Dominos / slow delivery of pizza by dominos

United States

I ordered a pizza at Dwarka Delhi 110075 on 01/12/2011 vide order No. 336. Though the delivery of the pizza was on time but the contents were disgusting and meant to be thrown into the garbage or else could have been health hazardous. Certainly there was a huge time lag between the preparation and the delivery of the pizza. I am astonished, how this so called a leading food products company could deliver smeared eatables. Perhaps this might be the policy of the company to amalgamate abject items with the freshly prepared to fetch money.

I called dominos and ordered my pizza i got ione of my pizzas made correctly but the other pizza was missing a topping so i called back and they were rude answering the phones both times i told them it was wrong and they need to be more enthusiastic answering the phone and they were npt polite i told them i didnt want a credit i wanted a new pizza sent and made right . They sent the new pizza and i be darned it was made wrong again i gave up i didnt call back to have it remade a second time i just am making a complaint.

last night i ordered 3 medium pizzas. one bacon and 2 pepperoni.when i opened the 3 boxes the pizzas looked beat up. the cheese didnt look fresh, the pizzas looked like off brand frozen pizzas. the box under the pizzas were soaked in grease. then i tasted them. both types. they tasted like the old kind of cheap frozen pizzas u get in the stores. all of our stomaches felt breath tasted like well, bad. u figure that one out. i called them and they said that all theeir pizzas were like that.

the manager said that she didnt know what to say. ive been eating dominos for many years. it was good, then very bad. i went to another pizza place. then the owner got on t.v. and said that their pizza was improved and the boxes had their phone number and to let them know. the pizza became their best. it was great !!! now the number is gone from the boxes. no more comericals about it and their pizza is the worst ive ever eaten from anywhere. the employees at that store seems to have changed and doesnt care. very rude employees and the manager has no clue what to do.

i hope they get back to great.they need someone who goes to these stores without any warning and taste the pizza as a regular customer. wait in line and all. thats the only way to know. good luck. i guess im going back to pizza hut.


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