Domino's Pizza / pasta bowl

New York, NY, United States

DATE: 6/14/17
TIME: 7-750pm

I just ordered my order and I realized upon opening my pasta bowl that it was the wrong order. I called to inform them if there was something that could be done and the receptionist said she'll reorder my order. I informed her that the only mistake was the sauce. It wasn't alfredo sauce like I had asked because I'm allergic to tomatos. When I received my 2nd order from the delivery guy. I asked to see the bowl first and it was still marinara sauce. I had told him sorry for the run around and explained to him I was allergic. He told me he doesn't speak English. I asked him to call his store to clarify the mix up and in doing so the ppl on the phone at Dominos on allen st. were very rude to me telling me marinara sauce isn't tomato sauce, being very condescending. I was trying to explain to them i cant eat tomato sauce. They switched over to some woman who spoke English, but the delivery guy by then just hung up his phone and said go call from your phone. Which was so rude since i tipped him very well when he first came. He just left me in the hallway and jumped on his bike. I went to walk there to complain how messed up it was to be going through all of this over sauce but at this point i just want a refund. I mean i would like to not go hungry tonight to be honest. Because i spent the last bit of money that i have on this option of food. But now im stuck with no money and food that will send me to the hospital. I don't know what to do and Im very upset for being poorly mistreated. I order from here often.

Domino's Pizza
Domino's Pizza

Jun 14, 2017

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