Domino's Pizza / rude employees and misleading the customers

I am a regular customer at Domino's Pizza (serving outlet - Baner Road outlet, Pune).
I ordered (a male representative took the order) for a pizza from Domino's Baner Road outlet, Pune. While taking the order i was assured that if the delivery is not made in time, there would not be any charges for the pizza (as per their 30 minutes time guarantee scheme), the pizza reached after 50 minutes and the delivery boy (Mahesh) demanded for the bill to be paid. When I told him that I was assured over the phone that the time guarantee will apply for this order, I should not be charged, he simply denied "rudely" with aggresive body language and asked me to call the Manager of the outlet. He asked me to make a call on a mobile number and made me speak to a person, who introduced himself to be the manager, this person told me due to Ganesh festival the guaranty will not apply. I asked for an explanation for giving me wrong commitment while placing the order, he simply avoided talking about it and asked me to pay to the delivery boy. When I said I will make a complaint to the company regarding them misleading the customers, his words were "Do it, it doesn't matter to us, do anything". I told him I will not accept the pizza as the information provided when ordering was misleading and I would not pay for a 'cold' pizza, he quickly reacted saying "No problem". I returned the pizza to the delivery boy who was equally rude to talk to.
I have had tremendous troubles convincing them on the 'time guarantee' scheme whenever they have deliver the pizza late. If you commit it, follow it.
I would like to see if Domino's Pizza, being such a reputed name, will take some action against such outlet/employees.

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