Dollar Tree / customer service/merchandise

Review updated:

7/26/18 we went to get our daughter some stuff for her birthday. the store was a mess, boxes everywhere. when we were shopping an associate rudely bumped into us so she "could get the empty boxes in the back" without even saying excuse me. as we went to pick up a balloon, the store manager told us we had to pick from a stack of pre-blown up balloons. as she stood there smacking her candy obnoxiously in her mouth, i asked why the balloon we got wasn't the one on the wall, she stated that those were 20 years old and we have to take what she has. not te mention there was absolutely no organisation with any product in the entire store. as we finished our transaction, and said in a snide tone, "you're welcome" as she was walking off. disgusting and should not be in any form of customer service store number 410 off of paragon parkway in clyde NC

Jul 26, 2018

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