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Dollar Tree / bad boss

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I work at dollar tree. Recently hired, in fact (Back in february). At first I loved dollar tree. I loved the whole concept of the "apple seed list". It kept me pretty busy. Which was better than k mart, as they don't give you anything really to do. And where I live, k mart was pretty much dead all day (Except from like 3 to 5).

The main reasons why I hate dollar tree are as follows: main manager, pay, and hours.
Manager: she's a ###, plain and simple. So every time I do something wrong she gives me this evil stare down, shakes her head, and throws a fit. I don't even make them that often. But when I do, all hell breaks loose in our store. She does this to other employees too and not just me. She even swears (A lot). Like one time I made the mistake of confusing one customer with the one behind her for a return. She got all upset, and swear (And in front of the customer and me). Most of the time, it's done in the office. But not this time. I know I have been known to swear at work. So i'm quilty. But the only time I did it. Was after we had closed. I was in the back getting ready to fill the drink coolers when I walked by a pile of boxes and barely touched one. And the whole pile fell on top of me (I wasn't hurt, just a little bruised). And I said ###. Also, ever since I started (And she knew this one). That my dad was a coin collector. With her permission and with her watching. I would take the coins from my till only for my dad. And then replace them with the exact amount from my own pocket. And she just now stopped it for no apparent reason (K mart had no problem with this, management just had to be present to watch me put the money back in). My other managers are great I love them. All three of them, laugh at mistakes, and the stupid things that the manager does and gets upset about (Which doesn't take much for her to get pissed). When we're not busy and no is in the store. We'll have a great time. One night, in fact, during my lunch. I went down the street to the pizza joint and ordered pizza. Took it back to the store and we had a blast with that.

So I was expecting this. But pay was minimum wage. So I was thinking okay i'd get about $400 to $500 a month. Wrong. I'm lucky if I even break $350 a month.

If your not management you're hours suck. My manager told me when I was hired that i'd be getting between 10 and 15 hrs. Per week. Which at first, I was like okay that's great 15 hours max is still pretty good for me. I can still pay my college loans with no problem. Starting out I was getting 15 hours. But now months later, i'm getting (If i'm lucky) 12 hrs a week or less. Because each cashier gets between a 4.5 to 5.5 hour shift per day. I even only work about 3 or 4 days a week. With my longest shift being on sunday's and that's for 6 hours. Because she only has 2 cashiers work throughout the whole day.

My other gripe with my manager. Is that she doesn't compliment you on your good deeds. But she will nail you on things you do wrong. For example, today. I had completely got everything done with my apple seed within the first 2 hours of my shift. So I wanted to keep myself busy and decided to fill the balloon coral (This is normally done in the morning, but today it wasn't as we were busy). So I decided to do it. I filled it up. She got mad at me. Saying it wasn't on my list of things to do and I should've left it alone. I explained to her that I completed the apple seed and did recovery of the front half of the store twice already and wanted something to do to keep busy. When I do this with the the assistant managers they thank me for it and will tell me what else I can do to keep busy. Another complaint is we're supposed to take our full breaks no matter what. So one saturday night. My assistant manager was on her lunch break. We suddenly got a big rush of people come in. I knew I was supposed to call for help after the 4th person comes to my lane. I asked my assistant manager if she could help. She said no, because she was on break. But had five minutes left and would be out to help as soon as she can. Well, a customer called the very next day and complained to management about how she had to wait about less than 10 minutes to get checked out. The assistant manager and I told the manager what was going on and she was pissed. She said the manager on break should've helped. But when I did that earlier with another assistant manager. And helped her during my 10 minute break. She got mad at that. I did however, after we weren't busy was that I went back and completed my break. So I still took it, but she didn't like how I went and helped the other manager. There is just no pleasing her at all. And to make matters worse. I've got to work with this manager all week this week :/

Apr 17, 2013
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      6th of Jun, 2013
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