Dollar Treecustomer service

I was in the store on Saturday 7/28/18 @ approximately 3:30PM when cashier Christine or Kristine rung me up on her broken belt. She exclaimed "Can you get your stuff" in such a loud and disrespecting tone. Angry words were exchanged and she kept going back and forth with me. I told her manager (a lady) that her attitude stink, Kristine replied my attitude doesn't stink. Yet, another customer said she was rude to them last time they were in the store. The lady and myself said we will not be returning to this dollar store in Lansdowne PA. A man manager came out and apologized on her inappropriate behavior. She did not even have the decency to apologize instead she wants to go word for word with me. I will not be returning to any of the dollar stores because of this behavior. My money will not be spent in a store where I'm being disrespected. This young lady should not be a face to represent this company. You guys will continue to lose income because of this type of behavior. One bad apple does spoil a bunch!!

-An angry and WAS faithful customer!!

Jul 29, 2018

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