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Tulsa, OK, US Review updated:

I was hired to help a failing store on the North Side in Tulsa Oklahoma.
This store had suffered tremendous theft and losses for at least three consecutive years. Dollar General had been purchased by a team of wealthy attorney's and investors and they sought to change the image of the company. The two years prior to my taking over the store, it had averaged just under $1.2 million in sales and for three consecutive years, had averaged just over $110k in shrink (theft/loss).
Dealing with reduced labor in the midst of increased sales became overwhelming.

My first year in store, we would see sales nearing $1.7 million and shrink reduced to $60k. The following year would see sales exceeding $2 million and shrink reduced once again.
I had worked many weeks in excess of 80 hours and some weeks would see over 100 hours of labor intensive work in the store. Labor continually was cut even though sales would continue to climb. The company boasts of a 35% manager turn-over, as if that is a good thing?

I was injured in May of 2009 and this injury required seeing a Dr. Long story short, I would be harrassed, threatened, accused and brow beat until finally I could not take it any longer and after my Assistant was told that I would be gotten rid of, I resigned, December 23, 2009. I filed for unemployment, and won, they fought it and was caught lying and I won again. Three years later, I am still fighting them on the injuries which have gotten far worse because they did not want to pay for any treatment. When I contacted the company to notify them that I was resigning and asked what to do about Workers Comp Claim, I was told that if I signed a release, they would offer a settlement. They could care less about my injuries, and their customary $20 grand settlement to others that I had seen, would no where near pay for the replacement of two discs in my neck and therapy and possible shots to my lower back and left knee.

Three years later, they are still fighting and although I have jumped through every single hoop they have presented, went through all of the physical therapy, and dealt with them refusing to pay for prescriptions for several weeks...
I have, under court order, had a discogram proving that the injury has gotten worse and that I need them both replaced. NOW, they claim that they believe I had to have injured myself again since the injury at their store. Note: I have not worked in three years, have not had any accidents, NOTHING! Also, I have been black-listed and any place that I have had a good interview with promising replies, suddenly never call back and never return my calls.

25 years of turning businesses around and making customer service the utmost of importance, and I am a victim of character assasination, abuse and accusations from a company who is in a class action with nearly 3, 000 other previous and current managers, along with multiple suits throughout several states with the EEOC.

This company is arrogant and could care less about their people. They intend on using you for whatever you can give them then they will accuse you of something, citing that their studies have resulted in seeing that 70-80% of all theft is by employees. They have not worked the North Side of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and they falsely accuse someone who is not only an Evangelist but someone who could care less about stuff and things!

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  • Da
      Jan 14, 2013

    I absolutely agree with everything you have said. I know of 2 employees that have been going through the exact same issue as you. Both were injured while working and were supposed to be placed on light duty. Well that didn't happen and now one of them has permanent damage to her shoulder and arm. As for the accusing people of stealing and that theft is mainly internal, I agree also. I was the Assistant Manager. I made $12/ph. I was the highest paid in our district and the best. I traveled extensively in 7 months to either fill in as an MOD for other stores or with the Smart Team to reset stores. On Oct 18, 2012, I was sick at work. I had a can of soup and a sprite. We were busy that evening and I told my cashier that I had to eat something, sit down, and see if I would start feeling better but as soon as things slowed down, I would pay for my stuff. Two hours afterwards I did pay for my stuff. It was all on video! They still fired me for grazing. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. I have talked to many other corporations and they cannot believe that they would fire any employee for grazing, especially when it is on video that it was paid for. The bottom line is they wanted me out because I made too much money. I went above and beyond for this company! When my manager and I took over the store, it was a disaster with high shrink. By the time they got rid of us both, we were a model store with extremely low shrink. They got rid of my manager on some bogus crap too. Needless to say attorneys are now involved. Even if they offered me my job back at twice what I was making, there is no way in hell I would ever go back to that company. I have also ran into several of my regular customers and when they heard what had happened to me, they quit shopping at all of the Dollar General stores in our area. They now take their business and their MONEY to FAMILY DOLLAR! Our old store has so many complaints on it now and there have been numerous call ins begging the company to bring me and my manager back. But hey, they get what they deserve. As soon as we were gone, 98% of our staff walked out in defense of us. Now they have a horrible manager, filthy store, with extremely high shrink. I think it is funny! What is even funnier is they thought the day they were to terminate me they were going to get the police involved, that is until they found out that I am friends with 3 sitting judges, the DA, Chief of Police, Sheriff, FBI agents and OSBI agents. Hmmm...I wonder why they changed their minds? LOL! I hope anyone thinking of working there will take the advice I ignored. If you are thinking of working at Dollar General RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THAT COMPANY!!!

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  • Ra
      Apr 05, 2013

    I have a better one for ya, I was hurt and worked for 7 years without help from DG to assist & under pain medications, but where did it get me, right where you are on this site. Call an attorney, file suit and they are still liable for your injuries. Make sure you still are seen by an MD that specializes in what your injuries are several times a year, once every quarter . Quit fartin around and get LEGAL

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  • Dg
      Nov 11, 2016

    ABSOLUTELY the WORST place a person can work!!! My wife manages a DG, she regularly works 60-70 hours(paid for 45 of course and NEVER gets any time back), it's still not enough. This week she had a person call in for two straight days and had to work two full days, 16 hours EACH! Then she gets wrote up cause things aren't done!! Well DUH Einstein! They expect her to drop her store work and go to any store they say and work for free. When she gets back to her store it's a mess cause no one will do anything except her, then SHE gets in trouble. If she has a day scheduled off (which is very RARE) and her DM (CARY) calls to say shes visiting, she(Cary) gets mad cause she's not there. She has had to lose planned vacation days, when DG schedules a mandatory meeting at the last minute. She was just told today by this CARY that she has to work 5a to 5p on Thanksgiving!!! There HAS to be something that can be done about this kind of CRAP. I for one, will never buy anything from DG...EVER! BOYCOTT DG!!!

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