Monday, one business day later than what we had signed for. I would never recommend you purchase one of their vehicles, not only for the exorbitant amount of money you will be paying for a vehicle and the huge interest rate and high payments, but for the way their customer service handles their business. They do not communicate to each other in the office, do not make notations in your file and just last payment time I received 2 phone calls in one day from them asking the same information as to why I had not made the car payment yet.

I despise the Monday mornings every other week now, when I know they are going to be calling and harassing me to make the payment when I always do make it after 3:00 p.m. every other Monday. Never again and if you don't want problems with these people... don't buy from them either. Another 4 years we have to deal with them. I think I'm going to be sick now.

Linda is the worst one in the credit department. She loves her job.

  • 11
    114252 Apr 16, 2009

    i think this ### is full of ###. I bet if you check her credit she has charge offs repos and late pays. she needs to grow the ### up and be responsible for the contracts she signs. Drivetime sells a quality product but she probably doesn't qualify for anything but a go-cart.

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  • Ma
    mary Jun 09, 2009

    I think the above comment response indivdual may be a drivetime employee, For, with all the complaients about drive time She is partly right. The salesmen and manager refer to customer as roaches and only care about their commissions. It's time to United a file aclass action suit against Drivetime .. By the way the above comment with all the vugar words. needs to grow-up. Drivetime is not all it's cracked up to be and as for quality product (cars) . Yes, contracts need to be honored..Yet, so does not selling Ugly duckling cars under a diferent name. I hope the Federal Goverment Consumer quality and fraud unit comes on board for Drive time really needs to be investigated for sub standard vehicles and Consumer Fraud

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  • Be
    Bellemorte50 Jun 07, 2010

    Ok so I just got off the phone with Drivetime ! They called me 5 times today and I just got out of work and returned the phone call.

    They said I was 2 days late, but my ticket book that was provided when I purchased the car showed my payments this month were due on the 12th and the 26th. Their records show it was due on the 5th and the 19th. This rude, ghetto customer service person - Jackie - said there was nothing she could do. I asked her if I could fax over my copy in order to verify that I'm not lying therefore I don't want that reflected on my credit. She kept speaking loudly over me saying it wasn't her that messed up and my car payment is due every 14 days, I should know that.

    Excuse me? I'm a busy person and unlike her, I'm not a complete dullard. She insulted my intelligence insinuating I don't know how to count and was so extremely rude. I pay according to the ticketbook DRIVETIME provided for me. I bought the car because I thought it was a good deal, but with this type of customer service I should have taken my business elsewhere. I hung up on her and called back. A gentleman said he would put a notation in my file that there was some confusion and gave me a fax number to send it to.

    With that attitude you'll be making 9 bucks an hour for the rest of your life answering calls at Drivetime, Jackie. I will be sure to email whoever I can to let them know how unprofessional and rude this girl was.

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lies lies lies

My husband and I leased a car from drivetime in june of 07. Our car payment was 402 a month for a 2003 chevy malibu. we went to the dealership in austin texas and worked with a guy buy the nae of sofoa. Once we got the car it was like he no longer existed. We could never talk to him when we had problems and he never returned our calls. We were also told that if friends and family used us as refrences that we would get some sort of credit for this, and that was a total LIE! Unless my husband and I knew the references home address, date of birth and where they worked we didn't get the credit. We also made the mistake of being late on a payment and thats when all hell broke loose. We were harrased, our friends and family as well. I was even told how do i sleep at night knowing that my car payment is late. We went back and forth with these guys, And then at 3 a.m. our car is towed for being short 40 dollars. and know we owe them 11, 306. We are warning you STAY AWAY FROM DRIVETIME!

  • Li
    Listen2Experience Jan 21, 2010

    PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS COMPLAINT AND STAY AWAY FROM DRIVE TIME!! They are only out for themselves and not the consumer. They will call and harass you, your family and friends constantly even if you are ONE day late. They are like finance company MAFIA!

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scam and rip off

I purchased a 2003 chevy malibu in December of 2007. This was my first car and had no credit I went to Drivetime and was approved. Everything was fine until Febuary right after my warranty wasn't valid my car starts leaking antifreeze and smoking I have it took to the Chevy dealership. turns out I had a heater core and gas intake leak which was 1, 500. I contact Drivetime to see if I could get any assistance because I had had the car for 2 months!!! They tell me they can do a repair loan so I ended paying for half any the paid for half but I had to still pay them back along with the 366.00 car note a month, I paid 200.00 dollars a month along with the car payments until I paid the loan back. Less than a week later it leaks anti freeze AGAIN! I had it towed to chevy dealership and once again notified them I am still having problems the Loan department agent told me I quote " take a man to the dealership, they screwed you it's there fault. So once again no help from them. I ended paying 200.00 then to once again get my car out the shop. July of 2008 my radiator went out and once again back at the shop the bill this time was 600.00 once again Drivetime told me I was responsible for the repairs, and since I previous had a loan contract I wasn't able to get another loan because I already had one in the last 6 months. so once again money out of my pocket. so now that I am 3 payments behind they wonder why, they have harassed me at work, home, and my family members. They have no compassion and are the worst dealership. DONT NOT BUY! you will regret and be in debt.

bad attitudes, scams and poor customer service.

I paid off a car through Drive Time in 2006 never reported late on my credit, they bugged me to get another...

bad attitude

Bad business @ Midlothian Trnpk. in Richmond, Va.Drivetime... we only 50 dollars behind and they call your house, job, landlord... and family members in other cities... real nasty attitude from one employee named Falon, really not customer friendly and hurts the entire business! Do not buy there!

  • sgfsfsdf Jul 11, 2010


    If you had lived a better life (paying bills when due), you could avoid dealing with companies like DriveTime. Pretty simple. Quit taking out loans for things and not repaying them. I don't think I can be any clearer.

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out of control financing

Drivetime, the go to guys for what? A big phat giant headache. I read another complaint, and it was like I was reading the story of my car. What a piece of crap! I coulda have had my parents cosign on a new car, but i wanted to do it all by myself. Cause that is what you do when you are almost done college and living on your own. You grow up. So wrong...

Listen to what has happened on my loan.

1. the lost a total of 5 payments now. I have had to keep a copy of every check i ever gave them because they lost 5 of them.

2. i needed to change my payment date to correspond with my pay checks... some f**r named "Sean" told me no problem. Ill go ahead and change it. He forgot to tell me there was a fee and paperwork to do that. So for 6 months I mad my payment later because Sean said it was changed and I didn't need a new payment book. When i found out... it was my problem. 6 months worth of late fees on a simple interest loan. 600 extra bucks for them.

3. I mail the checks certified now with tracking #s. They sign for them and still call to tell me I am late.. but they have the check sitting uncashed..

4. I cant have a pay off figure on my car cause the payment is late ( even though they have the check in house)

5. And my favorite this month. A NSF fee from Drivetime for a check they have, have not even sent to my bank. The money is still sitting in my account, and i am on 6 days of phone calls threatening voicemail, and late fees.

Seriously. Take the bus, buy a bike, bum a ride with a friend. Anything would be better then the hell you are about to encounter...

  • Li
    Listen2Experience Jan 21, 2010

    PLEASE LISTEN TO THIS COMPLAINT AND STAY AWAY FROM DRIVE TIME!! They are only out for themselves and not the consumer. They will call and harass you, your family and friends constantly even if you are ONE day late. They are like finance company MAFIA!

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  • sgfsfsdf Jul 11, 2010

    Wow, both of you need to visit this website :

    Now, let's discuss what are complaining about. I should have stopped after this "A big phat giant headache", but I felt compelled to continue. Your bad credit will never benefit you in life. Shut up and be happy that someone offered you credit.

    I can't stand customers like you. Like you, simply means people with terrible credit. I try and keep an open mind, but all of you are the same, no exceptions.

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scam and cheating

My boyfriend has had a long history with Drive Time, and let's just say that none of it has been happy...

poor service

I bought a truck with my girlfriend from drivetime here in Arizona. We went to drivetime and bought a 2002 Ford ranger pick up truck. For 13, 056 and we have paid on it for eight months and we still owe 12, 500. The percentage rate is 49%. Can they do that? They put the truck in my girlfriends name and I am the one with the driver's license. Have you ever heard of such a thing? The truck needed to be repaired within the first 30 days of ownership. The warranty covered it. It has been ok since. What I am pissed at, is that drive time scared my 82 year old mother by trying to get her to give them her banking info. They threatened to take our truck when I was only a half a payment later.

  • El
    Elizabeth Jul 15, 2008

    My comment is not so much towards financing which I am sure I probably paid way to much for my car. My complaint is that my car is still under warrenty. I drove off the lot maybe about a month later my check engine light came on...Okay GAS prices first of all are outragious, so needless to say I needed to save up some money because it is a $40 diagnostic fee to see what is wrong with the vehicle...Well it's now 4 months not only has my check engine light come on, but I have lost my a/c compressor (had a leak), needed a gas cap, spark plugs, spark wires, camshaft position sensor, and a major tune up. Drive Time says the only thing that they were willing to cover is the a/c compressor (thank god cause that is 1200$ alone) so needless to say I called argueed and finally they were will to throw in the camshaft position sensor(which makes my car start, major problem) and the gas cap considering it shouldn't of corrodid within 4 months. Anyway I have been getting the run around from this company. So then I call and ask what the 53 point inspection includes and they can't tell me that either all they can tell me is the recon center does it and then on there website it tells me to call this 1-800# that just gets me no where...Well its a good thing I saved some money cause now I am forking out 75$ instead of 40$ I really can only say is DRIVE TIME IS A COMPANY THAT MAKES A LIVING OFF OF SCREWING PEOPLE OUT OF MONEY AND A CAR!!! I could of went to toyota or any other dealer ship with my money and got a decent car under warrenty without the frustration...I will never purchase a car again through DRIVE TIME and will let everyone know HOW DRIVE TIME SCREWED ME OVER!!!

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  • Li
    Lisa May 29, 2009

    Yeah, this is what Drivetime does. They will harass you for a dollar if that's what you owe. Whether it's hundreds or thousands of dollars, or even a few dollars, they will harass you the same. I think this company is taking a good concept...helping out people who need it, and using it against them later on down the line.

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  • sgfsfsdf Jul 11, 2010

    To all of you, "Please check text spelling before submitting a comment"

    I have read all of your complaints, and I am disgusted with all of you. Grow up, quit complaining, and accept that you have bad credit. Bad credit doesn't allow you to be picky. Be happy that someone is allowing you to ride in a vehicle that they own.

    [censor], you customers are so stupid.

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  • Br
    BrandiNickole Nov 04, 2010

    The reason why a lot of people come to DriveTime is because they are in the same position that I'm in, they don't have credit. I am 20 years old and its time for me to get a new car, my parents what me to take on the payments myself and i have no problem with that. It's just that i have NO CREDIT because I dont have a credit card or any loans. I don't start paying my student loans off until i am done with school. And all because you have bad credit doesn't mean you have to shut up and not complain when your getting screwed over. so "sgfsfsdf" you need to find something better to do with your life then you put people down, it doesn't make you cool.

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  • Rm
    RMJ73 Feb 27, 2011

    i feel just because you have bad credit doesnt mean your a bad person, circumstances can lead to bad credit, in my case i did it all. i didnt pay my bills and my credit is bad. You still dont take advantage of people because, if youre going to mark up the car, give a decent interest rate, if youre going to have a high rate dont mark up car that much. drivetime is bad about both, i knew my rate was going to be high and the car was over priced, but its the price you pay for decisions you made in past. i will tell you this, if you can by a DT car any other car lot in the nation should finance you just on a!

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terrible prices!

I needed to find a reliable vehicle, and with not having very good credit, was kind of limited on where I...

scam and bad service!

I purchased a 2002 Jeep from Drive Time in November 2007. I was in a hurry as my old vehicle was having problems. I also have poor credit. The sticker price on the Jeep was over 16, 000. Two days later & too late. I found several other Jeep Grand Cherokee's at other dealerships that were 2004's, for around 12, 000. I called Drive Time to see if they would help me out & they said they could not do anything for me. Now I'm having problems with the transmission & power windows & can't get any help from this company. They are very rude & do not seem to care. They refer me to their repair people who are too far to get to.

  • Bo
    Bob the Tech. Jun 08, 2008

    So what did we learn? Spend a few minutes shopping before you drop $ 16, 000 on a vehicle.

    PS: even $12, 000 is a bit too much.

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  • Po
    popfts Dec 22, 2009

    HMMM, I love these DT complaints, so like i tell everyone else. the only person you have to blame is...YOU! They state in their contract the price, the interest, and the total amount that they are going to charge you for a car. Guess what... you agreed to all of that by signing a CONTRACT with them. DUH! So all these talks about suing is dumb. if you didn't agree to the terms and conditions, you would not have signed the contract and thus would not be in this situation to begin with.

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scam and cheating!

My advice to anyone considering Drive Time... NEVER, EVER be late... not even one day!!! I had an unfortunate...

misleading statements!

I purchased a vehicle in San Antonio, TX 4 months ago. Reading the other complaints I would hope in time that the State of Texas wakes up to the unlawful practices of DriveTime.

Though my car is running very well, it is not because of DriveTime's mechanics. In fact the mechanics had no idea what they were doing and literally cut my horn wires.

My only reason to go to DriveTime is because I am self-employed and the dealerships in Texas want to see "real employment", why the State of Texas does not see self-employment as real is beyond me. My point I needed a car for my business, I didn't have to put very much down, I am happy that I chose wisely. My biggest complaint is that now after paying on time each month and today only being late 2 days I have had corporate call my shop over 3 times. Yes, their extremely rude their tactics are awful. Even after the manager wrote that payment was to be made on a certain date and not to call, corporate "nazis" and I am being very nice here called again.

As I stated to corporate - read customer service tactics, it pays to be nice, I am going to make sure that I don't refer anyone to DriveTime and I am going to do it until I can trade the car in or as some just give it back. Its funny to me how they state there is no grace period but state it only that the interest will compound daily yet still state they will come after the car.

Please State of Texas wake up - shut DriveTime down or at least investigate how many illegals are working for this company. There are laws.

  • Li
    Lisa Sep 22, 2007

    Drivetime needs to be shut down in Florida as well. That place reminds me of the way that they are all nice and sweet in the showroom and promise you anything to get you to sign the paperwork, but as soon as you are off the lot, the horns come out and it suddenly gets very hot. Now, my vehicle has run pretty good in the two years we've had it. The main problem is stemming from the fact that it is a 2001 Pontiac Grand Am and has a anti-theft device called Passlock, and since we do not have the original key, sometimes when you go to start it up, it will detect that you are tampering with the car and shut off the fuel supply, therefore, not allowing your car to be started, or "stolen" and you have to wait 10 minutes to try again. This can be very annoying. This isn't even the biggest problem I have though. I was told by the salesman on the lot that it was very important to pay the first 6 months on time, to establish a good payment history and after that time if I had issues, they could help me out. Well, that was just a crock of crap now wasn't it? The bi-weekly payments are sometimes hard for me to do and I asked if I could do montly and I would even pay a little extra and I was told NO. Okay, fair enough. So, I was a little short on my payment so I paid the full payment and half of another. The following payment I did the same thing, plus some extra for fees and such. Corporate keeps calling me and its pissing me off. Once before my husband went in the dealership to make a payment and he was late by a day or so and they had someone come out and talk to him....for almost half an hour. Sheesh. It's like you can't just pay up and be done, they have to lecture you and everything. Banks who loan you money are more flexible than these bloodsuckers. I'm like, well I could call them back, but I don't feel that I should have to, since I have paid up my payment to them. What could they want besides harassing me over the phone? Also, I got tired of trying to be up front and call them if I knew I'd be short or late on a payment because they sit there and say "can't you borrow the money from someone?" Um, no, if I could I would've by now. Besides that, I pay a total of 410 a month for a car that was 4 years old when I got a hold of it. I've paid less for a newer car, even with my credit. The point is, when I got this car I was in pinch and I didn't have alot for a down payment. When I pay this vehicle off next year, I will never come within a foot of a Drivetime dealership and I would never refer anyone I cared about to them either. For those of you who know what I am talking about, when corporate calls you and they leave a message, they sound the same each time, like it's the same person calling, but they leave different names. If you call and ask for the person who called you, they are mysteriously never there. Weird.

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  • De
    Dena L Beavers Nov 30, 2007

    I agree all Drive Times should be investigated and closed. I bought my car almost 3 years ago and have had nothing but problems with them every since. The car I purchased had a bad transmission and igination and was suppose to be fixed and never was. We had to spend $2,500 to get to get teh transmission rebuilt and we explained it to them they said we qualified on getting a credit for half of what we paid and now it has been over a year and nothing as been credited and so on. I have written letter and called so many times I get even more upset thinking of all teh time we have spent on this crap. They also failed to tell us that the car had been stolen before hand but what should expect from a company that rips people off. If you are smart you will never purchase a car from them in any state that they do business in. I have paid almost $22k for a car that Kelly Blue Book at the time of purchase was $12k. The company is a joke and should be reimbursing all its cusomers for the damages and stress it as creadited in our lives. I have never been able to get a hold of anyone at corporate or teh location we purchased the car from, it seems that they lie and give you fake names when you speak to someone because if you call back to follow up on something or you return thier call that person does not work there and myserously they regard your calls to them and enter notes but somehow they all disappear. BEWARE of this company and I ask everyone to spread the word to everyone you know and ever met not to buy or do business with them EVER.

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  • Va
    Valerie Duhr Jan 12, 2008

    The comments here are so familier to me. I too had a car from DriveTime, as did my son. We both went through the same things with them as everyone else here has. If we were one day late with our payments, the calls would start (even if we called them first to make arrangments). I once even accused them of not putting notes in their records of the conversation we would have with their customer service because with every phone call, they acted as if we had never spoken to anyone before that. We too got tired of the phone calls and stopped responding, or even calling them when we were late with our payments, because it did no good to speak to them. As far as the conditions of the cars when we first bought them; my son had immediate problems with his car overheating, and when he took it to DriveTime mechanics, they told him that the problem was not theirs to fix , because it was not part of the warranty (that was only a week after purchasing his car from them), and when he called the dealership where he bought the car, they acted like they were perplexed as to why their mechanics would say they couldn't fix it, but he was never able to get the mechanics to agree with the dealership people, so the problem never got fixed by them. The first hour after I bought my car from them, I was driving down a busy street and came to a stop at an intersection. The car started making a horrible scraping and clunking noise. I pulled into a parking lot and my son took a look at it and found that the brake caliper had lost a bolt (good thing I wasn't on the freeway). When I called the dealership, I was told that they would send a tow truck and have it towed to their mechanic shop, but that it would take three days to get it fixed. While waiting for the tow truck, my son walked to the nearest car parts store, bought the needed bolt and fixed the caliper for me (so why would it have taken DriveTime three days to fix it?) By that time, the tow truck had never shown up, so I called DriveTime back and told them that my son had fixed it. But they hadn't even called the tow truck yet - after an hour had passed!!! The car ran ok for the first couple of years after that, then it started having transmission problems - something a 4 year old car shouldn't be having already. It would not shift right away (automatic), and when it did, it would slam into gear and the engine light would come on and I would lose my passing gear. When I turned off the engine, and restart it the problem would dissappear until the next time it did that. One time it got stuck in first gear. From day one, I was suspicious that the car had been in an accident because the car always pulled to the left while driving, and when I first purchased the car, I found paperwork from a collision repair shop in the glove compartment. I suspected that the car had been in a roll-over accident because it had an area of unmatched paint from the front passenger side of the car up to the roof.

    Three years later, I am now driving an older car that I purchased with cash, as is my son, and we no longer have to deal with DriveTime's harrassing calls. I am so happy to have a car sitting in my driveway that belongs to me, even it is an older car, and it is in much better condition than the one I had from DriveTime. If I have to make repairs to this older vehicle, it is nothing in comparison to the outrageous payments of over $400 a month that I was paying DriveTime, plus my insurance is much, much cheaper too! If anyone can dump those DriveTime cars, I say do it and do it now.

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  • To
    Tom Feb 28, 2008

    Drivetime is extremely unprofessional, rude, law breakers. This company filled in my name on paperwork and submitted with a unrelated signed form saying I gave permission to have my personal information released to them from my employer after I have had this car for three years. I am current in payments etc.. even though the car has not run in two years. It stems from the fact that I do not return phone calls when they start calling the day after the payment is due. I usually wait a few days to make the payment because I am so disgusted with this company. They violate the law every month...I encourage anyone who has done business with this company to checkout: and offer your stories / comments expose these people and bring them to justice.

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