Dollar Treethe entire store and stocked products

i reside in Merritt Island, Florida. I cannot provide a date of incident as it has become the normal to be out of most products, unstocked shelves and 3 coolers that have been out of order for months now. I understand every dollar tree carries different products as well but I feel that this Merritt Island location is just an after thought... but at the same time there is always a tremendous line with 1 or 2 cashiers at most. Problem is also, the cashiers cannot be stocking, when the product is not there! Are you closing this location?? I spoke with an employee last week personally, who stated she was just "over" the store. Not because of your employees, because most of them have been there for years!! I at this point do not know why!!! They are run down... and underpaid to deal with all of the complaints because your company does not care about the store itself... It has really become quite pathetic and sad and I would completely understand if you closed your doors tomorrow... I know it's a store with everything for a dollar, but it is not even worth walking into anymore... Seriously...

Dec 03, 2018

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