Dollar Treethe experience working here. please help us

I've been working at the Dollar Tree Store #4273 for half a year now and I'm on the verge of quitting. Our district managers do not care about their employees or their customers. There has been no functioning A/C throughout the entire building for MONTHS-including our warehouse which contains all of our merchandise and food, (our district manager has told our employees that if we're hot then bring a fan from home), the bathrooms have been out of order for months, the ceiling has been leaking inside the warehouse and inside the office, and we're overworked while being short staffed, it's ridiculous. I've been trying to reach out to corporate about these issues but I've had no luck in contacting anyone. I come to work almost every day regretting not calling out because it's so hot inside the store, me and other cashiers have had times where we thought we were going to pass out on the job. I don't like the way this store is being ran, it's almost like we're just pawns to them. They don't care if we get a heat stroke or if we constantly have customers leave while shopping because the store is too uncomfortable to be in. I really hope that these issues, especially our A/C, will be fixed soon but I highly doubt it. They won't realize it's a problem until someone gets hurt.

Aug 04, 2018

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