Dollar Tree / not being able to buy a product due to lack of respect

Fort Worth, TX, United States

i went to my local dollar tree on camp bowie i have been going for the longest i love it well use too i went last night with my daughter and she plays soccer they are trying to buy things for the disaster so they can donate they have a hobby which is couponing mind this my daughter only had one coupon out of all the things she was going to buy the cashier instantly said "another coupon" she looked annoyed according to her she could not take the coupon as the item did not match the picture it was a tooth paste the manager then wants to come by and say very rudely "maam the reason why it wont take your coupon is because it expired " i told him oh is it ok im sorry for wasting yalls time then he says "yeah ok" i was so shocked that i left everything and did not buy a single thing i looked at the coupon as i walked out and it expires the 26 of september wow what just happend here were they having a bad day do they not like their jobs because to me it looks like they do not and i will not return my daughter and decided to just go to walmart where they took the coupon with no problem i guess dollar tree losst another customer on top i am a blogger and have a friend that works for star telegram in fort worth and i will comment this sto her so she can write s=about it in her segment ..

Sep 24, 2017

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