Dollar Tree Store / bad store manager

Milpitas, CA, United States

I use to work at dollartree in milpitas the store was on park victoria. I left for maternity leave and the other day I went to talk to the store manager tanya and asked her if she needed any help because my cousin was looking for a parttime job and she was reliable but tanya said no because she had a full staff already. She said she would contact me if she got an open space and as I was talking with her I noticed her sister valerie came in the office to ask for a box cutter. After she walked out I told tanya I thought you weren't supposed to hire relatives and she said who was I referring to. I said your sister valerie she said to me that girl isn't my sister. I told her I remembered her from when I was working there. She would always come in and visit with tanya and she introduced her as her sister.. Tanya then admitted that she was but asked me not to mention it to no one.. She said that no one else knew and if she was asked she would tell them no.. Because they have different last names.[ because her sister is married ] so she is valerie garcia... I told her she better hope the d. M. Or corp. Don' and t find out cause you can lose your job.. She got an attitude with me because I told her she keeps hiring her family members or close friends and thatwasnt right.. She said who was I referring to and I said natalie rodriguez she said she got fired for stealing and I said yeah I heard natalie got caught by you [tanya] not once but twice and let her still cont. To work here.. She asked me who told me that and I said someone who still works here.. Tanya just said well it doesn't matter cause she isn't working here anymore.. I then told her if she had an opening anytime soon if she could let me know and I wrote my ph. Number down and I noticed when I handed it to her she kinda just tossed it to the side.. I said I would be in contact with her during the week and she just noded her head I felt like she was sort of irritated because of me telling her about her sister and friends she hired.. I said tanya don't worry I aint gonna say nothing. She said oh i'm just trying to figure out who is running there mouths about my business... I just left and as I walked home I thought to myself how has tanya lasted this long as store manager without getting in trouble for anything she does. Because before I left I remember how she would talk to a couple of other employees [curseing at them ] but they wouldn't say anything to her so I figured she knew who she could talk to like that and who not to... And she would come to work and I remember there where times she would just stay in the office alldayand talk on the ph. And be yelling at everyone else to do this and that.. The only time I really would see her out working was if she knew mark the d. M. Or corp. Was coming to our store... I dont think I really want my cousin to work there after all.. There is to much faulty stuff going on.. Dont get me wrong I like tanya she always talk to me when I was working and I never had any problemswith her but as a store manager she doesn't know were to draw the line wen it comes to communicating with some people and taking responsibility for her own actions but when she catches other people doing the exact same thing as her she is quick to tell on them or belittle them to everyone. And she most definitely is not an honest person... I really hope that store gets cleaned up and back on track the way it was before.. " no relatives working together or family friends' and there getting way more hours than people who have been there way longer than them...

Jun 23, 2017

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