Dollar Tree of store #1622

I like Dollar Tree and shop at several. The most convenient location for me is Store #1622 at 800 Bustleton Pike Richboro, PA [protected]-6533.
Unfortunately, this is the most poorly run Dollar Tree I've experienced.
My most recent trip was typical. I went in to get bread and rolls (outstanding value, btw). I picked up a few other things and got to the bread where I wanted 3 items - a loaf of bread, hot dog rolls and hamburger rolls.
As usual, I couldn't purchase them. Bread was not fresh. There were no hamburger rolls. I put the hot dog rolls in my basket and headed for checkout.
Aaaagh, one elderly checkout clerk and six people in line. So... I retraced my steps, put everything back, left the store.
This is typical and pathetic! About once a month I go to store #1622 to see if it's gotten better. It has NOT.
On my trip before this, there were three employees - one stocking shelves, two filling 10-12 helium balloons for the customer ahead of me. Again, I put the items back and left.
Richboro, PA is a relatively affluent suburb of Philadelphia and deserves a Dollar Tree that is well run, stocked and with a satisfactory shopping experience. When stores like this are allowed to deteriorate to the point where this one is, it's a reflection on the community, let alone an inconvenience. I hope your company addresses this. Thank you.

May 05, 2017

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