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I will not be shopping in your ADA OH store anymore and being a small collage town that is saying something . I will drive 15 miles to kenton OH, where they do want and treat people better . I came to the ADA OH store Monday dec 3rd maybe around noon an grab a cart outside and there was an ext.cord laying in it so I went inside and try to hand the item to the cashier (out from behind the counter ) the item telling him this was left outside in this cart .See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Ada, MI He just ignored me as he was walking right by me to get back behind the counter. In this time another person came in seeing what was going on and stayed how rude he was being . Now that is pretty sad when another person see it and comments on it . Would not be so bad but this man is always like this towards me why I do not know . I was in retail 27 years and this is not how you train your people to act . Needless to state how the store having boxes blocking isles etc...Really how hard would it have been to take the cord and say Thank you?

Dec 05, 2018
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      Dec 05, 2018

    Hi Jana, thank you for your time, we hope you're having a great holiday season. We will contact the DM in that area so that employee can be properly trained so we can serve you better.

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  •   Dec 05, 2018

    Every day there is a complaint about Dollar General. I went there once and never went back. The ice cream I bought had been defrosted and refrozen. All ice crystals and a waste of $4 each. The popsicles I bought had melted and then were refrozen. Flat, misshapen ice forms. $2 each on those. Lastly, I bought two boxes of Hostess cream cakes. Each package of twelve had two per individual package. Tried two different boxes and the pack of two were rancid in both. $3 each so $18 thrown away. I’d thrown out my receipt and my debit card was used.

    I did have someone call but was told “no receipt gets you nadish’ which is Portuguese for nothing. I emailed corporate but no response. I also complained about the entrance, there being merchandise piled up there. A wheelchair can’t fit through unless the customer moves things.

    I’d love to go back as Dollar Tree gets boring and I like to buy different merchandise and brands. Just like the bad Twinkies ice cream. But I was taken for eighteen dollars already so am hesitant to ever return.

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