Dollar Tree / store manager (paz)

Hayward, CA, United States

I went into the dollars tree store today at 2:14 p.m. and the manager Paz check me out but in the process he was very rude because there was a line of about 5 people one Checker open he comes and he says next in line which was myself I go up to his cashier booth and he starts waiting on another lady that comes into the store and said she forgot something I said to him can you finish me you call next so wait on me please he said I have to see what she wants okay so he went ahead and talk to her she left out the store he continues to check me out and then he realizes what the lady was looking for was laying right there by him so he says oh I have to go here it is right here and he gets my receipt lays it on the counter and he jumps over the counter and run out the door so I get my products and my receipt as I'm going out the door he's coming in and I said to him you were very rude you don't do customers like that he says I have to see what she wanted I said no but I was first you were supposed to see that I was finished and then wait on her he said have a good day and he went on behind the counter so I left out the store but for him to be a manager I think he's very rude he was a young guy his name was Paz and I asked the lady that was working next to him who was he she said he was the manager that's very poor customer service so if you could please check into that I don't know who he was I've never seen him at that store before I've been going there for four years and this is the very first time I had a situation so please handle it for me so I can continue to shop at the Dollar Tree near me thank you

Oct 22, 2017

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