Dollar Treeovercharging customers at your daly city ca

I was over charged by one of your very very rude agurmentive employees last Friday and I mean this passed Friday too right after Thanksgiving and I got 2 greeting cards and was charged 1.00 dollar a piece for them too got it and it said in the store they were 2 for a dollar and also i got one mountain rush soda and 2 roaches powders and I asked her a question and the question was do u ever get bread in anymore and she got more agurmentive and the only reasons i asked is because it was raining outside got it she needs too be fired it was around 2 pm and at the first checkout counter too and she agurmentive with other customer over some chips too got it and deal with this asap and she deliberately charged me 5.35 when she should've got it

Nov 25, 2018

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