Dollar Tree / management

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Store # 4892
2489 Aramingo Ave
Phila Pa 19125
I work for this dollar tree, and my manager is Sophy Phork, a recent incident has occurred while a new supervisor was there, where both bathrooms seemed to have been clogged, as I unclogged the toilets, the drain pipe on the floor had shot out nasty stuff, and made a very foul smell, as I called sophy to inform her, and asked that she came back since was still in parking lot, her response was "the bathrooms we're working fine when I was there" then as I explained to her the situation her phone mysteriously shuts off and never had called back, I find it highly unprofessional that she would abandon her own store like that, as for me and the supervisor and cleaned up the mess and got the toilets working, for the main manager to abandon a new supervisor without being trained fully on what should be done if incidents like this we're to happen, I'm in hopes that there is a report done about this

Sep 20, 2017

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