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I just ran out of synthroid for an underactive thyroid. The pharmacy called my doctor who refused to renew my prescription until I see him. I don't have money for a co-payment at this time so I'm just going to skip the drug unti I crash even if it is on Christmas Day. I talked with ABC News and they said a doctor is required to do that. Anyone who takes Viagra, evitra or Cialis and you get no refils left the doctor can refuse to renew your prescription until you make an appointment. Now there's proof that the doctors and pharmacies are working together with each other. Due to my synthroid medication problem I'm trying to change the law where "no doctor can refuse to renew a prescription."

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  • Mg
      Dec 20, 2008

    C'mon. Obviously you haven't seen your physician in sometime. Skip a single Xmas gift, pay the copay or work it out with the doctor and get your medications.

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  • To
      Dec 25, 2008

    I feel for you position. However at least you have insurance.

    "I'm trying to change the law where "no doctor can refuse to renew a prescription."

    This law would never pass as you cannot force indentured slavery. Essentially forcing physicians to due things against there better judgment.

    Thyroid hormones require regular blood testing to treat you safely. You need to participate in your health.

    There is a reason for the in person visit and why prescriptions are vested with medical doctors. Specifically for preventing you from hurting yourself.

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