Dollar Treeemployee abuse

In the Stuttgart, Ark USA store, about 3 pm, 7-27-18, I asked cashier Aaron why only one person was working on a Friday..There were over 10 people in line..He said "Thats just the way they do it" (I know its not)...He then said "It didn't matter to him how many were in line, he got paid the same for one or a hundred...And if 'People' didn't like it, they can shop elsewhere"...Me, and several in line, were shocked..One man did leave...The only other employee was the manager, in her Ivory Tower, ignoring and letting all the customers wait and did NOT come out to check...Hes right..I do NOT HAVE to shop there, and never will again...Too much competition in this town to put up with [censored] like him...Is THIS how you train your employees? SHAME on this store...I am disabled, in pain, and should NOT have had to wait, then be verbally abused...I will go on FB and Yelp and write a review...It won't be kind...

Jul 28, 2018

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