Domino's Pizzasupposed to close at 12pm well two times now I have tried to place orders around 11:30 pm and they dont answer the phone or tell me there closed

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they say they close at12pm.well this is the second time i have tried to call at11:30pm to get either no answer or to be told there closed ill never call again

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  • Je
      Nov 26, 2010

    The fact it may say it closes at 12...understand it takes almost an hr to clean up the whole place. That being said there are probably only one or two workers around that time. I work at Dominos there is usually 2 people who close, sometimes one.
    If they take your order for carry out they have to take half hr for your order to be that time you pick it up it will be 12.

    GM of the stores wont like it if you work till 1am cleaning up the place, they threaten to write you up. They tell us to start cleaning up at, order at 10. Yes...for the time to say it closes at 12 is BULL!

    You are correct though time states at 12 not 11 30...however, it all depends who is working the close shifts. I suggest eating at Bertuccis or make organic pizza you can easily do yourself for 4 dollars including with the sauce. They have dough at Joe Traders for .99Cents.
    That dough is organic you wouldn't get fat or getting a disease eating homemade pizza. You also get the nutrients from organic food you eat.

    Enriched dough at Dominos and all the fast food chains like Papajohns use to make their dough along with partial hydrogenated oils which makes you fat and can shorten your life span. I work at these places cause, they HIRE easy.

    IF your going to eat pizza make it yourself like TRUE Italians do...Pizza is a PEASANT food ANYONE can make it, CHEAP, and HEALTHY TOO!

    If you don't care about health don't complain when you have heart attack. Just understand, and know what you are putting in your system.

    I wouldn't have any pizza place CUT my pizza ever again either.

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